Saturday, May 27, 2023

I am joining Jennifer in her Saturday link up!


I’ve been walking to work this week and I will be walking again next week! Tom’s car has issues and he has been driving my car – we were debating buying a new to us car or getting a very expensive repair done. We made our decision slowly because I can walk! It’s about an 8 minute walk for me and with it being so light out now, it’s been really lovely. I am going to continue next week. I have walked before, but usually all the stuff teachers carry to work is the issue. I will drive on the last teacher day when I will have to haul some stuff home.

I walk down my street and then I cross into this middle school parking lot (our feeder middle and where my kids went):

Then, I have to go in the grass for a short time:

I pass between my baseball and football fields:

then I arrive in my parking lot and this is where I park anyway:

I had Erica take a photo of my in my backpack. This was our diaper bag! I can attest that North Face backpacks hold up. It is 21 years old.


Should I try Walmart +? I’m really considering it. My only hold out would be the Kroger brand products I get, but even Tom said he is not married to that many Kroger brand products. The thought of having the groceries appear on my doorstep sounds really appealing. Anyone do it? Advice? Do you think it’s cheaper than your local supermarket?

Not married to this macaroni – I just get the cheapest!


I’m a bridesmaid this weekend! I feel way too old to be a bridesmaid, but I said yes when my 20 year younger friend Elizabeth asked me. Remember her cabin bachlerette party? I am not wearing this in the wedding, by the way! I volunteered to provide “bridal party getting ready snacks” as my gift to her. What would you do? I am thinking non-messy and non-stinky breath snacks. I am thinking cheese, pretzels, grapes, little sandwiches…but I am open to your suggestions!


I am not really a donut person. I can usually resist because they just aren’t my favorite splurge food. But, if you put a chocolate iced Long John (that’s what I call them) in front of my with the white icing (not custard!) in the middle – I cannot say no! Someone treated us to these the other day and it was so good! The other donut that would be hard is the round yeast donut with no hole, covered in white icing, with teeny tiny chocolate chips. The only one I have seen like that is my old hometown Dieken’s Bakery. What about you? Are you a donut person?

Now, you share 4 somethings with me or just share 1 something!

Happy Saturday!


20 thoughts on “Share 4 Somethings

  1. I love the backpack pic! Haha
    That is my favorite donut too. I can usually resist but those are hard to say no to. One of my co-workers brings Donut Days donuts to school on Friday and shares a lunch. Sometimes I say no, but yesterday I said yes! I’m so interested in Walmart too…let me know! I hope you have so much fun at the wedding! Is Tom going?


    1. I look silly and have gotten so many comments from kids that they can’t believe I’m walking. Americans!
      It is the best donut! Oh gosh – that would be tempting. We have very little food offered to us. I might do the 30 day trial and just see what I think. You also get Paramount streaming if you have any shows you want to try on that service.
      Thank you – yes – he is not a big fan of weddings, but they are having ice cream instead of cake and I think that is what he is looking forward to!

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      1. I decided I want and need wedding cake! The ice cream tasted weird and there was no fan fare with it. I love cake! I think I would love having food dropped at my door, too. What is holding me back is learning a new system since I have Kroger’s down.


      2. I agree with learning a new system…& I still wonder what I will still have to go to Kroger to get but I can definitely see where it would be nice to have the bulk of your items dropped off.


  2. How awesome that you’re walking to school! It’s great exercise. I love that you brought us along with you on your walk! Thanks for that. It’s interesting that your schools are so close like that. It really does make it better for you right now! I know what you mean about good quality bags- I still use one of our diaper bags as well. It’s from Talbot’s and is almost 25 years old!


    1. Thank you! It really invigorated me to start my day, too. Yes, they are all like each others’ feeder schools. I tell everyone the area in which I live feels very small town. It feels more small town than the small town where I grew up. I see someone I know everywhere I go in my little area.
      Quality bags are really important. I love my LLBean Boat Tote, too.


  3. Donuts! So yummy but I hardly ever have one. I can’t resist a donut with pink icing and sprinkles and if not that then maple icing. It’s funny how everyone has their favorites and are so specific about them. I always need a coffee with them to counter the sweetness and usually regret having it because they are a gut bomb!
    How about those little pinwheel or roll up type of mini sandwich for the bridesmaids? I think you use a flour tortilla to make them.
    Have a great weekend!


    1. Pink icing and sprinkles are also great, but not nearly as tempting for me. I know! They do go so well with coffee! I know – you really don’t feel great after.
      I actually thought about those! They would have been great, but I didn’t have all the stuff so I didn’t make them.


  4. if i ever eat just one, the whole box of donuts is at risk. but sometimes you just gotta!!
    i signed up for the 30 day trial of walmart + and i only used it once! but after the thirty days i decided to get serious with it and that delivery was awesome. i live somewhat rurally and while the stores are not that far it is just so nice to know you don’t necessarily have to go. i used them for store pick up during the pandemic and their website is easy to navigate and you can get basically anything!!


    1. I know – that is why I can’t buy a whole box and one is enough! Oh good to know – I love that you learned to use it. I feel like I can’t learn another new thing right now but hopefully I can when school is out!


  5. I totally agree about the long john…irresistable! I love that you can walk to school. We have Walmart+ free through a credit card. I love it for the free, fast shipping, but don’t use it often for grocery delivery. I usually just do pick up because you are expected to tip the driver which can really add up on a big order. I do feel that WM prices are cheaper than the grocery stores. In our area, Kroger is the most expensive, although that can vary in different markets/cities.


    1. I had no idea so many other people love them! It makes it very nice when we have a car situation. Oh, that is nice! I didn’t even think about tipping. What is up with this crazy tipping culture. I can’t believe some of the businesses that have tip jars. You punched in two things on the computer and you want a tip? And, these are places paying like $15 an hour. I’m sure Kroger is the most expensive here, too. They get you with a few good prices on a few things and boom you have spent so much!


  6. Amy, what a lovely walk to work. Indeed with the weather warming up and longer daylight, it seems like a nice walk. I usually do wal-Mart pick-up for my groceries, but I saw ads for Wal-Mart+ and have yet to look into it. I love donuts. Not fond of filled ones, though.
    Visiting today from Share Four Somethings #13


    1. Thank you! Yes, it makes me realize I should do it more. I feel like I can’t learn another system and my Kroger app is on autopilot! I only like the frosting filled long john’s. Not a fan of other fillings. Thank you for visiting!


  7. Yep, I’m ordering most of our groceries from Amazon or Walmart these days. I just meet the minimum for free shipping … Walmart has very quick delivery. It sure beats the prices at the supermarket. Out here on the Cape they hold you hostage!


  8. I love donuts! DD’s Boston cream is excellent. There are a few really good donut shops in town too. Friday was my last day of school. I’m using comp time during the teacher work days on Tues and Wed. Leaving is bittersweet, but it’s the right choice. I have been at this MS for 15 years and resist change, so it’s hard. I wish I could walk to work! It’s about a 15 min drive because of traffic. My new school will be about 10 mins. It starts at 7:30, versus 9:30 at my old school, but FL school districts have until 2025 to change their start times— no earlier than 8:30 for HS. I’ll get out an hour earlier at my new school. I say new school, but my sons graduated from it in 2017 and 2019, so it’s familiar. Here’s to summer!!


  9. You look so cute in your new dress and your kicks!! You have the cutest style sense💗
    Walking to work sounds amazing. Wish I could skip the commute. Although I do walk from my parking spot to my office , which is about a mile every morning through the grounds of the University of Virginia campus. Something about the fresh air and the sun rising just kickstarts my day in such a positive way.
    Donuts are a hard yes. Especially the one you had. I always say I had the best childhood… My aunt owned a donut shop and my dad owned a fried chicken restaurant.. can you stand it?
    Yee haw to summer break being so close you can taste it.


  10. I can attest to the North Face backpacks; my husband had one older than all our boys that we got many, many years ago on a trip to Maine. We literally just used it this weekend.


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