Friday, April 12, 2019

Copy of Thursday Thoughts

Friday is always a fun blog post to write – I take photos of things that made me happy during the week – sometimes serious, sometimes materialistic.  I hope to link up with Andrea, etc. so go here to see other bloggers’ Friday Favorites!  

So my favorites today are also some of my favorite things in life – shoes and food!  This week was really just about working, sleeping, cooking, and eating – so there you go!  

I was in search of the perfect tan summer sandal – comfortable, perfect heel height, wearable at school and out and I ordered the MIA Bety.  It’s not as comfortable as the MIA Sofia, but I’m working on breaking them in.  


Lots of angles for you to see!  They definitely have a 70s vibe.  They were about $90 on Amazon.  

So, I’m plugging along with my WW plan and actually yesterday was one calendar month since I began.  

I have been having avocado toast pretty much every day for an afternoon snack.  My bread is one WW point, eggs are zero, my Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning is zero, and my avocado is spread thinly and only about 1/4 of an avocado or less so I count it as 2 points.  It’s a nice filling 3 point snack.  I also tell myself it’s the healthy fat from an avocado!  Are you a fan of avocado toast?  I feel like such a hipster!  

I love buffalo chicken!  Do you like it?  I have been having grilled chicken with Frank’s hot sauce, blue cheese dressing that is light – love Bolthouse Farms, and celery.  I have also made salads and below you will see the buffalo chicken quesadilla I made on a low carb tortilla that is only 1 WW point.  

O.k., I found out I don’t like the chocolate flavor, but this vanilla is the!  I’m continuing to use it daily to make an iced coffee with just half of a carton for 1 point.  It saves a point and it saves money by only using half of a carton a day.  

This is an old recipe below, but it is zero points!  You take a can of fat free refried beans, about a cup of salsa, and about a half packet of taco seasoning.  Heat it up on the stove or in the microwave and it makes a delicious bean dip or a burrito filling.  I’m having it here with Good Thins sea salt flavor which taste like a corn tortilla chip.  

Here is a very low point southwest salad below that is delicious!  

And, lastly a favorite was this Facebook memory of our favorite bagel place by our house that went out of business.  The boys loved it so much and we went there at least once a week.  This was after singing in church on a Sunday.  My boys were blondies until late elementary school!  


Happy Friday to all!  What were your favorites this week?  The first week back after break is always rough on the system!  


10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Shoes and Food!

  1. I love seeing all the delicious food you are eating on WW! I made the “bagels” last week and they were good! The picture of your boys is so cute – gosh they grow up so fast!
    Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you! I’m really not feeling deprived at all! Aren’t the bagels good? I love the expressions on their faces in the photo – captured their sweet relationship – they still have such a cool bond!
      Happy weekend!


  2. I just spent my afternoon making up a few weight watchers recipes for the next few days and trying some new foods helps keep me motivated. I found quite a lot of ww friendly foods at Walmart this week that I had been searching for at other stores these past two weeks (things like 2 point wraps, light almond milk, etc).


    1. It’s all about the meal prep and having the right stuff on hand!
      Did you blog about it? I haven’t gotten to read many blogs from today yet. New recipes keep you motivated too! Hope you’re doing well! I need to start my walking regimen this weekend but I’m doing well with eating.


  3. Thanks, love your Friday posts! You’re always bringing up fun stuff, it’s really inspirational (actually painted my toenails in that pastel whitish pink, it’s really pretty! although I won’t be wearing sandals for a month or two…). My daughters are about the same age as your boys, and I agree, they grow up so fast! From cute little toddlers to these half adults with their own ideas (haha!). My favorite this week is that Easter break starts now, hurray!


    1. Awww thank you! It’s the little things in life! It’s ok if no one sees your nails because it makes you happy. Raising teenagers is not for the weak! I hope you have a wonderful break. We don’t even have Good Friday off. We sometimes have spring break around Easter but not this year. This week is our Annie musical so it will be very busy but fun! Thank you for always being a faithful commenter!


    1. Thank you! I hope you do own some eventually! Are Good Thins GF? Yes they are really good. They were out of my normal so I’m trying a different kind made with rice this week!


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