Thursday, December 22, 2022

I don’t think Kellyann and Jill are doing the regular link up today, but I am going on with the show.

One day last week, this is what I wore to school. This blouse is short-sleeved and I love this option for not getting too hot. I had to take off the cardigan for most of the day in my over-heated classroom. The blouse is many years old from Old Navy and I seriously love it and I love black watch plaid so much. I paired it with Matilda Jane pants (did you hear they went out of business?), Tieks, and a Land’s End cardigan. I can honestly say that my Matilda Jane pants are some of the best pants I have ever had. The quality is amazing and they make the perfect “teacher pants”. They look presentable but feel like lounge wear.

I have told this story before, but I found 3 brand new pairs of Tieks for $30 each at my consignment store. If you are a flats person, I think they are probably the best out there – along with Hush Puppies. The only complaint is that your big toe shows. Rothy’s are great, but my feet weirdly sweat in them. I had a pair and wore them almost every day for two months. I washed them and they shrank. I probably should have only washed the insert. I sold them to my consignment store because they were just slightly too small and I wasn’t wearing them. I love the look of them, but for the price and the foot sweat factor….I just don’t know. Anyone else?

For Friday’s outfit, I wore jeans, gold Tieks, a Target green sweater, and a black knit top underneath. Meh – I don’t really like this outfit.

Friday night, I wore my suede dressy booties, my Spanx faux leather leggings, a new sweater from my last trip to TJ Maxx. It has a scalloped neckline and sheer sleeves. It is tunic length. The Spanx leggings are absolutely worth it. I have had mine for maybe 5 years. They do something magical to your legs. They feel amazing. I loved the sweater, too, and you can never have enough black in my opinion!

My friend’s multi-colored sequin blazer is amazing! I kept waiting for her to perform in it!

A closer look at the outfit elements:

Saturday night I wore my dressy suede booties again with my brown faux leather pants, and a simple black sweater tucked in. This was for Jack’s guitar concert. The pants feel like absolute butter and have a warm lining. Sometimes you don’t know how much you love a piece until you wear it multiple times. That’s why I rely on my fashion bloggers that I trust!

Sunday I stopped at Clothes Mentor and came home with four items that were new with tags still on them! I spent $60.

I brought this home to wear under my fur vests that I have in cream and black:

This looked Christmasey and I thought it would work with black pants or jeans:

The above two pieces looked like they came from TJ Maxx because of the brands.

I am so drawn to hot pink! This was Target A New Day brand.

I had a hot pink spring cardigan from The Gap years ago and I wore it until it had to be let go because it was worn looking and stretched out. This was J.Crew Factory.

It is really on my heart to try to do 23 in 2023 with my clothing. But, then I look at the four things I bought in one fell swoop and have no regrets! I think I scored! What do you think?


16 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. You did score! You find some great things! I haven’t been to our consignment store in ages, but you are inspiring me to! And now I think I need some Spanx leggings!


    1. Thank you! You really have to check frequently and not have any expectations. The Spanx are worth it if you are a leggings person. You will want to wear them everyday.


  2. Maybe you could do 23 different ways to wear a certain thing over the year? Or find 23 looks to copy/ style with things you already have?
    Good to know about the Rothy’s. I’ve been tempted but never bought them because I wasn’t sure about size and washing.


    1. What great ideas! I love this! Do read other reviews. The deal breaker for me is the foot sweat. I never sweat in other shoes so it’s not a ME problem in my opinion. I didn’t wear any no show socks, so that could be the solution.


  3. My favorite regular outfit from your week was the one with blue and green plaid shirt. I am like you- I love plaid! But that outfit for your girls night out? You look amazing! I’m going to look at some of those leggings now. Is there anything about them that I need to know? Do they run small or short/long? I’m always smaller in pants sizes than I am shirt sizes and my weight is in my tummy area. Black on black clothing will ALWAYS be my favorite. I think it lengthens, slenderizes and looks so elegant and chic! I wore a very similar outfit recently, but my pants were regular black. I love these posts…and I love those tops you scored. You got a deal on them!


    1. For the leggings, size up. Also they do come in short by I have normal length and they are fine for me at 5’4. You can tuck under if needed. Before I lost weight the waist band rolled on me and now it doesn’t. So I would say size up so that doesn’t happen. They are pricey but very good quality. I think other brands can look cheap. These are surprisingly warm but not too hot for pre-menopausal women.


    2. And, thank you! I have gained some weight back but felt really good in this outfit! I love the plaid top and wore that to church on Christmas Eve one year. It can be dressed up nicely.


  4. Green is your color! I love that plaid shirt with MJ pants. I hadn’t heard they’d gone out of business. I love the new green shirt you picked up and your friend’s sequins jacket is so pretty and fun!


  5. Think you looked cute in the outfit with the jeans and green sweater, that color really suits you! And yes to the Spanx faux leather leggings, they’re the best! I bought my sister a pair for Christmas, we’ll be twinning soon. 🙂 Your blog is one of my favorites, you’re so real and funny. Happy holidays!


    1. Thank you Suki! I think it’s because I have gained back some weight and don’t feel that great. The leggings are worth it! You are too kind to say that. I love your name and I have probably told you that! Happy New Year!


  6. You are a shopping queen! I love your new items! I would like something new for Christmas Eve, just a simple red blouse or something…
    This is my first day of Christmas break! I’m almost delirious…! It’s like running into a wall with Christmas Eve tomorrow…!

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