Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Do you regularly schedule family photos?  I wish I would’ve hired a professional photographer sooner.  Our first session was when our boys were 10.  Before that we just did the walk in studio places.  I feel that there is a big difference in what you get. 

I love to put the finished product on these canvases that I order from Costco.  

This photo totally captured their personalities at the time.  

This is our most recent from two years ago.  Be still my heart.  

I have a motto (I have many mottos, but here is one of them):  “You will never regret paying for professional photographs; you will only regret not paying for professional photographs.”

Seriously, I treasure these photos.  

When my husband asked what I wanted for my birthday this year I told him I wanted a photo session.  My boys got their braces off this year and it’s been two years since our last one.  We didn’t send a Christmas card last year, sadly, because I didn’t have a good photo.  I’m still sad about it, because I frame all of our Christmas card photos for a little vignette I display on our hall table.  

Reasons to schedule a session:  

You have your holiday cards done

-You can give grandparents photo gifts

-You will treasure these photos

-A professional will capture your family way better than most can do on their own

Tips for Family Photos:  

The above photos were captured by my very talented former student Laura Coppelman of Laura Coppelman Photography.  She is now located in Asheville but makes regular photography trips to Kentucky and to Miami, where she used to live.  Some of my advice comes from her.

-Think solids rather than bold prints or patterns.  You want the focus to be on the subjects’ faces and not on their clothing.  

-Don’t worry about being too matchy matchy as a family.  We went with fall colors of orange, green, mustard the first time and we went with burgundy and grey the second time, but we didn’t over think it.  I don’t even think I bought anything new.  

-Choose a spot that means something to your family.  The first photos are from a historic home where we often visited and did hiking.  We wanted a country feel.

-The second photo is from a urban area in our city.  It has cool murals and we thought it would be a cool background.  

-Laura loves the early morning or early evening light.  Lighting is important.  But, the most important is to take your kids when they are rested and not hungry.  I would say schedule trumps lighting.  So, don’t take teens out at 8 a.m. and don’t take babies out at nap time.

What have I forgotten?  Thoughts? 

Thanks for reading!



8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Family Photos

  1. I love this so much! Thank you for sharing your tips! I am so excited to get pictures made into canvases at Costco…great idea!


  2. I always want to schedule family photos but my husband and boys are so awful about agreeing that I often give up… this year it was our photographer that backed out on us! LOL. Luckily I do take lots of photos and we shoot for a few candids of all us on vacation but I agree that it is just not the same.


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