Thursday, April 18, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

Here’s how my day went last Tuesday if you are interested!  I’m always curious about others’ daily routines, so maybe you are, too!  

I get up during the week around 5:15.  I am usually awake before my alarm, to be honest!  

Here’s what motivates me!  I enjoy 1-2 cups.  I wish I could say the gym motivated me, but I’m not there yet.  Hub leaves for the gym around this time, though.  I’m so proud of him for making this early gym a habit.  

I read a devotional and my favorite blogs!  

One son showers at 5:45 and one at 6:00.  I don’t have to wake them up most days.  Around 6:00,  I heat up my pre-prepped breakfast.  

Here’s what it looks like!  Yum!  

On this particular day, I had to type up a hand out for school.  

The boys and I ride together to school – it is about a one minute drive!  We arrive around 7:05 and I have until 8:32 to plan, make copies, grade, etc.  

School starts at 7:40 and I greet my department and chat for a bit in the hall.  

I start teaching at 8:32 and have three 50 minute classes in a row.  

Then, I have a 20 minute lunch and teach three more 50 minute classes.  

5th period wanted to be “on the blog” and some of their moms read it!  Hi, moms!  

6th period was fun on this day as we had a “promposal”in Spanish!  She said yes!  

School gets out at 2:20!  I had to help interview 4 candidates to become teachers at our school from 3:00-5:00 on this day!  I’m helping on a interview committee.  

I went home and packed a dinner for my theater son and watched the end of Annie practice from 5:30-6 and then drove him to his community theater practice.  

I finally got home and other son and hub had eaten Chick Fil A, so I took my shower and ate my Chick Fil A grilled nuggets with avocado toast and a fried egg.  

I watched a recorded show alone because hub went to pick up son at theater.  

I went up to bed at 8:37 y’all!  This day kicked my butt!  I would say this was a busier day than normal, but other than that, the day itself was pretty typical!  


12 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – A Day in my Life – Last Tuesday!

  1. It’s fun to see how everyone spends their day! I’m always up early to be at the gym but my husband is not at all interested. I see so many couples go together but that will never be us – he hates exercise – hahahaha!!!


    1. My husband used jet lag/being messed up from time difference from our trip to Germany in 2016 as his way to start his gym habit. He was failing miserably at trying to go after work when he wanted to see us and eat dinner. I had been trying to get him to do mornings for years because I had a good morning habit for a long time. I’m so proud of him and he has been so much happier. I want to start too but we won’t do the same things! The problem is that I have a million other responsibilities in the am and he only has himself! Lol! I hope to get as dedicated as you are and he is soon!


  2. Your 1 minute commute is a dream. I remember those days lol.

    I was always in bed before 9:30 when I was teaching. It was exhausting!


  3. This is a cool idea. I’m totally stealing it!
    I’m exhausted reading about yours, holy! I’m amazed you made it past 830.
    I’m envious of your teenagers. I love teens! I haven’t taught them in ages and I miss the heck out of them.


    1. Thank you! Haha! Teens are totally my preferred age group – they are so funny and get my humor. I’m a lucky teacher! Not all days are that busy!

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  4. I cannot imagine going to the gym that early – I prefer your routine, coffee and breakfast! You certainly pack a lot into your day. Looks like the US school day has different timings to here in the UK, we start at 8.50 and end at 3.40, so anytime your students moan about their day, remind them that if they lived in England, they’d still have an extra hour to go!


    1. I know – I need to wake up slowly! My students would love to start later but getting out so early is a huge benefit because they have activities and jobs after school.


  5. My husband sets an alarm every day to workout at 5; I am up before his alarm but it’s a pretty rare day that I actually get out of bed and exercise too. I did this morning since it was raining and I knew we wouldn’t get out for a hike but I much prefer curling up with a book or my laptop and waking slowly… by that I mean showering at 5:30 and making sure I am all ready with the beds made by 6.


    1. That’s great that your husband is so disciplined too. I much prefer nature to a gym but it’s hard to fit it in in this stage of life. Waking slowly is so nice. That first cup of coffee is my life blood!


  6. Thanks, that was so much fun to follow you through a day! Especially your pics from school! You seem to be at a nice school with sweet kids! My schedule is not as tough as yours, but I agree, teaching is a hard job! When you teach middle school like me there’s so much job outside the teaching, with social stuff and other organizational work.


    1. Thank you! I love my school and my students and that’s why my boys go there, too. There’s so much more to teaching than most realize but I wouldn’t trade it. Middle school has got to be the hardest!


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