Thursday, October 20. 2022

I have talked about this for years and I still do it. I absolutely think it helps me to be more content with what is in my closet! I think the key is to not take it too literally. Find something in the same color or color family. Find something you have that can can work. Do not try to be exact!

Here is what I do:

I do a very specific search on Pinterest or Google images or both for a piece in my closet that I want to wear. I type in “black button down shirt outfit”:

I screenshot the inspo that I like the best…

I like how she has light jeans and a brown belt. I probably wouldn’t have thought of that on my own.

I like her darker distressed jeans and the pop of red. I don’t have a red handbag but I have red clogs. See what I mean about not being too literal?

I really like the look of black on light jeans so here’s another inspo of that look…

Here’s another example. I just knew I wanted to wear a sweater with jeans but wasn’t feeling inspired…

I screenshot some front tucked sweater looks because I think showing some waist is more flattering…

And, I got a new fanny pack that works way better for me than my Lululemon bag, so I went to get some inspo for that! The pack looks kinda cheap in the Amazon photo, but it looks way better in person. I am going to use it as my wallet and throw it into my bigger tote for school, but it is plenty roomy for anything else I need to do.

I keep these screenshots on my phone until I try the outfit and see if it works for me.

Errand running outfit:

Do you think this method would help you to shop your closet?


22 thoughts on “How to be Happy(ier) with your Closet

  1. Great tips! I know I have some outfits saved on Pinterest but I rarely look at them. I guess I use Pinterest more for recipes and house stuff…but I should definitely do your method!


    1. Same – I find that if I just screenshot them I will look at them more because I have so much in my photos. I’ve moved away from Pinterest for recipes but I still look for home inspo.


  2. I tend to head to Pinterest for outfit idea too and either search for specific items or even just do a broad “fall styles 2022” type of thing and see what I can cull together from what I already own.


    1. Thank you! Sometimes it’s just a color – for example I kept seeing black with light jeans and I would not have thought to do that. I would have leaned toward dark jeans. I really like this contrast. I screenshot all the time and if I were more organized I would move them all to a special album on my phone!


  3. Once again, I will say that I love Pinterest. I use it for outfit inspiration a lot….I’ve never done a specific search for a certain outfit, though. That’s a great idea! You found a fanny pack that works for you! I’m glad. I want to love them, but I definitely don’t love them on me. I think I’m too short waisted to pull it off. I always feel inspired after reading your blogs! I hope you have a great day, friend…it’s almost Friday!


    1. It’s so great! Do a really specific search and see what happens… like “red sweater jeans outfit”. Even if this fanny looks dumb, I am enjoying it. It is so great for running errands and then I tuck it into a bigger tote for school and it serves as my wallet.
      Welcome home today I think it is!


  4. I love your horse sweater and that fanny pack! I love fanny packs. I have several and my girls make fun of me but I dont care. Where did you get that fanny pack that you are wearing ? Its so cute! I take screen shots of outfit inspo from Pinterest too. Best way to go about trying something new! well old items I have and making them new!


  5. This is a great idea! I follow some IG accounts centered around capsule wardrobes by people whose style is relatively close to mine. I’ve gotten some great ideas, like wearing denim on top and denim on the bottom, wearing a white long-sleeved t-shirt with wide-legged jeans and then putting a cardigan over my shoulders. I am going to wear a button-up untucked; usually I tuck in my shirts. I usually just screen shot the outfits. I need to lose about 8 lbs because my jeans are getting tight, and I can’t even wear my black jeans. I don’t want to buy new jeans.


    1. Thank you! I could never be a truly capsule person, but the idea intrigues me. It really does give you little ideas that can make a big difference! I know – I would be happier if I could lose those pounds I gained over the summer. I’m trucking along and trying to be consistent. You’ve got this!


  6. I just actually started using Pinterest to get fashion inspiration a few days ago. It’s time for me to purge my closet and put together some new outfits from what I have already so I can see what I absolutely need. I always enjoy seeing your outfits!


    1. It’s great, right? Yes to purging! I keep a donation bag in my closet and when something looks too worn, doesn’t look right on me, or is no longer my style – in it goes! Thank you so much – I am really trying to be content and shop my closet.


  7. Thanks for sharing this. We are trying to stick to a budget (thanks to the economy) and this will be useful when I am staring at the clothes in my closet. I tried to decided the night before.


    1. Same! I get so tempted by a new season, but I have plenty to wear. I try to lay out possible outfits for the week on Sunday – things I haven’t worn and need to wear. I don’t know what it is but less is more for me. When I have a smaller selection but love everything it is easier to get dressed. I keep a donation bag when something doesn’t look good, too.


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