Monday, January 16, 2023

Linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday, but…

I’m off today as we observe MLK, Jr. Day. I will give you a quote that hopefully you won’t see elsewhere:

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

I like that and we don’t do enough character education (if any) after middle school.

Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement about my new TikTok career – ha!

I had a thought regarding it. Things that you try in life do not have to be forever. You can try something and decide you did it and move on. I guess this is not that profound, but it’s helping me to have a mindset of “this is what I am doing/trying/what is working now”. Do you have anything like that in your life currently?

Let’s go back to Friday and my 20 minute lunch! Erica was on deck for our lunch and she made a spicy whole wheat pasta with chicken, tomatoes, basil and some other stuff and it was good!

After school, we met up with Elizabeth who is starting a new job/career on Tuesday and we wanted to celebrate her.


If you are local, Spring Street Bar and Grill has reopened and the co-owner is an alum of my school. We talked about having a teacher happy hour there in a few weeks and he was excited and said he would create a signature cocktail! You know how I love to plug locally owned places. I also talk to pretty much everyone so this is how I found out.

We ordered some hot pepper cheese balls with horseradish (highly recommend) and some…

fries with a really good nacho cheese that was more like a queso that I didn’t get in the photo.

This is not a bougie place at all. The drinks were amazing and well priced. They are said to have one of the best old-fashioneds in town and it was hopping at 3:00! Love that!

My kids had a long weekend and texted that they were coming home. They wanted mediterranean from our favorite Shiraz and we never did get it over the Winter Break. I picked it up on the way home and discovered that within the location I go to there is a little Cuban bakery, also. How cool is that?

After dinner, Tom and I went to my school’s talent show. I had two students singing that I wanted to see.

And, it snowed a bit Friday night! Ernie loved it!

Saturday morning I had a nice time with a very un-crowded Trader Joe’s.

Do not buy these if you don’t want to be tempted. So good!

Finally – the J.Crew Factory opened next to Trader Joe’s. I came home with a few little things that were deeply discounted – earrings, a hat, and some socks.

When I got home I roasted some radishes. That’s normal, right? Oh – my oven died on Thursday so I used my air fryer. I’m so glad I have it as a back up.

Then, I roasted some honey balsamic carrots.

I cleaned, did laundry, did the sheets. took down the two pencil trees (sad), put up the Valentine’s decor, vacuumed, and more.

Then, I went out to TJ Maxx(for coffee syrup) and Liquor Barn (for Tom’s beer cheese). I left all other temptations in the stores, but TJ Maxx has tons of V Day decor. I was proud of myself for being content with what I had.

I came home with 4 new syrups (3 were in a pack).

While I was out, I got an offer for Tom and I to go meet our friends at a Mexican place. He didn’t feel up to it and had started some big projects late afternoon, but I still went. I wore my tequila earrings!

I got some grilled chicken with some cheese on top and some rice.

I was only out for a little over an hour.

Sunday morning felt like another Saturday!

I made myself a little breakfast after enjoying my new coffee syrup.

Then, my kids were home for a long holiday weekend and Mason and I went to a different coffee shop. Another shop, another Plato book. Should I be worried?

We spent a nice hour there while I looked at my agenda book and meal planned. I think coffee shops in the winter are absolutely divine.

When we got home, I did some low key ingredient prep, but didn’t feel the pressure to go hard with having another day off.

It felt so good to have my house in order with my V Day decor up, you know?

Then I read outside in the sun for much of the afternoon. I made Greek bowls for dinner and did a home gel mani. I watched New Girl while I did it – so good!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


22 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. What a great weekend! All of your food out looked really good. It’s always shocking to see Trader Joe’s empty- especially on a Saturday! I love the sweater you wore Saturday night. Hot pink looks great on you! I am looking forward to wearing some pink this week, since I wanted to last week and changed my mind because the weather was too warm. I’ve been so much better at wearing ALL of my clothes since I cleaned out the closet. Thanks again for the inspiration to do that! I’m trying to reach for new things that rarely get worn, like the hot pink top I plan on wearing today. It’s a long sleeve top that’s thicker than the thin tops I usually wear, so I couldn’t wear it last week when the temps rose to the 70’s.

    I think the highlight of my weekend was Saturday- I spent quality time with my hubby that morning, I saw my mom and sister, then I went out with a friend for sushi that night. We hadn’t spent time together in ages, so it was great to catch up. Enjoy your day off!


    1. I didn’t get there until about 9:30, either. I wonder if I missed the initial rush or maybe because it was so cold out.
      Thank you – I really like this sweater, but I badly need a sweater shaver for this one and others. You are killing it with your outfits! It makes such a big difference when you can see it all and rotate. I would love to see your hot pink shirt! You should do Fashion Files.
      Aww, that is a great Saturday. You had lots of time with your people!


    1. It was late, too! I think maybe I missed the initial rush and just timed it perfectly? Ah, thanks. The talent show was weird in parts, but I enjoyed my students!


  2. Our Trader Joe’s is fairly new, and I love when it is not very busy. Oh, that popcorn is so good! You look so pretty in hot pink! You rock!


    1. I bet it’s nice! I really need space to look at the new products and read labels and stuff. I hate when I can’t do that! The popcorn was eaten all by me. I couldn’t stop. At least the bag was small!


  3. I love TJ Maxx for home items, especially their holiday selection for the home. My favorite go-to item there is candles. Good for you for sticking to your list though! Enjoy the day off school!


  4. What a fabulous weekend. Isn’t it the best when Sunday feels like Saturday? As always, your meals look delish. Coffee shop time sounds amazing especially in the winter. Enjoy your day off 🙂
    *you didn’t show up in my WP feed, so posting on your site. ~Jen


      1. The post shows up now 🙂 if I could have a permanent day off, it would be Monday. A long time ago, my brother always had Wednesdays off, and I could see the benefit of that for sure.


      2. I think I would have either Friday or Wednesday. Just like you don’t hate January, I don’t hate Mondays. I am actually excited to start a new week at school and I have nothing after school on Mondays so I know I can just come home. I’m weird, right?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I like Mondays too. At this point in my life, our weekends are so hectic, I just wish I had one more day to get things done. I love the start of a new week. My favorite day of the week is Thursday. Great day to still be productive but almost the weekend


  5. I had an “AMY” weekend – we had planes each day – and I even made plans to meet a friend for lunch today!!! So it was a good one for sure. Usually we don’t have much on the agenda but this weekend was all about fun which I am trying to make sure I schedule.
    I am not buying any V-day decor either, I have no place to store stuff and actually I’m not even sure I’m taking my old stuff out!
    Today is a day off for me as well and I love it, all weekends should be three days. I honestly feel everyone’s mental health would greatly improve!


    1. It’s so funny to me that people think I have full weekends, but yay! I love that you made plans. If you don’t make them, they won’t happen. I feel like I didn’t plan enough for my long weekend.
      I know – I am fine with very minimal and then I will decorate for St. Patrick’s Day immediately after. Low key – no pressure – just fun little decor in one room – the living room.
      I agree, Kellyann! Let’s make this a weekly thing!


  6. Ah, I love your weekend! Three days, how nice!
    Yes, I’m totally with you on trying things for a while, it doesn’t have to be forever. Both my husband and I have made drastic career changes during our lifetime, and I try to teach that to my kids (both my own and the ones in school :-D); you can always make changes!
    So highlight of my weekend was enjoying city life, cabin is too cold and dark for me right now…


  7. Looks like a fun and productive weekend! I am at a super great point in my house and purging. I have 2 big spots left- the other half of our garage…..and my “she shed” tuff shed in the backyard. But it is a big project and I am waiting until it’s a tad warmer and Tony will send over 2 employees to help take everything out and then take my cast offs to the donation center. So probably March. I have so many empty cupboards and I love it. The rain has been coming down here in Calif and thankfully we are NOT in a flood zone. We needed it SO BAD but maybe God could’ve timed it a tad further apart. HA Beggars cant be choosers. Also do you think you could get the pasta recipe from your co worker? I would love that! Have a great week,,,,we are off to Punta Mita in Mexico tomorrow for a week long golf vacation with our country club and some clubs in Fresno. Cant wait!


    1. It was relaxing and felt very long! That’s awesome. I really need to get motivated to purge and donate. I love having space and not having to cram stuff in. I have been hearing about your rain and it’s crazy! I hope you have a wonderful time.


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