Friday, March 29, 2019

Copy of Thursday Thoughts

At 2:20 today, I will be on Spring Break!  I am not sure how much I will blog next week – I’m thinking I will do my “Hello Monday” and my “Friday Favorites” and then I’m not sure about the other days.  But, I could post every day as normal!  It will be a surprise!  Hope you will check each day or sign up to follow me and you will receive an email.  

So, here are some favorites from the week…

During my Target trip last weekend, I was happy to see they had my favorite denim shorts from Universal Thread again this year.  These are $18 and I wore mine all the time last summer.  If you are a bit self conscious about wearing cut offs or you feel you are – ahem- too old, I think these are the perfect solution.  They go with everything and are a bit of a “dressed up” version of cut offs.  Don’t forget you can also go to and order them if you can’t get to a store.  Universal Thread is my favorite and pretty much only Target brand that I buy now.  

I also happened upon olive green in the same style.  I have talked about my love of the drawstring linen Old Navy shorts – I have them in white, black, and tan.  I think I like this material better.  

These crackers are really good.  They taste like a corn chip or a tortilla chip and you can have something like 41 of these for 3 WW points.  

Last summer one of my sons and I watched every season and every episode of New Girl and now the other son has decided to watch it, so the whole family is watching it again!  It is PG-13 plus but we watch it with them and they are almost seniors in high school – how is that possible, by the way?  We have always been pretty liberal about what they watch – but just a warning if you have teens.  It is seriously laugh out loud funny!  


It’s almost flip flop time!  My favorite brand is Reef.  I plan on checking out the new styles (I will probably go to Macy’s – they seem to have a big selection each spring) and deciding on a new pair for this year.  I have brown ones from several years ago that still look pretty good.  I kinda have my eye on these blush ones.  


I’m also looking for the perfect wedges for the season that I can wear to work and social events and that I can dress up or down – that’s a tall order, I know.  I have my eye on these Kork Ease metallics.  My friend B had these in tan last summer so I will have to get her testimony and try these on.  What do you think?  I can’t do the really high wedge, by the way.  


I thought these were so cute from the Target Dollar Spot.  They are little cracked Easter eggs with fake succulents and they were only $1.  I’m using them on my tiered tray!  

What have been your favorites this week?  

Thanks for reading and have a lovely early spring weekend!  


16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. It would be very boring if you don’t blog next week, but I totally understand of course! Do as you please, I look forward to read whatever you post.
    OK, favorites this week: I bought one more skirt for spring (that I can’t wear for another month or two…), I’ve started on You (Netflix) and really enjoy it and we’ve booked a trip for London (love London!).
    Have a fantastic break! Celebrate by buying those amazing shoes you found!


    1. You are too sweet and you made my day! I’m wearing my first skirt today! Self tanner last night! Isn’t You good and don’t you love Beck’s clothes? I have never been to London and want to go so badly!
      I can drive 2.5 hours and do a direct flight now so we may do that!
      I would love to hear your recommendations for things to see and do!
      Thanks again Tin-Tin – did you ever tell me your real name? Or is that it? Have a wonderful weekend!


      1. Yes, I really (!) enjoy You, we watch it with our teenage daughters and sometimes it gets a bit racy (…), but it’s a great show! Yes, Beck’s clothes are great, and her HAIR! Perfect.
        London is such a nice city, it’s so easy to come there as a tourist. People are so friendly, it’s easy to move around, great shopping, great food, great pubs – I could go on forever! You should go! We always pick a hotel outside of London (beautiful countryside!) and take the car to the city, but of course it’s also nice to stay within walking distance to everything.
        Tin-Tin is my real name, but it’s not a normal Swedish name ;-).


  2. I have almost never laughed so hard as I have at the first two seasons of New Girl. At least you’re raising them right 🙂
    Old Navy is usually my go-to for shorts, but maybe I’ll look at Target this year.


    1. Haha! New Girl is just so clever! My boys have always had a great sense of humor and we really value humor in our family.
      In fact, Tip: Write down all of Wells funny quotes and you won’t regret it. We have enough for a book!
      Check out Universal Thread at Target. I think you will like!


  3. Hi Amy! I waffled about those Kork Ease sandals for a whole season because they are kind of pricey, but once I got them I’ve worn the heck out of them! They look good with pants and skirts and dress up or down and are so comfy, you can’t lose in my opinion!
    Have a great spring break!


    1. OOOOH! Thanks for the endorsement! This is exactly what I”m looking for – quality and versatility! We have a local boutique carrying them so I will go try them on. Do you have tan or metallic? I’m just getting to the point where I want just a few pairs of summer shoes instead of 40 pairs of not quite right pairs, you know? I really want rose gold Birkenstocks, too! Are you are a fan of Birkenstocks?


      1. I have the metallic (love them) and I just took a good look at all of the straps. They have not worn the shimmer of the metallic off AT ALL. They are a go to for me, the leather is soft and there was no break in time. Go try them on next week when you are off!
        I have tried birkenstocks but they are just not comfortable to me. The rose gold color sounds pretty though!


      2. Metallic is just such a great neutral! I think that is what I want, too. Thanks for checking the straps for me! Honestly, Birks are not comfortable for long stretches of walking or time on your feet – I just like the look for a flat casual sandal and I love Germany! Lol! Thanks for responding about your sandals! Happy weekend, Nancy.


  4. I will miss your posts next week BUT you totally should get out there and enjoy your Spring Break!
    I like those jean shorts! Too bad our Targets didn’t do well here. 😦 I am a fan of what my husband calls “jorts” too. They can look quite dressy if you make an effort, I think.
    I went for a walk in my Birkenstocks last night! Trying to build up my toe calluses, ha ha. It wasn’t really flip flop type weather but I am so tired of wearing shoes 🙂
    Happy Weekend and Happy Spring Break!


    1. Aww, you’re too sweet. This doesn’t really feel like work, so I may post more if I feel like it. I can’t believe Targets didn’t do well there! You can make your own denim shorts quite easily and I’ve done that before – we call them “jorts” in Kentucky, too! There is some degree of getting your feet Birkenstock ready, isn’t there? Have you tried Reef brand flip flops or can you get them there?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Crazy right? They used the Canadian retail model which we were all so sick of, instead of the American version which we were looking forward to and it bombed.
        Isnt Jorts the best word? Haha
        YES! We have Reef brand flip flops. My hubs has a pair and he looooves them!

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