Monday, October 29 2018

How was your weekend?  Ours was low key and now that we have kids this old, we really don’t have any Halloween activities anymore, but I remember how busy the weekend before the holiday was! 

On Friday at school, two of my classes had their “cultural experience” which is my educational term for food day.  They have to make something authentic from a Spanish speaking country.  Look at this spread!  

I talked about Pioneer Woman Barbie on Friday in my post so here is my Spanish teacher Barbie still in package that is on display in my classroom.  I swear I wore this exact outfit in the 90s!  Maybe it really is modeled after me!  

I was exhausted Friday after school, but one son had a chili supper for his theater.  The other son and I did the Frankfort Ave. Hop and sampled some things at Bourbon Barrel Foods.  This would be a great place to do your holiday shopping.  We also went in Carmichael’s Bookstore and ate at The Caspian Grill.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him and we went back and picked the other son up and headed home around 8:45.

My husband was supposed to come but our dog got sprayed by a skunk Friday morning. I bathed him twice after school to no avail and my husband was bathing him again with special shampoo after he got home from work. I tried Dawn and baking soda which helped a bit. I felt so bad that he had to stay outside all day in the rain. He had a covered patio, but still. He was shivering during his baths. That skunk smell is no joke!

I finished this book on Saturday.  I really liked it.  It wasn’t what I expected.  My boys had friends over from 1-7 so one of us felt like we had to be home all day to supervise.  It was kind of nice to sit on the patio and not be out running around. When the friends left, we had Mexican take out.  

I decided the scent is a little strong for indoors, so I’m burning this outside.  Love it for outdoors!

I love this jacket and needed it for a walk with pup on Sunday morning.  I love my hat and these 99cents gloves from Target, too.  

I read the Sunday paper on the patio later.  

While boys did homework, our Sunday Funday activity (hub and I) was to go to restuarant on river for “pumpkin chunkin'” for charity.  They slung pumpkins at targets in the river.  

Some people came by boat and you can see the targets which were inflatable rafts in the water.  The people who could come by boat were the ones with heaters and inside areas on their boats!  

We sat by the fire and listened to some music.  It was very relaxing.  

You can see pieces of pumpkin in this photo.

We returned home and I watched two episodes of The Romanoffs.  Is anyone watching this?  It’s on Amazon Instant video that comes with prime membership.  It’s very interesting and I plan to keep watching!  

That’s about it other than a couple of trips to the grocery and some laundry and cleaning.  I have a personal day on Friday so I’m excited about having a four day week.  But, those four days will be busy and a little crazy I’m sure.

Hope you have a great Monday!


14 thoughts on “Hello Monday

    1. I’ve heard that’s good! I want my husband to watch Romanoffs but he’s been busy with baseball and football watching! Thank you!


  1. What a super fun weekend. I remember food days in Spanish class and they were always so much fun. That pumpkin chunkin looks like a lot of fun! And I love the Barbie. I hope you have a great week!


  2. Isn’t it crazy how fast you get to the point where Halloween is low key?! My last at home is 16 too. It seems I was just buying Spider-Man costumes, I decorated the house and bought candy anyway.😀 I enjoy your blog, relating to others in the same phase of life is great! Enjoy your 4 day week!


    1. Yes and it makes me sad! And it’s just a regular old school day for a 16 year old, right? There aren’t many bloggers with teens that I have found! Lol! Thank you- I feel the same. I have to respect their privacy so I don’t post many photos of them. Have a great Monday!


  3. You really are an awesome teacher – the food looks great! The Barbie is so cute too. Pumpkin chucking – I am glad no-one in the boats got hit! Such a fun idea. Love your hat!


    1. Thank you! I know – they could’ve gotten hit if the sling didn’t work correctly! I’m finally listening to what my dad sad about hats keeping you warm because “80% of heat escapes from your head”. Haha!


  4. Ooh I think I’ll watch the Romanoff’s after I finish Man in the High Castle. I love the cultural experience day at school! Food brings everyone together! The Spanish Teacher Barbie is so cool!!!


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