Monday, May 6, 2019

Hello Monday

How was your weekend?  Our was in a word – rainy!  Everything is so green around here, but why can’t it rain during the week while I’m working?  

We didn’t have school Friday due to the Derby weekend and I enjoyed some drizzly patio reading – one of my favorite things to do.  

Then, I did laundry, grocery, and some other odds and ends before my friend H picked me up for lunch.  We went to Waylon’s Feed and Firewater and had a view of the street with the garage doors of the restaurant open.  The weather had improved.  We split some nachos and had some bourbon and just got caught up.  I think it had been since March since I had seen her in person.  Too long to go, in my opinion.  

Then, we ventured to a consignment boutique and excuse my Flinstone looking feet, but I found one of my better consignment scores.  These look like they hadn’t been worn at all or if they had only a few times.  img_6660

I got them for $18 and they retail for $124 on the Nordstrom website.  I know a lot of bloggers have them.  The brand is OTBT, which stands for “Off the Beaten Track” and the style is the “Bushnell”.  They are high, but really comfortable because of the way they are made.  So, I think I scored!  

That evening, I threw together an easy pasta with bacon, bowties, and broccoli, and just a bit of EVOO.  It was really good.  

Saturday was busy getting ready for the same Derby party I went to last year.  And, guess what, the weather was just as bad this year.  I had to change my outfit idea to incorporate my Hunter boots!  I made country ham and biscuits, hot brown dip, and bourbon brownies – all Kentucky specialties.  

I would say more than half of the ladies wore hats or fascinators.  I had a fascinator to wear with my original outfit but when I changed I didn’t have a new one to match.  But, with the rain I ended up with my jacket hood up most of the time anyway!  

I thought I would leave you with some fun photos!  Sunday was about getting work done – my students take a big exam tomorrow for college credit and we have entered into the busiest month for teachers aside from August!  So, this was short and sweet!

I hope you had a great weekend!


10 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

    1. I was so excited to tell you because I knew you have given them the seal of approval! You had a wonderful graduation weekend but my heart went out to you because I know it was hard.


    1. It’s old navy last year! Thank you! I will look for one for you at my consignment if you would like!


  1. $124 for sandals. I just can’t. I just paid $25 (haven’t arrived yet) and I thought that was a good deal because they were half off.
    I did bowties, zucchini, tomatoes, and ricotta yesterday. I like the bowties because Wells can easily eat them, but I never bought them before.


    1. I know – except maybe Birkenstocks but that’s why I love consignment! I will say that as I’ve gotten older I have valued quality footwear more and would rather have fewer shoes now. Those concrete school floors will do a number on a gal. Bow ties are so cute and I bet he loves picking them up! You are at a fun age!


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