Thursday, March 28, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

I will admit it – I love television!  I probably only watch an hour or so during the week, but it is my guilty pleasure.  I watch some with my husband and some with the whole family, but today we will strictly be talking about “my” shows!

We still have cable – I guess you would call it that.  We have AT&T Uverse and AT&T is our WIFI and cellular service as well so we have it bundled.  We also have Netflix and Amazon Instant Video – because it comes with our Prime membership.

I watch very little “live” t.v.  My favorite invention of the recent past is the DVR function.  I love it so much I can’t even tell you.  I have friends who don’t know how to work theirs and to that I want to scream “drop everything and learn now because it is life changing!” That, and the ability to pause a live show is just the bee’s knees to me.  I have all of my current shows set to “series recording” which means that every time it is on it records it.  This is great because I can’t remember which night which show is on and I don’t have to because of this function.  

My favorite channel is Bravo!  This would be reason enough for me to pay for a cable subscription.  Not only do I watch many Bravo shows, but I listen to a hilarious podcast that recaps and makes fun of these shows – “Watch What Crappens”.  This has made all of the kid driving and fetching more fun.  I don’t listen to it with my kids in the car- only when I am on my way to get them or after dropping them off.  It does have foul language.

Current Favorite Shows:



Summer House – a group of NYC 20-30 year olds rent a summer house in The Hamptons

Mexican Dynasties – the three richest/most prominent Mexico City families and their lives


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – the lives of rich Beverly Hills women

Real Housewives of New York City – same but in NYC – I like this group of housewives the best of all the groups!

Don’t be Tardy – the family of  Kim from Real Housewives of Atlanta.  She is married to a former NFL player and they have 6 kids, two of whom are twins.  Their young kids speak Spanish!


Very Cavallari – If you watched Laguna Beach and The Hills on MTV years ago, this is Kristin and her current life in Nashville and her company Uncommon James.  She chooses not to put her kids on camera which I respect.  Her husband is Jay Cutler.

We’re talking some real quality t.v. here!  Don’t judge!  I do read books, too!  Ha!

What are your current favorite shows?  Do you watch live t.v., cable, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant?  It’s a bit overwhelming, isn’t it?  

Happy watching!



4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – TV!

  1. You are talking my language Amy! Bravo is truly my guilty pleasure and I couldn’t do it without a dvr. I watch RHOC, RHONY AND RHOBH-that’s all the mean girl stuff I can handle. I dvr Andy Cohen and watch the ones that have guests that I’m interested in. When either Below Deck is on I watch them and I can’t wait for Southern Charm to start up again! I’ve got my husband watching Below Deck and sometimes Southern Charm.
    I heard that one of the Mexican Dynasty families is related to Mauricio from RHOBH.
    In the evening we usually watch a show or two on cable, netflix or amazon prime, I save my stuff for the weekends or if I have a hour in the day.
    I’ll have to try that podcast, sounds like fun.


    1. I love Below Deck and Southern Charm! My husband won’t watch! I heard that about Mauricio, too! I love him, by the way! I don’t always love Kyle and yes, sometimes I can’t handle the drama and petty stuff. You will love the podcast! The hosts are really funny and do impressions of the characters!
      I’m so glad we have Bravo in common! Lol!


  2. I love watch what crappens ! Friends of the real Housewives is also very funny-two guys and do once a week podcasts, so quick recap of each show rolled into one episode.


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