Monday, September 17, 2018

How is it already the middle of September? We had a great weekend except for a boy who stayed home sick on Friday.  Even though he is 16, I felt terrible not being home with him.  I called him lots of times and I hurried home after school and tried to give him some TLC.  I think he is on the mend.  It just seemed to be a cold with a horrible cough.  Is this stuff going around already?

Friday night after dinner, the other son and I hit the football game for just the first half.  He had friends to hang out with and I stood with the other teachers in attendance.  I got to see my dance team girls perform at half time.  

Saturday morning, hub went to bike ride and I did cleaning, laundry, ordered groceries and meal planned, got a much needed pedicure, and ran some errands including doing my grocery pickup.  I had a nice morning.  I tried to really rest after lunch time because we were going to the last outdoor concert of the season.  I was a little worried because it was around 90 degrees.  Hub came home hot from bike ride and mowed the lawn and then said he wanted to stay home and that was fine with me.  We ate dinner as a family at home and watched a show and one son and I tried to get caught up on Big Brother.

Sunday morning was a nice treat.  We were invited to brunch at our friends’ home and then followed that with a trip to a monthly flea market with them.  I am really at my best at brunch time I’ve decided.  If you invite me out at 7:00 p.m., I will start fading fast.  If you want me to socialize at 10:00 a.m., I am the life of the party.  Lol!

The football stadium is just a short walk from our house.

Look at that gorgeous sunset we saw from the game.

Saturday morning I got up for coffee, candle, and some reading.

I finished What to Do When Life Hands you Lululemons – I recommend it!  Then, I started this which is a sequel to I Don’t Know How She Does It which was made into a movie with Sarah Jessica Parker.  

I needed a pedicure badly because I think it had been at least 6 weeks and I can’t help it – I brought my OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.  It may be out of style, but I love the look for fall.

I stopped and got my husband a treat.  He loves beer cheese with Frito’s Scoops for when he watches sports on the t.v.

Last week at Dollar Tree, I picked up two new pairs of readers so I can keep some in all locations and some at school.  I’m not sure I can pull off the hot pink!  I don’t need readers when my contacts are out, but when my contacts are in I do need readers!  Isn’t aging fun?  

I got a great tip from the blog Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos – this B and B candle is only available online.  Why B and B?  I ordered some for me and for gifts because – Kentucky and fall – duh!  I’ve never bought a candle sight – un – smelled!  If I hate it, I’m assuming I can exchange at the store.  

Gosh I love Kroger Clicklist!  It had been awhile.  I’m trying to get back in the habit of being more organized and doing a pick up once a week.  I can’t decide what day is best?  Last winter, I was enjoying a Friday after school pick up.  What do you think?  

I have really gotten into spiked seltzers and a blogger and my sister say this is the best brand.  It was fun to get this at the grocery pick up!  I don’t know.  I did like it, but I really like Truly, too.  I tried raspberry and have of a black cherry.  Both were good. The black cherry didn’t taste like cough syrup.  These are 100 calories and 2 g of carbs.  

I also got my Ipsy bag on Saturday.  This bag is so cute with the eyelashes on it!  

Sunday morning on the way to the brunch at friends’ I wanted a small hostess gift.  I couldn’t find anything cute so I picked up some gourmet snacks for them to enjoy at a later time.  Paul’s Fruit Markets are all over Louisville and I love the one by me.  

Look at this spread.  We had quiche, bacon, french toast casserole, fruit and salad and coffee and mimosas.  

My plate

Their beautiful dining room

Their beautiful living room

This is what I wore

We enjoyed an hour or so at the market and then said goodbye.

I watched a Big Brother with my son after making the boys some snacks.  Then I watched a bit of a Hallmark movie and fell asleep for a few. 

I made dinner and worked on the blog, laundry and organized for the week.  

Meal Plan:

Monday – bowtie pasta with chicken and broccoli, caesar salad

Tuesday – Doritos Taco Salad

Wednesday – hot turkey bacon subs, fries, salad

Thursday – pulled pork nachos, Thai chicken salad – not sure yet if I will make one or both – a little weird but I have leftover pulled pork and have wanted to make the salad

Have a wonderful week!


15 thoughts on “Hello Monday – Weekend Wrap Up and Meal Plan

  1. That brunch looks amazing. What a fun weekend you had. I love the outfit for the brunch. I bet that candle smells amazing!


  2. Those pink glasses are adorable! And I have to ask- based on the pics you posted of your school and Paul’s (I LOVE Paul’s!!), have you tried Tokyo Sushi near you? It is our favorite! I’m so glad I ran across your blog, it’s so fun to read from someone local.


    1. Thank you! So cool that you are local! I have only been once – will try again based on your rec! That is not my favorite cuisine. Have you been to Shiraz and Thai Cafe and Mojito?


      1. You can never go wrong with Mojito! I’ve been to Shiraz but haven’t tried Thai Café yet. I live in Oldham Co and we have a great little Thai place there that we normally go to- A Taste of Thai.


      2. Love Mojito! I bet your Thai place is good. Do you go to Red Pepper Deli in Crestwood? It’s good! How did you find my blog? Do you have a blog?


  3. I meal-planned for this week too. Fingers crossed!

    I tried a different brand of spiked seltzer that I didn’t like at all…I’ve heard good things about White Claw though, and they have it everywhere. Now I’m in the mood for hard cider!

    I don’t think you can go wrong with a bourbon candle.


    1. I love hard cider too but it’s a little heavy. I like the seltzer because it’s so light. I’m going to make my Apple sangria soon and put recipe on the blog! Great job meal planning – do you have grocery pick up?


  4. What a great looking brunch – so funny that you mentioned about being the life and soul at 10am but fading by 7 – hey I think I could be the same! Breakfast meet ups are the best. I hope your son is feeling better by the way – we’ve had a similar virus here. Crazy that it is still 90 where you are – you wouldn’t think it was cold and flu weather yet! By the way your pink glasses suit you!


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