Friday, September 13, 2019

Wow – this week went by so quickly compared to last week in my opinion!  What is it about short weeks?

I am linking up with Andrea, etc. today so go there to see some more faves!  

Also, today is my mom’s birthday!  Yes, my parents had birthdays one day apart and they were the same age.  My mom is a faithful blog reader so happy birthday to her!    She has been super strong throughout the last year.  She has a big trip coming up with her college friends and I’m really excited for her!  How cool that they are still doing things together over 50 years later, right?  

My first favorite is my new Myra bag which is available on Amazon but I bought it at a local boutique for around $40.  It is made from recycled materials and I love the unique look of it.  It has held up well this week as my purse/tote for work.  

Since it’s almost fall, I broke out my favorite fall scent only available at Soft Surroundings – online or we have a store locally.  It is called “L” and I love the unique smell.  It is kind of woodsy with tobacco flower.  I hate a super sweet smell.  This is strong and a little goes a long way.  Pro tip:  Spray a bit in your hair for the scent to last longer.  

The boys and I have added elderberry for immune support.  They are from Trader Joe’s but you can get them anywhere.  I told both of my boys about it separately and they both quoted something from Monty Python.  This happens often with twins!  They both said, “Your mother smelled of elderberries!”  Ha!  Have you heard about elderberry to ward off illnesses?  We will also get the flu shot!

This is really good!  I picked it up on a whim and I really like it.  Give me all the pumpkin spice!  I have broken my rule and enjoyed pumpkin before October!  

I also picked this up at the regular grocery for a treat and it’s really good!  

The weather was so nice last weekend but it’s been hot hot hot this week.  My boy Ernie loves being outside.

We got the patio cleaned up and put out our new furniture that has been in boxes in the garage since June!  Also, we painted the patio ceiling white.  

This is my view from the patio. The construction mess has kept me from enjoying it all summer!  That’s o.k. – I love our fall weather for patio sitting along with a beverage!  img_9112.jpg

How was your week?  Any favorites?  Any fun plans?  

My boys take the ACT but other than that I don’t really know yet what’s on tap.

Thanks for reading!


16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

  1. Wow, I love your patio! You’re lucky! Is that a play ground beside your house? Nice to not have neighbors close by!
    Week was fine, I’m happy in the temporary school (it’s very light and airy) and cycling and moped’ing works perfect. But I dread the thought of winter! You’re so lucky to have warm weather! Summer is definitely over here…
    Enjoy your Friday and the weekend, I sure will!


    1. We have an elementary school yard and school when we open our gate. It’s where our boys went and now where we walk the dog. I love that you bike to work and get exercise. I hate super cold weather but it’s rare here. We even wore short sleeves for Thanksgiving Last year.
      Yes – happy weekend!


      1. I’m jealous! Sweden is a fantastic country (!) but I’m not made for the climate…. I can handle darkness (you know it’s dark around 4 pm during winter), but I hate to be cold. Even though the winters aren’t that cold, maybe around 26 degrees.


      2. Getting dark at 4 would really depress me. The earliest is gets dark here is just before 6 but that doesn’t last long before it starts staying lighter longer. They are considering year round daylight savings time here.


  2. I would say fall would be the more enjoyable time to sit outside in the south!

    I’ve been meaning to try elderberry but haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe this year.

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