Monday, December 17, 2018

One more week until break!  We are getting out so late this year.  What about you?  

This weekend was long and emotional.  My Dad seemed to deteriorate a lot from Friday to Sunday but at the end of the day Sunday we got him transferred by ambulance to a rehab center in my parents’ town and my hometown.  One sister and her family visited Saturday.  I shed many tears this weekend and had the puffy eyes to prove it.  We know my Dad probably doesn’t have long left with us here but we don’t want him to suffer.  He went from a 76 year old daily runner on Nov. 1 to a stage four cancer diagnosis found from a hernia on Nov. 5.  

There’s really no way to segue from that last sentence, so please excuse my quick turn.  On Friday night we stayed in and I made “bar food”.  When I asked my boys if it sounded good they looked at me funny and one of them said, “Mom, we’ve never been to a bar.” Touche!

pork nachos, chicken nachos, orange chicken, twice baked potatoes, puff pastry pizza.  Not too healthy, but it was Friday.

I finished this.  It was cute but predictable like a Hallmark movie.  That’s all I’ve had energy for.  

On Saturday I found this little garden on the fourth floor of the hospital.  What a pretty little space.  

Then, I showed this crazy crew of nieces and nephews.  

On one of my hospital breaks I made the real chex mix in the oven.  Oven at 250 and I found the little seasoning packets for 10 cents at Kroger with all the spices ready to go.  6 tbs. butter and 3 cups each of the cereals.  Use one cup peanuts and one cup pretzels and add anything else you like.  img_4755.jpg

We ate dinner at McAllister’s and my hub, their uncle, is quite popular!

I forgot about these great little studs for wearing scarves.  A dear friend gave these to me last year and they are so cute.  

My Matilda Jane fin pants came in and now I’m set for awhile, I promise.  

I started this – another Hallmark-esque little romance novel.  

I got 100 photo cards at Costco for $25 ish dollars.  Merry Everything to all of my blog friends out there since I can’t send one to all of you!  Do you still send cards?  I skipped last year and was just so sad.  I really enjoy this tradition.  

I worked on the cards for a bit on Sunday afternoon when on a hospital break.  It may seem weird that I am sending them this year but I have so many blessings and as I address each one I am thinking about what those people have meant to me.  

I hope you had a good weekend!  Love on your friends that have recently experienced a loss or that have a sick loved one.  It’s especially hard during the holidays because they probably just don’t feel like seeing decorations everywhere.  We had carolers come to our door and when they sang the words “comfort and joy”  I cried again!  Lol! If you have experienced a loss or have a sick loved one, I am thinking of you, too.  

I’m linking up with My Glittery Heart, Lindsay’s Sweet World, and The Sirois Family today.  Check out the posts here!

Thanks for reading!


16 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. Oh Amy, my heart goes out to you. Our dads are the same age! It is so hard to wrap your head around how someone who was so vibrant is now so sick, it’s even harder because no one else can either. Many of our conversations with extended family and friends center around that. I see my dad getting weaker and weaker. We just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I am praying for y’all!


  2. Amy you are in my thoughts and prayers! Have a blessed week, and yes we are in school late too! I can’t wait until Friday!! blessings!!


  3. Amy,
    I read your blog each day and enjoy just how real you are…I am so sorry about your dad. I have lost both of my parents and it is not easy. No matter how much time passes it never gets easier just more bearable. Take comfort that he has not been sick for the past year and literally, just over a month ago was leading a wonderful life, doing the things he loves. I am praying that the Lord surrounds your family with peace and comfort through the holidays and coming weeks. Thank you for sharing yourself with your readers.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I know people don’t want to read about it but it is my reality. I’m sorry you’ve lost both. I do take comfort in having him healthy for so long.
      I have been so blessed with positive messages like yours. People are good and it’s important to help each other. I feel like I’ve made so many new friends through my blog and now I count you as one, too! Have a blessed day, Kelly!


  4. Thinking of your family and praying for you. This has to be incredibly difficult. I’m glad your dad is out of the hospital though and closer to home.

    That’s an ambitious Friday meal. For us, bar food is wings. You can rarely find good ones out west!

    I ordered cards from Snapfish. I only ever get about 40…but the 75% off deal meant they only cost $30 and that was with the extra cost of the return address being printed for me…so I’ll take it!


    1. Nice deal on your cards! We like boneless wings and a particular place here has good ones. I really needed to use up some odds and ends.
      It is difficult but many people have to go through difficult times at the holidays and I also need to keep things “normal” for my little family. I appreciate your kind thoughts and your blog comments. The blog world is so kind and has added to my life. Have a good day!!!


  5. So sorry Amy that this is a hard season. I din’t realize your dad’s decline in health had come on so quickly. So much to handle for those who love him so dearly. Will be lifting your family up in prayer even more throughout the weeks ahead. It is hard so hard to have so many emotions at once. love and prayers.


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