Thursday, March 16, 2023

It’s Thursday and that means link up day with Kellyann and Jill for Fashion Files.

But first, some purchase updates:

I returned the Athleta flare leggings – they were super soft but way too long and that would have negated the cute slits at the ankle. I will probably pursue a pair again, but just didn’t think it was a good purchase this time. They were $55, so definitely not cheap. Also, they did not have pockets and I love my two pocketed scalloped hem leggings so much.

I returned this cute Target sweater and the black pants. The sweater is very short and it felt hot. I knew I would have to wear something under it, too. I just didn’t think I would be comfortable. The pants were too long, which is a common problem for me. I am 5’4.

I was on a quest to update my white jeans. I ordered Amazon Essentials and they were pretty good with a nice thick material, but then I went in Clothes Mentor for something else and decided to check their white jeans. I found a pair of NYDJ for $21 (almost $10 less than the Amazon Essentials) and the fabric seemed cooler, like it would keep me cooler in the warmer months. I plan to cut and fray them because they are too long and I just like that look anyway. So, I think I got a major score. Did you know that you often need to go up a size in white jeans? They tend to show all the lumps and bumps and sometimes you just need a bit more fabric.

NYDJ Jeans below:

I wouldn’t wear this out; I was just trying on!

So, this means that the only things I have purchased recently are:

White J.Crew Final Sale ruffle bathing suit – I am going to get it tailored. It is a bit big and the straps fall down, but I think it’s worth it because it’s so well made

Olukai mules

TJ Maxx coral floral blouse – have not worn in yet because it turned cold!

White NYDJ jeans from consignment

Your girl is growing up and not settling! She is returning anything that isn’t a 10/10!

So, now let’s see what I’ve been wearing. Spoiler alert – It’s nothing too fashionable!

This is what I wore to school last Friday:

The shirt was $3 from Old Navy and says “Live Happy” in Spanish. These are old Universal Thread Target jeans and an old Target cardigan that is really light weight. I am continuing to wear my mules most days.

For the parade Saturday, I decided on jeans, tennies, white button down, and Target cardigan. I wore the same one last year. I had to match my green beer earrings – beerrings? – and my shamrock headband. I used my clear purse with my spring striped purse strap.

Sunday I wore this to hear the guitar recital of Jack’s guitar teacher:

I love black with chambray, but this outfit looks very meh and this photo is bad, too. I wore my little scarf but you can’t really see it. I don’t think I can pull off the little scarf look, but I think it’s so cute.

Monday for school I wore this:

These are Matilda Jane flares, my green floral Loft blouse, and my Madewell sneaks with green laces. I look kinda dorky but I had to wear quiet shoes for testing we are doing this week.

The next day I wore this:

These are super soft Matilda Jane pants, a black tank blouse, and a soft leopard duster. I am holding a hairdryer and I am shoe-less. I thought it was funny. I had to do this for my photo because Tom was behind me in the bathroom and you can see his shoulder – lol.

So, that’s all I’ve got! What have you been wearing latley? This is a hard time of year to know what to wear, no?


21 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. I agree on feeling comfortable and loving what you wear. I have recently pared down on a few things that I like, but just were not wearing well on me. I love that you can wear jeans to work. That is so nice!


    1. Yes! That’s the most important thing. Everything should be a 10/10 so you can grab anything and feel great. Yes, we don’t have a dress code. I think since the pandemic more jeans are being worn. Some teachers do wear ties everyday, though. I just struggle with pants in this weird part of the year. When it gets warmer, I wear skirts and dresses the most.


  2. I am IN LOVE with all SPANX air essentials. I ordered the sweatshirt, the jumpsuit and then had to have the tapered pant. All in Navy. I haven’t gotten the tapered pant yet, it’s on its way, but the only thing is – it doesn’t have pockets. SOOOOOOO that pair may just go back. I will have to wait and see. I think they will be wonderful for travel and we have several upcoming trips. Not cheap but I am done buying cheap clothes to just get rid of of the next year. I would rather have a nice quality cute outfit. I also have scored 2 cute pair of Golden Goose. sneakers on Poshmark. Again, not cheap but didnt pay full price and both were excellent condition. My second pair I just ordered so they are not in yet. I am obsessed and they are so comfortable,. Bought golf clothes while in Palm Springs. Needed some new skorts and tops. I am about 12 lb up from my lowest weight and finding it harder to get that weight off, so decided to change my thoughts and just get new outfits and move on. Our bodies change. It is what it is. I just turned 59 and I feel great, I work out every day, and I like to eat. I refuse to stop eating to wear a size 6. I said what I said! haha! Have a great weekend. We are off to the beach house for the weekend!


    1. Lots of the bloggers are talking about this brand. I get a little worried when I hear multiple bloggers pushing something. But, because it’s Spanx brand, I’m sure it’s good.
      I’m trying to be more quality over quantity.
      You look great and you should still be happy, but it does suck when your clothes get tight. I have gained some back and I’m not happy about it. I really need to get back to basics.


      1. You are so right about the influx of Air Essentials but because I had already ordered the jumpsuit back last summer, I knew how awesome it was, without the influencers having to suggest it. And thank you for sweet words but yes I need to get myself in order again! So easy to stop and so hard to get back in to it!!! Have a great weekend!


      2. Oh, that’s good. I have learned to take influencers with a grain of salt – and a shot of tequila!
        I would like to try something on. Fabric feel and quality are everything to me.


  3. I love your live happy outfit! A very happy outfit. I am going to try to cut back on shopping the rest of this month as I am working on making a cute try-on area in my room. I am mostly using stuff I had but also bought a nice mirror from Target (mirror aren’t cheap) and styling a couple shelves in my glass shelf unit differently. Hobby Lobby had some adorable stuff and am waiting for their 50% wall decor to get the last couple of little items I want for the shelves.


    1. Thank you! I am justt kind of doing it on accident because I have a busy month, I think. Plus it has turned back to winter so no chance to wear super springy things!
      How fun and you will love that!


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