Monday, March 20, 2023

How was your weekend? Mine was full. In fact, if you are a long time reader you will know I don’t usually have such a full weekend!

I am linking up with Sarah and Holly for Hello Monday!

Let’s go back to Thursday. Jennifer was visiting my city and we got a chance to meet up! The weather was pretty nice and we met at one of my favorite happy hour places, Red Hog. I told her, “I will be the one from the blog”.

She is just like she is behind the screen, fyi!

We got some lavash with pimento cheese and red pepper jelly and some fries with curry mayo.

We chatted for a couple of hours and could have for much longer!

Friday I left for a weekend away at 1:26 – yes, 1:26. Immediately at the end of 6th period, Erica and I carpooled to the first stop of Elizabeth’s bachelorette weekend. We all used to teach together, but now Elizabeth is in a different line of work.

The first stop was a bourbon tour. It was one of the best tours I have been on, because they don’t make you wait for your sample. They start you off with a sample – genius! Just kidding, that wasn’t why it was one of the best. The space was so beautiful, we loved our guide, and we had some funny people in our group.

Then, we drove to our AirBNB. Don’t worry, we only had a bit of bourbon.

Erica and I shared this room:

The house was adorable, but the weather really dissed us. It was just so cold. There was a beautiful front porch, bonfire pit, and hot tub, along with many other outdoor sitting areas.

Elizabeth has a puppy named Banana, so the bananas were part of the first night’s theme. Elizabeth is 30 and the age ranges of the 9 of us were 24-51! Another post is coming with more details!

The theme of the whole weekend was Camp Elizabeth because we were at a cabin in the country.

“This may or may not be Fireball. Can I hang with these girls?”

This was our “S’morechuterie” board and Elizabeth is wearing an entirely thrifted bridal outfit – we all had to bring one item – doesn’t she look so cute?

And, this is how I felt at the end of the weekend.

I stayed up until 3 a.m. the first night and 2 a.m. the next night. It was an hour earlier where we were, but still!

I will be back tomorrow with more details!

I’m tired!

How was your weekend?

Go away, winter! I will be holding my arms out to spring in just a few hours!


19 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Oh my GOSH, that is so late to stay up! I am so impressed you were able to hang with them and can’t wait to hear more details tomorrow. I hope your day is uneventful and short today! I’m glad you had fun, though, and that you survived the weekend. Have a great day today, my friend!


  2. So fun Amy! As I said on Jennifer’s post- you two are two of my favorite bloggers and beautiful souls- so special that you got together! This party weekend looks like it was a blast and I am impressed with how much you rallied -can’t wait to read more!


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