Thursday, February 2, 2023

It’s already Thursday and that means it’s time to see what we’ve been wearing. I am linking up with Kellyann and Jill so click on their names and go see these gals!

Last Friday we were supposed to wear black to show that we were going to beat another school in the basketball game and we were in mourning for them, I guess. I wore my Target Universal Thread black jeans and my Amazon black top with some flats. I think black shoes would have looked better.

Saturday I tried out some denim on denim. These are the same jeans as the black. They are slim straight high waist. I feel weird in skinny jeans now. These are so comfortable on the legs and they feel great on. My chambray top is from Old Navy for the price of about two lattes ($12) and my clogs are old – I ordered them from a Swedish brand or Etsy. They are bright. Solid gold, baby.

Monday I wore Matilda Jane flares and a consignment Loft top. Did you know that Matilda Jane has more than just the ruffle pants? I have several flares by this brand. It’s extremely awkward to hold your phone so that your face can show, lift your face so it looks like you are not looking at your phone while trying to take a picture, and be annoyed by your husband’s blue cup in the background and his heckling while I am doing this.

Tuesday I tried a new lewk with jeans, my black silk Chico’s blouse, a new small silk scarf, and my hot pink blazer. See, I didn’t get the eyes right. I got some comments from students on my “drip”. If your teenager tells you, “nice drip” that means they like your clothing.

I ordered this scarf from Amazon and it came in the nicest packaging. I didn’t order this print, but I loved it, so I kept it. Hey, if the universe says it wants me to have this print, who am I to say no? If you click on the red type, you will see the scarf design I tried to order. I think it’s more spring like anyway. You can also see all the other options. I specifically wanted to fold it like a bib/bandana and wear it with a button down or a sweater.

And, here is my new Loft blouse. I think I talked about it in my Hello Monday post. I don’t think I included it in my January purchases, so we will call it a February purchase, mkay?

My nails weren’t quite long enough, but I filed them in the current rounder shape and used my Kur polish. I consider this part of my fashion.

I kinda like it.

What have you been putting on your bod?

Let’s pretend like 23 in 2023 was never spoken about. If you are my true friends, you won’t call me out. My sister Kate was right. I just like fashion too darn much. We shall see. I think I will continue recording my monthly purchases.

Talk to me in the comments,


26 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. 23 for 23? Never heard about it! ;-D
    Nice outfits, I really like your style! “Nice drip”, cool, I’ll use that today and see it the Swedish kids have picked up that expression.
    Today I will be stylish in camel pants, knitted sweatshirt and a dress. Unfortunately with black Dr Marten’s, I don’t have any lighter boots.
    I have to ask: How is sweet Ernie doing?


    1. You are a true friend. Thank you so much! Did the Swedish kids like it?
      I am sure you are the most stylish of all your building. Maybe you could get lighter books for spring? I really like the tan boots or cream boots I’m seeing.
      He is doing great! Thank you!


  2. Nice drip, huh? Thanks for the intel – I am always behind on this kinda stuff!
    You had some great outfits this week -I like the all black with the nude shoes and I am so happy to hear you like the straight leg denim, skinnies are fine with some things but overall the straight leg is more comfortable (to me) and more flattering. I LOVE the pink blazer outfit and that scarf – holy cow – silk for $13?? Yes, please.


    1. Super drip, drippy, all of that! Ha!
      Thank you! I liked that, too. I really like the straight denim and I couldn’t be more shocked. Skinny looks and feels weird and constricting now. I think these silk scarves would make a really nice just because gift!


  3. I think it’s funny that the scarf you got isn’t even one of the options! LOL. It looks great and I love that pink blazer.


  4. I really like the denim with denim and the pink blazer outfit. Now that you’ve mentioned the blue cup I can’t unsee it, lol! The only 23 I know about is 2023 from here on out!


  5. First time commenting, but I found your blog and have enjoyed reading. I live in Bowling Green so not too far down the interstate from you. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but MJ pulled the plug on all their operations last month, without any warning to their “trunk keepers”. The lady I follow on FB is now promoting Cabi.


    1. Thank you! Yes, I know! I am set for pants for life. I got many of them from consignment and from a trunk keeper unloading her inventory. They have been bought/incorporated into a childeren’s brand I never heard of. I find Cabi stuff at my consignment store sometimes and the quality is great!


  6. I really loved your outfits this week! The pink blazer one might be my fav! Thanks for the inspiration. I especially need it in the winter. 😩 lol Winter dressing isn’t as fun for me as spring/summer.

    I keep track of all of our spending with Quicken. It’s really very similar to tracking your calories (which I have done off and on for over 12 years with MyFitnessPal).


    1. Thank you! I think that was mine, too. I know – it really isn’t.
      That’s great! I am just using a good old notebook for myself right now or immediately typing it in my blog post.


  7. Love the pink blazer. It was a very nice drip. Teens are so weird. I am so happy to have that phase of kids gone! ha! I tried that whole cutting back on clothing thing last year and made it until June then I fell off the wagon. I will say that I am being more picky about what I bring in to my home overall. I just ordered a new cute summer dress from Athleta. You know I love my athleisure wear so much. I also just received a new Lululemon scuba cropped hoodie sweatshirt but it is huuuuge on me so it’s going back and I immediately purchased the size down because the indigo blue color is amazing. So we shall see. I tried the Lulu scuba dupe on amazon that all rave about and it wasn’t for me. I like the real thing too much I guess. Ok have a great Thursday!


  8. I tried to keep track of clothing I bought in 2021 and I just gave up in June. Because once you start buying for a new season, you lose track.
    I wear black leggings out of the house every day. It’s embarrassing. I’m still in a place where I want my old jeans to fit so I don’t wear anything special at all? It’s also because I don’t go to work.
    Tom’s blue cup cracks me up.


    1. I kept track for about years and then I even marked what ended up being donated or being a bad purchuse. I think I learned a lot from it.
      I get that. It’s just your current season of life.


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