Thursday, July 19, 2018

I’m linking up today for Girl Chat’s theme this month of summer meals!  I’m hoping to get some new ideas because this is the time in the season when I’m getting bored with my meals!  

I’m definitely a seasonal cook and like to change up my meals with the seasons.  I also like a good theme to guide my weekly meal plan.  I usually do pasta one night and Mexican one night. 

These babies below have really been on rotation for me this summer.  The pesto sauce pairs well with whatever pasta you have on hand and some grilled chicken or shrimp and the mojito lime marinade is great on chicken with your Mexican side dishes.  You should be able to find them in your grocery wherever the mixes are – like the mix for making chili.  I have talked about these before on the blog but wanted you to know they are still very much in my rotation!  


Some other easy summer meals that I make are:

fish (usually frozen that I defrost and sprinkle cajun seasoning on then bake), green vegetable, potatoes of some form

bbq, baked beans, macaroni and cheese

BLTs, salad, fries from the freezer

quesadillas, rice, corn

tacos, rice, corn

spaghetti, ceasar salad, bread

sheet pan suppers – turkey sausage and whatever veggies cut up

Ham (thick kind), green beans, ready made mashed potatoes

Soup and grilled cheese

Sloppy Joe’s, tater tots, broccoli

Tip* Type out a list of the suppers you make and just rotate those meals.  I have a list that I created last year that has really helped me when I’m trying to do my meal plans. Add to it when you find a new recipe.

What are your go to meals right now?


14 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Girl Chat – Summer Meals

  1. I love pesto but my family not so much! That’s ok I eat it while they have red sauce, I just enjoy it so much. I need to try that lime marinade, sounds good. I love trying new things but I’m always looking for healthy, light recipes!


    1. This mix makes a much lighter pesto in my opinion! Maybe they would like it? My family loved the siracha and mustard chicken – forgot to tell you! I’ve added it to my list of meals!


  2. Give me all the pesto and I’m a happy gal! We’ve been firing up the grill a lot this summer so burgers for him and lots of veggies for me!


  3. I love your tips. We are huge pesto fans. Next time I am at the store I am going to have to pick some up from the store. You have me thinking of pesto and shrimp. I love your idea of typing up a list and rotating meals. B.L.T’s are one of our favorite summer meals.


    1. It’s like a non recipe so it’s easy to do! Have you tried adding avocado slices?
      One thing I do for inspiration is look at restaurant menus and recreate things!


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