Friday, June 7, 2019

School’s out for the summer!  Well, it’s out for students at 2:20 today!  I have to come to work on Monday, but that’s o.k.  

I’m linking up today with Andrea, etc. so go here to check out some posts!  

The lighting in this photo isn’t great, but I’ve been all about the blues for my manicures lately.  I was going for lavender/blue.  It’s called “Bikini So Teeny” by Essie.

I was also open to OPI, but didn’t find this.  I’m happy to know it’s one of spring’s best nail colors!  img_7039

I used to do this to my hair all the time – dating as far back as high school cheerleader days.  I need to do this for summer.  Can you french braid?  I can do this one the best.  

Have you heard of a bogg bag?  I first saw this at a debate tournament of all places two years ago.  And, the funny thing was – I saw multiple moms with them!  How weird!  So, now I want one for boat, beach, and pool.  They are sold out in every color online!  What?  I checked where they are sold and found a boutique near me and they have a wait list for when they come in!  

This is the famous Joanna Gaines lip color and it’s on sale right now on Nordstrom’s website.  If you are looking for a summer nude, this might be it.  I have only owned one MAC lipstick but I used the whole tube and loved the formula so I know it’s a good quality lipstick.  


Also, on Nordstrom’s website and online only is the most recent collection from Cassie of Hi Sugarplum! blog.  I’m planning to look at it this weekend if it’s not all sold out!  



What were your favorites this week?  Any fun plans for the summer?  We have the ACT and an outdoor bluegrass concert in a park.  I’m hoping the weather cooperates!


10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

  1. Your new polish is so pretty and yay – school’s out for you on Monday – that’ll be a breeze with no students! Never heard of a Bogg Bag but it looks like it would be perfect for being on the boat – not so sure about a debate tournament! Have a wonderful weekend Amy!


  2. That polish color is so pretty! I tend to lean towards blue tones too. I can French braid my hair a few different ways and often do. It’s so nice and cool in the summer.


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