Tuesday, September 11, 2018

I do want to pause to remember the anniversary of 9/11 on this day.  I was teaching when our principal made an announcement to turn on our classroom television sets.   I will never forget it.  I was in my 7th year of teaching and didn’t have my own kids yet.  We watched news coverage all day and then I went home and watched more.  

Also, it is my Dad’s birthday!  I’m sorry he has to share it with such a date in our history.  Happy birthday, Dad!  

Also, update on my two Free People short sleeved henleys.  I ordered a large in black and a small in olive.  They were huge!  Even the small looked too big and was too voluminous on me in my opinion.  Sadly, they were returned.  I want to be able to wear Free People, but I just don’t think it works for me or really for my pocketbook at regular price! This model must be wearing an XXXXXS if even the small was voluminous on me.  




I like minimalist decor.

In the first photo of my mantel, a chalkboard is a super easy item to add. I have two big glass jars with candy corn and candy pumpkins, a burlap ribbon, a leaf banner from Target Dollar Spot – go there quickly because they were almost gone.

In the second photo, I love my letter board from Hobby Lobby and my glass pumpkin candy jar.

I have the Bath and Body leaves scented (great smell!)  candle in the third photo with Target $1 white pumpkins and a bowl of Kirkland’s jute pumpkins.

Finally, I added one Rae Dunn piece from Kirkland’s and I think I will use it all year as it simple says “treats”.

I will add some Halloween specific items in October but I like stuff that works September through end of November before I put out Christmas stuff. I also have some Thanksgiving specific items I will add after Halloween.

I mainly decorate my family room. I will add some outside mums and some things on my patio as I use it until December most years.  

But, my patio is in serious need of a clean up and new furniture. We have had it on our list to buy new furniture for 3 years but can’t find exactly what we want!

So, I will try to add cute decor until the time comes that we can replace it.

What about you? How much do you decorate for each season?

Have a great already almost mid September day!


5 thoughts on “Fall Decor

  1. I remember 9/11 so well, I was home with my babies and my friend called and told me to turn on the tv, I couldn’t believe it. Happy Birthday to your dad, bless his heart, it’s not an easy day but I hope he can celebrate anyway.
    I love LEAVES too! Just bought two the other day as well as some wall scents refills. I also really love the $5 candle at Walmart – Pumpkin Waffles – it’s a 3 wick too and smells great!


  2. I remember 9/11 so clearly. Also, Happy Birthday do your dad. I love the Leaves scent. I also love your mantle, that arrow and chalkboard is perfection.


  3. I remember 09/11 as well… can’t believe it has already been 17 years. I love your fall decor. I like to do a general fall theme instead of Halloween and then fall. I tend to decorate like you!


    1. Thank you! I bet you can’t wait for renovation to be behind you. My husband just informed me we are starting our long awaited addition soon! Any tips for keeping my sanity?


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