Friday, May 3, 2019

Copy of Thursday Thoughts

Hello!  Happy Friday!  I’m linking up today with Andrea, etc. so check out other posts here!  

My first fave is that I’m off today!  Come back Monday to see what I did!  

My second fave is early morning elliptical at the gym!  It’s hard to get up and go but I’ve been so proud of myself when I’m done!  

My third fave is looking for pockets of time during the week to have fun!  So, we had to pick up son from theater at 8 and we made a reservation for this restaurant that has a tableside magician every other Tuesday.  

It was so fun and something different!  Do you ever feel like you just live for the weekends?  Of course!  It is nice to be able to do something fun to mix up the week.  I will admit I’m the worst at it because I have an early bedtime and a routine.  I’m trying to work on it!

How was your week?  

Thanks for visiting me!


8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I’m doing that today. Instead of the same old same old, I’m going to a craft fair.
    It just makes the ordinary days more meaningful. That’s a neat little restaurant you went to!


  2. Any time Scott would even suggest doing something on a weeknight, I would cringe (when we lived outside of town and it was a 40 minute drive to do anything). Now I cringe if he suggests doing something during naptime.


  3. I am awful about going anywhere during the week; I like to stick to my evening routine waaay to much. I’m getting better about it… but I am always ready to crash by 9 so we can’t go anywhere too crazy and wild.


  4. Wow that looks like such a fun dinner outing! I would really enjoy a night out there!!! Good for you exercising! Half the battle is waking up and getting ready to workout!!! I hope you enjoyed your day off!


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