Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Spoiler Alert!  I love it!  Mamas of young kids, I used to dread when my kids would be too old for the magic of Christmas!  I used to lament the fact that it took years to understand the fun only to quickly grow out of it a few years later!  I hope today’s post will make you feel a bit better.

I remember well the days of being a room mom and trying to create and give my high school finals, trying to take a personal day to shop and wrap, trying to squeeze all of the activities in – there was something almost every night!  I was caught up in trying to have the perfect holiday now that I was The Mom!  It made me so tired!  

Now, the holiday is much more relaxed and if I may say, the reason behind the season is more at the front of our celebrations.  Along with the religious parts, we are more focused on quality time with family and friends.  I am able to take more time for myself and my husband and I have more time together.  

I love to go to a 4:00 or 5:00 Christmas Eve service with communion.  Last year we sat in the balcony and had a great view.  We went for Chinese food for the first time ever!  I actually prefer a nice meal at home and will probably try to do that this year.  It is just the four of us for Eve usually.  Some years my parents came to go to church with us.  We usually went to their house the day after Christmas with my sisters and their families.  My parents would rotate going to one of our houses on Christmas Day.  


My boys aren’t big on breakfast, but I made cute little mini cinnamon rolls last year for Christmas morning.  


Now that we have teens, we wake up slowly and enjoy coffee, tree lights, candles, and just being lazy. When the boys wake up, the four of us open presents and then spend time enjoying them.  Some years, I will throw in a french toast casserole or breakfast casserole. 

Then, my in laws and my sister in law’s family come over most years.  Here is my spread from last year.  



I make these cookies every year – a tradition started by my aunt who got the recipe from her mother’s friend.  I will put the recipe on here soon!  They are so special and everyone looks forward to these.  


We used a tripod and took this on Christmas Eve for our family in Germany.  Two of us got in our jammies too quickly!  


We almost always get a Honey Baked Ham and this was me standing in line at 7:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve.  My social media post said that I used to stand in line for concert tickets but now stand in line for ham along with other people in my age bracket!


I am bringing this french toast casserole to school for a brunch on Thursday.  I will try to put this recipe up soon, too!


This was from one son at age 7 at the start of our break.  This is my wish for you, too!



It’s hard to believe this was just a year ago.  We met my parents for a Christmas music show.  


Other traditions include:

new pj’s on Eve

playing a new game on Eve

getting chips and salsa from a Mexican restaurant to munch on Christmas Day

mimosas on Christmas morning

meeting as many friends as possible for a meal over break

going to the movies a few times

traveling to both grandparents’ towns

doing a family charity project

What about you?  If you have teens, what do you think?  I’d love to start some new traditions, too.  We are major homebodies and just love being at home during this season!


11 thoughts on “Christmas with Teenagers

  1. Wow, I love all of your holiday plans. I think it’s nice that y’all got together at your parents’ house the day after Christmas. My sister and her family always tried to do both families on Christmas Day and it was exhausting for them and for us. I agree, Christmas gets better and better each year – no worries that the kids are older, it opens up a whole new world!
    I am thinking of making a slow cooker breakfast casserole for Christmas morning. Of course I’ll probably be the one eating the majority of it, lol!


    1. I’ve seen the crockpot recipes but they scare me! My husband isn’t a huge fan of crockpot food and thinks it all tastes the same! Lol!


  2. Yes, I totally agree! Christmas with teens is so much fun, and a little more laid back than those years with school parties and so many planned activities. I am loving the teen years! It’s good to meet another teen mom who is enjoying this stage too.


  3. I love that it is more laid back and you can really enjoy it all and enjoy the relaxing. I am such a homebody. During the summer or breaks I just want to be home and I cannot wait for Christmas Break to start. This post gave me so much hop and reading the other comments also gave me hope. I think this will be the last year with a believer in our house (my daughter already knows) and so I am trying to soak that all in. I hope you have a great day!


  4. My kids are gone now but when they were here, we would open stockings first, then have breakfast and then open presents. It really stretched the fun out for the whole day. My kids seemed to like that.
    Your family has a lot of really nice traditions.


  5. Yes, I love the more relaxed season with older kids! My youngest is 16, I also have adult children with babies! Let me tell you how fun Christmas is with grand babies ☺️☺️ I love to cook a nice breakfast and coffee, then open gifts. All my kids come home Christmas morning, it’s the best! Enjoy this season Amy! Thanks for sharing with us!


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