Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Happy first day of school for students in my area!  Teachers, parents (especially parents of kindergarteners and seniors), and students are in my thoughts today.  School is such an important part of life.  May patience and kindness be shown and may everyone feel safe and secure.

I wore this outfit to run errands on Friday.  I am not really into wearing shorts out much anymore. I never go to Ross but I was nearby and popped in and this was taken in a mirror there.  Our Ross is empty!  There are only a few racks of clothing.  Needless to say, I didn’t find anything.  

I watched some Instastories on Instagram and someone talked about the second Old Navy dress below being on sale for $12.  I went in one day last week and of course, it wasn’t $12 anymore.  I think it was $22.  But, I thought the gray was a nice material called “plush luxe” that would work into fall.  The first dress was also $22 and I fell in love with the grey and yellow floral and already wore it on Saturday.  Again, I can picture this in the fall with my cognac riding boots and a cardigan, maybe.  

I pulled these pictures off of the Old Navy website so you can snag the plain dress for $10 now, I think! It also comes in a pretty bubblegum pink color.  


This is what I wore for the Urban Bourbon tasting we did on Saturday.  My friend shopped at Loft and got her shirt and necklace combined for $16.  I think this is a great time to hit Loft but I haven’t been in myself.  

Monday and Tuesday were teacher work days and I wore my white skort and blue and white stripe shirt on Monday and below is what I wore on Tuesday. We sat through meetings and it was a important to be comfortable.  I did wear shoes both days, but I forgot to keep them on in the photo!  


On Monday I saw that one of my consignment stores had gotten in a bunch of Matilda Jane clothes for women.  I have liked their knit ruffled pants for a long time, so I popped in and found these charcoal grey ankle length pants for $29(retail value of the pants is around $50-60 and these still had tags on them). I hope I can pull them off.  I don’t want to look like a little girl or a clown.  I went to my trusty Pinterest to see what women wore with them and I’m going to go for it.  

Finally, this is my first day of school outfit.  This is a long floral maxi from Amazon (brand Huskary) I talked about a few weeks ago with a white lightweight vest.  The dress has pockets!   

So, if I had to sum up my recent oufits in a few words:  flowy pants and swing dresses.  

Happy Wednesday!  Thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Amy I love all of these looks! Your first day outfit is cuuuuute! Love what you wore too over the weekend to your Bourbon adventure. Matilda Jane is such a score! Andrea at Momfessionals wears their stuff all the time, you should check her out for inspiration. When I’m out and see a big mirror I get so excited because I can finally get a decent selfie, lol!!
    Happy first day of school!


    1. Thank you Shannon! Yes they do have women’s clothing – but not much. Check your consignment stores and see if you can find the pants if you like them. They also have dresses and shirts.


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