Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Over the weekend I hit The Dollar Tree.  Their stuff keeps improving every year.  I bought 6 rolls of wrapping paper, gift bags, bows, tissue paper, tape, and a few other things.  Always go there first!  Afterwards, I hit Target.  

Wrapping Paper:

I bought 3 different styles of wrapping paper.  One will be for immediate family gifts, one for one side of the family, and the other for the other side of the family. I try to make sure they are in the same color family so they look good under the tree, but that’s not really that important to me.  I would rather the paper be cute.  


Make your coffee special by buying special holiday flavored creamers or add a bit of whipped cream.  Another trick is to use egg nog as your creamer!

Last year I discovered the joy that is bourbon cream.  I would usually have this with my afternoon coffee over the winter break.  In Germany, we got used to a 3:00 coffee and I loved it.  You can also use this with your decaf if you are like me and stop your caffeine intake fairly early during the work week.  


If you are invited to someone’s house or if you are having people over, I would keep a good supply of easy frozen appetizers on hand.  Trader Joe’s has the best in my opinion.  But, one of our favorite easy appetizers is a block of cream cheese (I use the lighter Neufchatel) with red pepper jelly on top served with wheat thins.  For Christmas, I cut the rectangle in half diagonally and form a tree!  It’s so easy but festive.  


Another easy treat is my pretzel rolos but with Christmas red and green m and m’s.  Check it out again here!  

We started a tradition of getting the good chips and salsa on Christmas Eve to be eaten on Christmas day from a local Mexican restaurant and I also make Christmas queso – Pioneer Woman’s recipe.  You just buy the white Velveeta instead of the yellow and with the Rotel it’s Christmas colors.  

What are your random holiday tips?  

Hope you enjoyed these!


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