Tuesday, January 31, 2023

I told you at the beginning of January that I was going to try to only buy 23 new items in 2023. But, I could buy unlimited second hand items. I also had $100 to spend from Christmas. Well, it’s time to find out how I did. I bought zero second hand items but I bought several (hangs head) new purchases! Ay!

My first January purchase and I have zero regrets! I got these from a cute little boutique.

I have stayed away from Old Navy for the most part over the last year in an attempt to avoid fast fashion. I really think they have upped their quality game, though, based on the few purchases I did make. I was targeted by an IG ad and it led to not just one purchase, but a few more after that. Again, I hang my head in shame. Lol!

First up is this ecru blouse made of a very thick canvas like material. It arrived very wrinkled, but my steamer worked like a charm on it. It looks too big here before I washed it, but I ordered two sizes and the larger looked better. I washed and dried it after this wearing and steamed it again and then it fit better. I intentionally dried it to get it to the better fit.

I ran into a long time sub at my school who has great clothing and used to work at Ann Taylor. She was wearing the chambray version of the blouse above and I didn’t even know there was a chambray version. So, guess what? I ordered that one, too! By the way, these tops were under $12 each!

These tops feel very me and I think with them being neutrals that I will get a lot of wear out of them. I hope they are flattering because I plan to wear them!

And, this is my new cropped polo pullover. It is lined in a light fleecey material and I was so cozy but not too hot wearing this to school. I think this will work great going into spring. It comes in black and tan, too. I really want the black! This was about $28, though, so a bit pricey for ON.

This was just a nice material white top for spring and summer. It was only $10.

This is a linen blouse with some nice detail on the sleeves. It was also only $10.

I popped into our new J.Crew Factory and got these hoops. I had been wanting a more delicate hoop.

And, finally…I wore my Target Universal Thread high rise slim straight black jeans to school Friday and got to thinking how good they feel on and how I think the fit is just right for my current bod. Why hadn’t I thought to get the same pair in regular denim? So, I did just that. I got a light wash and a medium wash. Now, I will say that the black is a stiffer and thicker material than the blue denim. All three look like much more expensive jeans. I bought mine for $28 a pair.

If you haven’t tried a straight or a high rise, please try these. I am 5’4 and the length is perfect for any type of shoe I would wear with them.

I actually am not mad at all about my purchases. I was thoughtful and intentional. Everything will work into spring.

I am not including my Vaugu purchases because they haven’t come in yet and they all might be a heck no. I will include those in February since they are taking so long to get here. I noticed on the website it said allow 35 days to arrive. I probably wouldn’t have ordered if I had read that sooner!

How do you think I did this month? Remember that I had $100 to spend from Christmas money, too. This wasn’t about the money, really, but it was about contentment and using what I already have.


31 thoughts on “January Purchases

  1. I think you picked some really nice staple pieces! I’m debating about heading to check out that chambray top for myself…


  2. You bought great pieces that will essentially go with any bottoms – I call that a win! With so many good sales, it’s a great time to get those pieces you know you’ll wear even next year too! I say you did a great job!


  3. I think you did great! I love all your ON tops. I ordered a tunic zip pullover from Shop Style your senses and they sent me gold hoops as a thank you. Hadley has already jacked them from me 😂 I looked on target app and can’t find those jeans…😢


  4. I love everything you bought! I’m doing a low spend Jan and I’ve been very good. Haven’t bought any clothes. I did cave and buy a new pair of running shoes because DSW had a 30% off sale. I could not pass that up and sale ends in Jan. Think I might continue my low spend into Feb.


  5. I still don’t think ON has the quality I want right now. Target has better quality, I’ve found, over the years. The only thing that has ever really held up from ON for me is shorts.
    I also told myself I wasn’t going to buy a bunch in January but the IG ads get me. I ordered baby headbands at like 10pm last night???


    1. I think it varies wildly on the materials and the items. Some ON seems really good and some Target seems really good. I feel like the Target “brands” vary, too. Universal Thread seems to be the most durable and highest quality in my opinion.
      Those IG ads are powerful!
      Because she is so cute and she NEEDS more headbands!


  6. You had some great finds this month. Thanks for posting the jeans. They look like something I would enjoy, and I sent the link to Grace too. Stay Warm!


    1. Thank you! I don’t know why I thought it was time for Prime Purchases! I am crazy! Please do try the jeans and let me know what you think. I think Grace might like them, too. They come in regular and short. I have been so impressed by Universal Thread.


  7. I love the sleeves on those shirts! I made a few purchases this month, but was really trying to refrain from impulse buys. I need to keep this going for February to really watch my spending when I already have so much stuff!


    1. Thank you! I feel the same – I have so much and I am trying to be thoughtful. I am making an appointment to sell some stuff to my consignment. Last year I made about $300 selling things that were too big.


  8. Hilarious that we both have BOTH those Old Navy tops- great minds!

    Where are your cute gold clogs from?

    As always you have great style- thx for sharing!


    1. I thought that was so funny! My gold clogs are old from Etsy, I think. Or, they may be from a Swedish company, but I didn’t pay more than like $50 for them. I have worn them a lot. I think they are pretty comfortable. Thank you!


  9. I love all of your purchases, but my favorite by far is that off white linen blouse in the first picture. I love that whole outfit- shirt, pants, shoes! You look so great in that, but all of them look really good on you. I would be happy with my purchases as well, if I were you. I love both pairs of earrings too and the blouses will be great for spring and summer. I bought some things this month as well! I bought a cardigan, a sweater and a t-shirt to wear under a third piece. I’m very pleased with all of my purchases as well! The cardigan was the most pricey- it was $35 (but a deal from J. Jill), then under $14 for a lightweight blue sweater with mock turtle neck, and $10 for the t-shirt. I also bought two new pairs of shoes for work, totaling $70 for them both. All in all, I don’t think I did too bad.


    1. Aww, thank you. It looks better now that I shrunk it, too! Lol! Even though I went way overboard, I think I shopped smartly.

      Will you show us your purchases? You have to have the right shoes. So, that is a non-negotiable.


  10. I agree with the slim straight style. Much more comfortable and flattering than skinny. Only I got the mid-rise from ON. I just can’t with the high rise.

    I should try the spending diary. Not so much for me, but for my husband. Who thinks nothing of spending $10-$20 a day on coffee/energy drinks/food while he’s working. On top of whatever else floats his boat. Argh…


    1. Yes! I totally agree. I think that ON has a long crotch or something. The two pairs I bought back in the fall are annoying because of this. I have pretty much abandoned them for Target Universal Thread.

      Oh gosh – if you are not the problem this might just make you more annoyed to see it on paper. But, if he saw it on paper, maybe he would pack more at home to have on hand?


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