Thursday, August 16, 2018

Whew!  We got the first day over with and it was pretty smooth.  I never sleep well the night before though, so I was running on adrenaline.  I teach six 50 minute classes with 4 minutes between each one and a 20 minute lunch halfway through.  I was tired at the end of the day.  I didn’t cook because I decided we would do take out Mediterranean from near our house – chicken kabobs, rice, Greek salad.  Yum!

I like to wear a dress on the first day and I like to wear something new if I can.  This dress did not disappoint.  It comes in 26 different colors/patterns.  The material is super soft, it has pockets, and it has two slits on either side that go up to the knee.  I didn’t have to hem it, so that was nice too.  I think it runs true to size.  My other color is plain olive and I think that will look good in the fall.  I will have to avoid buying more.  Check them out and let me know what you think.  Amazon fashion is pretty good.  I’m afraid I won’t even leave the house before long because of Amazon.  

I can’t believe I have been doing this job for so long.  Every year seems different, though. I hope that I’m still as effective if not more effective each year.  I started at the young age of 22 and I was so naive.  I will be 47 this fall.  Time really goes by quickly.  

These are the shoes I started the day in.  I lasted about 4 hours and could’ve gone longer, but knew my feet would hurt later. These are from Amazon and by Corky’s Boutique.  They are quite comfortable, but teacher comfortable is a whole other level.  They come in camo and I was oh so tempted. What do you think?


These are the shoes I changed into.  My faux Target Birkenstocks in rose gold have been great!  

Here are my most comfortable teacher shoes. They are both by Dansko and both several years old from consignment stores.  They are kind of ugly but both pass the all day teacher test.  img_3434.jpg

Maybe it’s a sign I’m getting older, but I just can’t wear uncomfortable shoes anymore.  Even to do weekend activities I want comfortable footwear.  Last weekend on the Urban Bourbon Trail, we did about 3 hours of walking or standing. I decided to wear the gold Tieks flats because I didn’t want to get grouchy.  

What are your most comfortable shoes? I want my shoes to be cute and comfortable, but for teaching on my feet all day, I can sacrifice some degree of cuteness.

Here is my classroom all ready to go.

Here is my observation of the typical high school girl outfit:  

jeans, Birkenstocks, v-neck t-shirt with bralette showing

So, now you know.  

Thanks for stopping by!


14 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Teacher Shoes and More

  1. I love that dress, I think I need one now that I’ve seen it on you! Your shoes remind me of my OTBP (Off The Beaten Path brand) from Nordstrom. Mine are higher but more level and I swear they pass teacher comfort. I used to wear them last year all day when I was at school – even through all the duties I had – hall, lunch, car. They were pricey but worth every penny. I have heard such good things about Dansk but have never tried them myself. It’s a shame they can’t make them cuter but I am with you – you have to wear comfortable shoes!!
    Glad your first day is over – bet you slept soundly last night!


    1. Thank you! I went to bed at 8:30 – as you know ain’t no tired like teacher tired! I really think you should get this dress! Yes, your shoes are probably way better quality. Some has to do with your arch, too, I think. Dansko can look better but I will just stick with the ones I have!


  2. I LOVE your outfit!, that dress is so pretty and I love how you paired it with a white sweater-vest. I need that entire outfit. Comfy shoes are a must. I love wedges and ballet flats. I also love your rose gold faux birks. I hope you have a great school year ahead!


    1. Thank you! I’m only 5’4 and the dress worked! I have several vests because I feel that in need an overlay on many outfits. I found it at TJ Maxx and I have some that are light for summer and some that are heavier material.

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      1. I agree with having an overlay. I also seem to think I need to wear a longer cami/tank under all of my shirts while teaching as well! I layer up.


      1. I wear a lot of wedges or ballet flats from Payless. When I head back to school though I wear sandals. We are not allowed to wear flip-flops, and only tennis shoes on field trips/Fridays and days like our FundRun!


  3. That dress looks so gorgeous on you!! You’re right, Amazon is slowing transforming me into a recluse LOL Your observation of the first day high school girl outfit made me laugh!!!


  4. I could not teach high school. I just couldn’t.
    Back in the day, when I worked for districts that held high standards for dress (i.e. heels), I always kept flip flops under my desk (or Ugg-style boots in winter) to wear in the classroom after so many hours had passed.


    1. Hi Kristin! I read your post about what you won’t miss and I could relate. School just started so I’m not a good commenter now. I keep at least 2 extra pairs of flip flops or flats. I just can’t be miserable in that way anymore. High school is hard but I couldn’t do elementary! And, the demand each year are greater. They roll out new initiatives each year and just teaching is a never ending job. We have had struggles in the state of Kentucky this past year so I have followed the plight of Arizona, Colorado, and other states. It’s disgusting that they can’t value what we do. I worked two jobs until I was married. I’m fortunate to be in a district that pays well now. And, I did two Masters for more money. I originally thought I would be a principal one day. Not anymore.
      Hope you are enjoying that baby!


    1. I have seen them but haven’t owned them! Thanks for the recommendation and nice compliment! Glad you are a new reader!


  5. Love Dansko clogs – can’t beat them for comfort..and I think they are cute – I have a black pair of clog sandals and people always tell me how cute they are. I will text you a picture.


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