Monday, April 8, 2019

Hello Monday

How was your weekend?  It’s going to look like all I did was eat out this weekend! But, in my defense, I cooked all this week from Sunday until Thursday – not eating out a single time! So, I needed a break!  

Let’s start with Friday.  Hub was able to take off work to spend the last weekday of Spring Break with the boys and I.  We saw the noon showing of Shazam at our favorite theater.  It was just o.k. to me, but they all seemed to like it.  I brought my own Skinny Pop and a baggie to portion out a small amount of the good movie theater popcorn, a clementine, and a dum dum and a seltzer water.  I felt pretty good about my behavior!  In the past, I would’ve eaten much more popcorn, stolen sips of my husband’s Coke, and had some M & Ms.    


After the movie we went home and did some chores and got ready to go to an early dinner at our Ethiopian restaurant.  One son has been asking to go there for quite awhile and it was on my list of things to do during Spring Break.  

I loved it.  Hub thought it was just okay, one son hated it and had to eat a sandwich when we got home, and the son who requested it thought it was just okay, too.  This tray is for all of us.  You scoop up food with the spongey bread they give you.  It was rolled up like toilet paper and we thought that was funny.  Also, you can see additional bread underneath the food.  I would go back, but I guess I would take other people!  Have you ever tried Ethiopian food?  

We went home and were all pretty tired for some reason.  

Saturday morning I ran some errands and then one son had theatre practice for 3 hours and the other son had a “day date” with his girlfriend.  I dropped them off on in The Highlands so they could look at shops and eat lunch.  The Highlands is an area of Louisville centered around Bardstown Road.  There are unique restaurants and shops and great people watching.  

I made arrangements to meet my good friend V at her house in the same area and we walked to lunch and sat on a patio.  The weather was really nice.  We went to The Eagle and both got a really good salad.  We were so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of it.  

After that, I picked up both sons and took the girlfriend home and we rested.  That night I ordered pizza for the boys and hub and I had a dinner out with our friends B and B. We tried a new to us place called Couvillion.  It was cajun/creole with locally sourced ingredients and they had my hub’s favorite drink Ale 8 One!  

A rare photo of us – hub doesn’t love having his photo taken!  I wore a sleeveless blouse from Loft and a kimono with black pants and clogs.  

Our friends – we always have lively conversation with them!  And, we have been friends for over 20 years.  

We had grilled cauliflower for an appetizer along with cornbread.  The cauliflower was really good and I only had a small piece of the bread but it was really good, too.  

I had a drink with bourbon and Ale 8 plus citrus called a “Young Buck”.  

I ordered from the appetizer menu and had shrimp remoulade and fried green tomatoes and a salad.  

I had saved up my “extra” WW points for the weekend and still managed to stay within my range.  

B is wearing brown clogs and I’m wearing black clogs!  

The patio looked so pretty.  I hope to sit outside next time!  

Sunday morning and I was back to my healthy breakfasts – avocado toast on sprouted bread with egg and zucchini.  This is 6 points.  

I did meal prep – sauteed zucchini for my breakfasts, made hard boiled eggs for snacks, made my egg casserole for breakfast, chopped vegetables for lunches and snacks, went to grocery and hub worked on his car brakes.  


Then we took a son to the art museum with his girlfriend and visited Duluth Trading and the river and took a peek at our boat!

What about you?  I’m not sure I’m ready for this week, but ready or not – here it comes.  

Thanks for visiting today!  Hope you will come back – tomorrow I am sharing my Spring Break wardrobe additions, Wednesday is What I Wore, Thursday Thoughts on online shopping, and Friday will be Friday Favorites from the week!  



16 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. What a fun weekend! We went to an Ethiopian restaurant once and hated it – ha! Our friends enjoy trying all kinds of foods and so do we and it was on our list. We’re glad we tried it but don’t intend to go back.
    Hope your Monday is great!


    1. It was different but it was a lot of chicken and vegetables so it was pretty healthy! I will try most cuisines once! Have a great Monday!


  2. Ethiopian is my favourite African food. I’m so lucky, the little corner store in my neighborhood sells Injera. So I can make my own platters anytime. I haven’t done that though, ha ha. It’s funner to eat out.


    1. It was pretty good! I think she is my only clog friend! Thanks for providing the link up! I’m still having some issues that may be related to using an iPad to do so. I had to link up through my Facebook account? Kinda weird!


  3. Thanks for a great post, it’s alway a treat to take a morning break with coffee and some blog reading! You seemed to have a great weekend! Ethiopian food? No… the bread was terrible, and together with a horrendous Ethiopian beer… (but, do you know that Paradise was said to be located in Ethiopia!?). I look forward to tomorrow’s post (today’s? we have a big time difference between us!), have a wonderful day!


    1. Thank you! I will try most cuisines once! I didn’t have any beer with my meal. I did not know paradise was in Ethiopia! I will have to google that! Yes, we do have a big time difference! My posts are set for 4 am each day which is 10 am for you? Perfect for your am break I hope! Have a great day!


  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! I love that I can save up my points for a splurge meal and still stay within range for the week. Though this week we stayed home for every meal.


    1. Those extra points really help me! That’s why this is such a great program! Hope you’re doing well. I’m plugging along!


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