Friday, July 13, 2018

Happy Friday!  

We have enjoyed hosting our German cousin Pia this week and sadly, she leaves tomorrow morning.  We hope that she has had a great stay!  I love that my husband loves and cherishes his German side of the family.  He took off from work this week to make sure she had a good time.  A little more back story – Pia’s father is almost exactly the same age as my husband.  Her father came and stayed with my hub one summer as a teen, too.  

Favorite #1)

Monday my friend invited us to her swim club.  Pia has gotten a nice Kentucky tan!

Favorite #2)  

Tuesday we took a break from the sun and did a bunch of little things around town including a visit to a real American high school – mine!  Here she is sitting in a desk in my classroom (it is a mess because of summer cleaning!).  We followed this with a visit to a beautiful old library, two cute little gift shops, and lunch at a hot chicken place – Royal’s Hot Chicken in Nulu if you are local.  Have you heard of Nashville hot chicken?  It has become very popular here, too.  

One of the many horses decorated around Louisville.  This one is on Frankfort Avenue.

My son wanted to split the kale salad with warm bacon dressing at Royal’s.  And, we shared some wedges and chicken.  Pia thought this was her favorite meal of her two weeks up until that point.  

We came home and Pia napped while my boys did some gaming.  Late afternoon my niece picked Pia up for her most important purchase of her stay – real cowboy boots!  She really wanted these and my niece knew of a good place.  

Favorite #3)

I did a little patio reading and I’m liking this book well enough to continue which is a first for me in a long while!  

Favorite #4)  

Blogger Kristin from Stuff, Things, Etc. blog was selling this beautiful Madewell tote and I claimed it first!  This beauty is making me think of fall clothes!  

Favorite #5)  

I love surprises!  My MIL is the great aunt of Pia and we wanted to have a goodbye party for Pia so I invited she and my FIL.  My MIL’s birthday is Sunday so it’s also a birthday party for her, but she doesn’t know.  So, they each think it’s for the other!  Bahahaha (evil sounds). We are cooking some traditional German foods and making a German marble birthday cake.  I also wanted a cake for Pia so I had the fine folks in the Kroger bakery write “bye” in German on this 4th of July cake – o.k., it was reduced down to $3.99, too, but it will still be good until tomorrow and I thought it looked very “American”!  

What are your favorites this week?  Leave me one in the comments if you aren’t a blogger!  Favorite product, item, book, show, movie, etc.?

What are your plans for this weekend?  I haven’t thought much beyond taking Pia to the airport Saturday morning, but I do have an 18th anniversary to celebrate!  

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. Thank you! I will try to show a picture of her boots – now I want some new ones! Of course I have consignment ones!


  1. Aw so sad Pia is leaving but so happy she had a memorable time. I am so happy she got herself some cowgirl boots to take back home!!! I love that cake!!! Clever thinking 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!!


  2. You have been such a great host Amy! Do you ever host foreign exchange students in your area? A lovely family ‘took me in’ when I first arrived in Texas – even picked up at the airport, they were so lovely. No aircon though in August in Texas – that was a rude awakening! Love your new bag – what lovely buttery leather that looks! Loved the painted horse too – here we get the same but on cows. SO JEALOUS Tia got to get some cowboy boots – what a vacation she has had! I bet you will miss her!


    1. Thank you Joanne!
      No, we host a German family member most summers so we don’t do other exchanges. My new bag is gorgeous! Thank you! Enjoy your 2 week vacay!


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