Friday, May 31, 2019

Happy Friday!  Today is our last day for seniors to be in class, but underclassmen have exactly one week left.  We’re getting there.  For me, personally, I’m ready, but my boys will be seniors and I just can’t wrap my head around that.  

Today I’m linking up with Andrea, etc. so go here to see other posts!  

Are you particular about your pens?  I’m super picky!  I was in Dollar Tree for something and I thought I would take a chance on a 2 pack for $1 (obviously).  I figured they may run out of ink quickly, but that for 50 cents a pen I could take a chance.  Well, more than a month later and they are still going strong and I’ve gone back for more colors.  I can only find black, blue, turquoise, and orange in my store.  If you want to look for them, I think they say “R2 Rollerball”.  I’m going to go back for more soon!  

I wish she would publish more often (it only comes out four times a year) because I really love the Pioneer Woman magazine.  My husband gave me a subscription for Christmas.  I love her blog, her cookbooks, her clothing, her earrings, and her cowboys boots.  Oh, and her hair.  

Did you see my recent obsession with avocado toast?  Go here to see how I make mine!  

I placed an Amazon order for another kimono.  It was under $15 and Sheaffer recommended it.  I wanted some bright summer colors and plan to wear it with a t-shirt and cutoffs hopefully this weekend.  Go here to see it on Amazon and for a better photo of it.  img_7055.png

And, that’s about it!  I’m excited to bring you new and better content over the summer when I have more time.  

What are you up to this weekend?  Come back Monday to find out what I did!

Have a wonderful weekend!


14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Oh my goodness, senior year for your boys! It’s exciting and goes quickly! I love good pens too but rarely use them anymore – yet I still feel the need to buy them so I’ll be checking out the Dollar Tree for those! Can’t wait to see your kimono – have a great weekend Amy!


    1. I know! You’ve been there! Hope you can find these pens! I love them! Wearing my kimono today – love it and the fabric has a cool feel to it so I think it could work for Florida heat!


  2. I will definitely buy those pens when I come to a Dollar Tree in a couple of weeks. I’m old-fashioned and do all my planning in a physical calendar, and great pens make it nicer. This weekend my 14-year-old will be in her dance school’s big end-of-term-show, and that is always so much fun! Three more days with students… it’s hard to come up with useful stuff to do when all the grades are set! Any ideas?


    1. You need an empty suitcase! Haha! I am the same. Dance will be fun! Yes, end of year stuff is hard. I played “backpack” Friday. They love it. I say an item in Spanish and they have to “run” it to the table. Many items are words they don’t know – phone charger, band aid, makeup, etc. I did teams of 4 kids – half boys and half girls.


  3. Great idea! I have to come up with really difficult English words, like beater and guitar pick… Empty suitcase, also a great idea – hello, I’ve got two teenage daughters!


    1. Haha! What’s a beater? Would kids have a guitar pick? Mine couldn’t believe I said “hairbrush”. They told me they aren’t that high maintenance!


      1. No hairbrush!? Those kids…! Well beater, according to translate google, is what you use to mix things together when you bake… isn’t that right?


      2. No hairbrush! Oh that beater – would your kids have that at school? Haha! Yes, we call it that!


      3. Well, maybe they wouldn’t bring a beater, lol… Well, anyway, the kids are gone now! A bit surreal with the empty school, school bell still ringing for breaks…


      4. Oh, wow! Do you have to correct it yourself? Or do you send it away somewhere? (sorry, don’t know how it works…)


      5. We use Scantrons and a machine grades or an app called zip grade.
        I want to give you my phone # if you have any questions while in US. Can you email me and I will send?
        I will also send you a photo of the scantron.


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