Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Tuesday Tips

As I was piddling around this weekend and using some of these “hacks” I wondered if I should share them with you.  Of course I should!  Please share yours with me in the comments, too.  

I keep a spray bottle full of water in my bathroom and in the summer one goes with me lots of places.  In my bathroom year round, I use it in the morning to refresh my hair and to smooth any lumps and bumps from sleeping because I wash my hair at night.  When the weather turns hot, it is great to take one on the boat or to the pool.  I have even taken it to outdoor concerts.  It can really cool you off.  

When you get a pedicure take your own polish.  This allows you to fix any chips as they happen. 

When your nail polish starts getting a bit old, put a few drops of nail polish remover in it and shake, shake, shake.  If you get professional manis and pedis, you will notice the nail techs really spend some serious time rolling and shaking the polish bottles.  

Put a few drops of contact solution in your mascara and it will help it to declump.  

If you wear flats (or any shoe) that rub on your foot bone, this little baby really works.  

Hope you learned at least one new trick!  Remember to leave yours in the comments!  


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips – Beauty “Hacks”

  1. At the nail salons here they give you the whole bottle. I always feel so rich when I leave, ha ha. I like your water idea. My hair can always use a refresh.
    I carry a paper fan with me when its hot out. It’s amazing how well those silly things work.
    Plus I always feel like a fancy lady 🙂


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