Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Strange post title, right?  I wanted to get your attention! So for this two day week, I wore my Thanksgiving colors.

Monday I wore my Old Navy mustard boho shirt, Hue consignment jeggings, best clogs in the world – the MIA Sofia, and a vest from Loft.

On Tuesday I wore my American Eagle bootlegs, clogs again, Old Navy mustard velour, Target cardigan from last season, and my funky necklace.  

My two Old Navy plaid tops are due to arrive today- Woohoo!  I still haven’t decided what to wear on Thursday.  I will do a final check of the weather and that will be the decision maker.  

The Monday nurses changed my dad’s “very good” care to “excellent”.  If you read Monday’s post you will understand this better.  

Look at this cute outfit from our local Tunie’s boutique.  I think they have online if you want to check them out!img_4466

You can’t go wrong with Cracker Barrel recipes!


This is Grace and Love Blog’s winning recipe from Mix and Match Mama’s party last year.  Go easy on the ranch powder in my opinion – I don’t use the whole packet.


For the traditionalists, Pioneer Woman mashed potatoes are the best!  The cream cheese sounds weird, but it works!img_4477

What is your potato preference?  

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


5 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday and Potatoes!

  1. Well I’m sure glad the Monday nurses are on the ball and maybe they read your blog! Lol! Your outfits this week are fall perfection in those colors. It will be warm here which is a total bummer but not surprising. Gimme all the potatoes and that Pioneer Woman knows how to do it right. I’m pinning this post for those recipes – yum!
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


    1. Haha! The nurses are just the best. We have been so happy. My dad has had some excellent care. We found out yesterday that we are probably looking at 2 more weeks. He has to downgrade from ICU first and then be discharged from a lower level room. It doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving to me but I have to buck up for hub’s side of family. I use lighter cream cheese in Pio Woman’s recipe and it works. Enjoy your holiday!


  2. I love your looks! How are the shirts washing up? I want to order them so bad, but don’t know how they will wash. I love the Thanksgiving colors. We are off today at 11:15! Then it’s time to get my bake on! I hope you have a great and very happy Thanksgiving. I am praying for your dad.


    1. We shall find out! Just washed in cold and will line dry! I will try to reply back to you about that later today!
      11:15 is nice! Enjoy and take time for yourself!

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