Tuesday, April 18. 2023

Are you enjoying wearing your spring clothes? I am! We are still flip flopping with our weather a bit around here, but I have gotten to wear lots of spring clothing and even shorts a couple of times.

Here are my current wardrobe goals:

Start wearing all my dresses and skirts to school. Try to rotate through all of them and if I find something I need to let go, I should do it.

Try to be content with what I have and wear what I have.

Avoid Target and Amazon clothing as much as possible. I can quit Amazon much easier, but Target just keeps luring me back in and honestly, some of my favorite pieces are from Target.

Try to shop consignment first. If I feel that I have a hole in my wardrobe, I want to look at my two consignment stores before looking elsewhere.

Now on to the point of this post:

This is not a new to me concept, nor is it that ingenious, but I got to thinking how I adapt my style for the next season. If you choose to do this, your style/clothing items won’t be the same as mine, but I bet you do this, too.

Gold clogs – I love my gold clogs. I love having a metallic in my shoe wardrobe and gold is the best for me. I have gold Birkenstocks and a gold lace up sandal. I also just purchased a gold basic flip flop. So, I am taking my gold footwear into the next season.

The label peeled off of the clogs and I probably need to use Shoe Goo and try to clean these up, by the way.

The new Amazon Essentials gold flip flop. They are super comfy and look like J.Crew quality. I have now ordered black and tortoise shell. They were $11-13 depending on the color. Amazon Essentials does it again and disregard by above goal about quitting Amazon! Ha!

Black jeans – I love black jeans and have worn mine a lot this winter. I have black cut offs that I bought at gasp – Walmart last year (along with a pink pair). I think sometimes these work better than blue denim cutoffs, depending on the outfit. I have lots of tops and blouses with black in them.

Denim jeans (this is a no brainer) – I’m sure you do this, too. Any outfit that you wear with jeans, just swap out for cut offs. Target has some seriously great options. There I go again, Target! I have two pairs, but they are both several years old. One is a bit longer and stretchier. The other has basically no stretch and are a bit lighter in color. I love both of them. Often you need to go up a size in denim shorts depending on how you want them to fit. I love the look of a long sleeved shirt or blouse with cut offs for this transitional time.

Hot pink – I have a hot pink blazer and a hot pink sweater and I get compliments when I wear them so I think it’s my color. I also have my fun tequila earrings and my newer hot pink Gucci looking bee earrings that are fun to wear with hot pink. I found a hot pink blouse at a consignment store so I will carry that look into spring.

Think about what you wore this winter. What were your work horses? How can you transition that into a spring or summer style that feels like you?


12 thoughts on “Carry Your Style into Next Season

  1. I love your pretty blouses! I wish I was more of a blouse person, but it’s hard for me to find one that I love. The ones I do have that I love, I’ve had for a long time, which I’m glad for! I need to replace some shorts from last year, so I’m looking for some white shorts again. The ones I had that were ruined by a busted ink pen in the washer came from Walmart, so I’ll probably start there again. I’m still on a neutral shoe kick, and I need to replace a couple pairs this year, so I’ll be doing that soon as well. I love a little bit of metallic in shoes, and one of my favorite pairs have three neutral colors that I love in each strap- one is gold, one is a yellow/tan color, and the other is a neutral green color. Somehow, they go with everything! They’re the brand Eurosoft, which is comfy and inexpensive. Mine have three straps across the top.


    1. Keep looking! I think you would like having an option of a blouse? So, look at Knox Rose at Target.com – I almost always go online. Look at TJ Maxx. There are a couple of brands that are pretty good there. I like the white linen drawstring shorts from Old Navy and have had mine for years. White doesn’t last as long as other colors. That is a great sandal to have! I can see why you reach for those constantly!


  2. Great idea for a post Amy! So this year I was only going to allow myself to buy 5 items from Target. Then I stopped myself from making that declaration because what is so bad about Target and even Amazon? People call them fast fashion but honestly, fast fashion means you wear them a brief time and then out they go. That isn’t always the case for me with Target. With both I need to make better shopping decisions and when I buy their better quality pieces they last. On the flip side I have made some pricier purchases from Nordstrom and they turned out to be pieces I discarded one way or another after a season. So I say we grant ourselves some grace, shop where we want, but buy and keep good things we love!


    1. Thank you! That is a good goal but like me, putting restrictions on yourself sometimes bites you in the butt, right? You are right. I think having that mindset is a better approach.


  3. I always think Amazon clothes look So Great in the ads and on the site. I’ve tried one or two things here and there and they’ve all been awful. So giving up Amazon isn’t hard in that regard!
    I also haven’t had luck with Target shorts/jeans in the last two years so that’s a no-brainer too. My biggest stumble is when I get ads for LOFT or Jcrew factory or see an email from Carly Jean Los Angeles lol. That’s what I’m more likely to be drawn to at this point.


    1. Yup – they steal them sometimes from higher end boutiques I think. I have found a couple of brands that I stand behind.
      I agree – the email deals get me sometimes. I just placed an Aerie order and got 30% by using the app. That made the items less than Target prices and I reallys stand behind Aerie quality. I will show them if they work out for me and if they don’t, I just trot over to the store that is 5 miles away.


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