Thursday, August 2, 2018

Today’s thoughts are about blogging and I hope to have fellow bloggers and readers chime in!

I have been a faithful blog reader for maybe 6 years.  This has been part of my morning routine and usually I spend about 30 minutes with my first cup of coffee and my favorite bloggers.  They have enriched my life and given me countless tips on books, shows, movies, recipes, products, articles of clothing, ideas for my kids, ideas for holidays, and the list goes on and on.  I used to be a big reader of magazines and I think blogs maybe replaced magazines for me.  I do still read the occasional magazine when I get them for free at the library!  


I have always loved to write but as I was reading these blogs I never thought it was something I could ever do.  I was most daunted by the technology and the photographs. And, as you can tell, I still don’t have the nice tabs or search bars or the professional photographs or the search engine or the social media buttons.  I decided to learn how to use the free WordPress site and see how it went.  I started blogging in April with about 3 times a week of posting and then quickly went to 5 days a week.  I also upgraded to a paid plan when WordPress ran a Mother’s Day special.  That meant I got my own .com address instead of a complicated series that people would have to enter. is all mine!  Why didn’t I pick a shorter blog name?  I wanted something that spoke to my loves and I don’t think it truly tells people what my blog is about.  I’m o.k. with that.  I love coffee and I love cocktail(s) and I love being home.  


Am I in this for the money?  No.  I don’t make any money and I’m honestly not sure how to go about it.  This is merely a creative outlet for me.  

I decided to post regularly five days a week based on what I learned as a reader.  I like the dependability of set days and a set time.  I schedule my posts for 4:00 a.m. for early birds.  As a reader, I would get frustrated if I continually visited a blog that  rarely had new content without letting readers know that they were taking a break.

I have really enjoyed link-ups and try to participate in as many as I can.  This has brought new blog traffic to me and once I even had 300 readers which was a lot for me!  Link ups are great for readers, too, because you are exposed to new blogs.

I try to start drafts for the week on Sundays and then I add or finish each post after dinner.  It only takes me about 20-30 minutes a post.  The bloggers who do lots of links and lots of photos probably spend hours on each post.  Some may have virtual assistants or employees of their blog.  Whoa!  That is out of my territory!

I respond to every comment that I receive.  Receiving comments is the best! I have been sad before when a blogger doesn’t acknowledge my comment.  It’s hard to type on my ipad which is where I read my blogs, so it takes some effort!  If a blogger uses Disqus for comments, I can’t comment because that system hates me!  Sorry!

Currently my post theme/schedule is:

Monday – Hello Monday with a recap of the weekend

Tuesday – A Tip of some sort

Wednesday – Whereabouts/What I Wore

Thursday – Thoughts on some topic

Friday – Favorites from the week – products, items of clothing, or activities that I did

I originally did Monday meal plans and I may get back to that if I can get more organized.  

I enjoy writing about frugal fashion, trends, recipes, clothing and life hacks, stuff with kids, entertaining, travel, saving money, holidays, gifts, and more.  

What would you like to hear about?  Do you like my daily themes or do you have a suggestion?  Sometimes being this rigid makes it hard to participate in specific link ups, but I like the structure, too.  

I think my favorite posts are here where I talked about graphic tees and kimonos and here where I talked about how to wear white without fear.  

If you stuck with this post this long, you are a VIP reader!  Thank you! I would love your feedback!


14 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – On Blogging

  1. You sound just like me Amy. I fell down the rabbit hole of reading blogs and they soon became my favorite past time, magazines no longer hold my attention and just seem like they are full of ads! For me blogging is a hobby and I enjoy getting to know other bloggers and I love it when I get comments. I agree with you, I respond to each one and I do not comment on blogs that don’t acknowledge my comment. I think it’s rude, if you’re that busy you can’t respond then take the ability to comment out. Blogging costs money though so I am happy to make a little extra cash although that is not my main purpose.
    You are doing a great job and building quite a following! I always enjoy coming here!


    1. Thank you, my faithful commenter! We have so much in common! I hope I can juggle school with blogging! I’m a little worried. Have a wonderful day and I really appreciate the support you have given me!


  2. Good morning Amy! I’m pretty new to your blog and am really enjoying it. I found you from a link (Sorry can’t remember which one) and am surprised that you just started in April, it all looks pretty seamless to me! I also like daily posts, but will totally understand if it becomes too much once schools starts, you don’t want to burn out! I knew we were friends when I saw the post that had the Eucalyptus Rain candle, eucalyptus is one of my favorite scents. We lived in southern CA for 10 years and I wished I could bottle the fragrance of the eucalyptus trees after a rain so I was so excited to see it and went right out and got a candle. Funny, but it’s always the little things, don’t you think? Also I’m a morning with coffee reader too and like to read on the patio while the dog putters around the yard.


    1. Hi Nancy! I’m sorry I’m late responding as I had a training today! Thank you for finding me and hanging around!
      Morning coffee on the patio is such a great part of the day! I just discovered that I love eucalyptus and
      bergamot. I think I like nature and woodsy smells! That sounds wonderful in California! It’s totally the little things in life. My blog seems superficial sometimes but I truly enjoy the little things and moments, you know? Thank you for your feedback, Nancy!


  3. I love reading how others got into blogging, how they organize their posts, and of course how they manage to blog with everything else going on in their lives!!! You always have so much variety and think of some really neat topics to talk about!!


    1. Thank you Shannon! I may run out soon! Lol! I think maybe I need to shorten some posts and make two posts instead of a long one. Maybe I need to just do one product review or one recipe. I had my first full day of work today – whew! I’m out of practice!


  4. You are a natural blogger! You really have done great so far! Like you I do it because I like the creative outlet and meeting such great people – like you! Responding to comments and engaging is what it is all about for me. Like you, I find it sad when people never, ever respond – not sad for me but I am not sure why they do it if they don’t want to reply to people? I tend to just find that annoying and give up reading their blogs, or if I love the content, just read occasionally but not waste my time posting comments. I think the key thing is not to take it personally – we all find out tribe in the end! J xx


    1. My thoughts exactly! I always tell my real life friends about my friend from England that I met through blogging! Lol!
      Thank you for the kind words!


  5. I love your blog and love following along. I am with you, I like reading blogs five days a week and really enjoy them in the morning. However, as a blogger myself, I have found that this summer life has hit and I just haven’t been on my phone to capture moments. AHHH! I have been a BAD blogger this summer. I need to get back to my five day a week schedule. I love it and I miss it! Thanks for the inspiration and I am so glad and grateful for your blog!


    1. You are too kind and I love yours, too! I think people read blogs less in the summer, too! I’m still not in the habit of taking pictures when I’m out. I’m trying to improve and have even set alarms to remind myself! Nerd alert! Thanks for the feedback!

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  6. New reader, LOVE your blog to pieces..fellow teacher, frugal gal, fashion lover, good food, coffee, cocktails and definitely home! Love your blog and think it’s already perfect!


    1. Thank you Jenny! Sounds like we have a lot in common! Do you have a blog? I hope I don’t run out of stuff to say, but I’m usually not accused of being speechless! Lol! Happy weekend!


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