Wednesday, July 27, 2022

It’s the last Wednesday of the month and that means What’s Up Wednesday with Sheaffer and Shay!

I feel like this post may be redundant or repetitive but here we go… you’ve been warned! Ha!

What we’re eating…

I am really enjoying putting together teriyaki, stir fry, or whatever you want to call them bowls. This time I added sugar snap peas along with broccoli, shredded carrots, my favorite already cooked chicken from Costco, mushrooms, and I used up the rest of the Thai sauce I had from Trader Joe’s.

I put it on cauliflower rice for me and regular rice for the fam.

These flavors have just really spoken to me this summer!

What I’m loving…

I had the best coffee the other morning. We have a Mexican breakfast place called Con Huevos (With Eggs) and they have a coffee with milk. They bring you about a third of a class of coffee and then fill it with steamed milk while you watch. I can’t even tell you how good this is and it really reminded me of the coffee in Spain – so strong you have to cut it in half with milk.

I’m loving the free time to go get breakfast out, to read, to not be hurried, to have daylight until late, etc. I am really trying to embrace the stuff that makes summer summer. I know that technically we have summer until September, but as soon as school starts in my world, summer is OVER.

What I’m wearing…

I am wearing workout clothes, pajamas, swimsuits and coverups the most. I’m kinda ready to get “dressed” for school.

I ordered another pair of bike shorts from J.Crew Factory on Kristin’s recommendation and they are really good. They are like my favorite pocket leggings but cut off. They were on sale for less than $10!

I had a sad thing happen. My fedora flew off my head on the boat. Yes, I was dumb and didn’t take it off before my capitan increased the speed. I ordered a replacement in a little bit darker shade. By gosh, I’m trying to be a hat person. I don’t think they look great on me, but I will not give up.

I cannot stop buying and wearing my fun straps! Look at my new little baby for like $8!

Reminiscing about…

I guess a time when we didn’t have to talk about Covid and masks. My school district re-instated a mask mandate for busses and buildings as of this past Monday. I am hoping and praying that it will be a choice by August 10 when we officially go back.

What we’ve been up to…

My kids are still working hard at their summer jobs. They are winding down and only have a couple of weeks left. That will give them about two weeks before they head back to campus. I know they are looking forward to some downtime to just hang out. I think this is really important before the hustle and bustle of fall semester.

I always say YES when they ask to watch a show with me, go somewhere with me, ask me to make them something.

I am still loving taking one of these before bed. I think I should take it a little bit earlier.

Tom and I have been sharing our bathroom very peacefully. If you are new here, we never had to share a bathroom in 22 years of marriage. We will see how it goes when I am getting ready earlier in a couple of weeks!

I went to my 32nd high school reunion!

I am waiting on my Target orders. Seriously, they are the slowest. And, they lie. They change your dates all the time.

What I’m dreading…

The same thing I said last month – the professional developments and the training videos I have to watch before school starts!

What I’m listening to…

the sounds of rain finally. We have had such a dry summer. I love being on my covered patio when it’s lightly raining. I am doing this post there right now! Ooops, now I hear thunder and that means it’s time to go inside!

What I’m reading…

Lessons in Chemistry. I have been so slow, but it’s really a cute book. I am starting to pick up the pace.

What I’m watching…

Virgin River Season 4

Bravo Southern Charm

Bravo Below Deck Mediterranean with Captain Sandy

Bravo Real Housewives of Dubai

Always New Girl, Gilmore Girls when I just want to turn something on that makes me happy

I have watched a few movies, too – Mean Girls, Pretty Woman, and the original Top Gun.

What I’m doing this weekend…

Hopefully I will get to boat because we didn’t go out last weekend.

What I’m looking forward to next month…

I am actually excited to see my students! I miss them during the summer!

Also, I am having a little get together at a Mexican restaurant for my seniors from last year before they leave for college.

I am really excited for September and plan to do all things apple!

And, I also plan to find some Oktoberfests to go to!

What else is new…

Nothing else that I can think of at the moment…

So, what’s up with you if you are still here?


20 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Of course I’m still here! ;-D Still here in the cabin, chilling… The girls are on Mallorca, I miss them a bit…
    Coffee always makes me happy! That Spanish coffee sounds great, I wonder if they make it on regular espresso? Mil’s neighbor in Florida is from Turkey, and he makes the most fantastic coffee! Strong (!), served in a small glass, some sugar…
    Just like you I’m dreading the end of summer… Over here it ends in the end of August you know… I have a half day of professional development on Thursday two weeks from now, and then I start the following Monday…. What happens with time!? It’s crazy!


    1. Wonderful and wonderful that they get along so well and are traveling together. I think they do use regular espresso and it’s about 1/3 coffee and 2/3 milk. So good! Oh, yes, remember the Turkish iced coffee trend from a couple of years ago? So good! Dalgona coffee?
      Time has just flown this summer. Is it that it’s summer or that we are getting older and time is flying by?


  2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the masks become a choice for your school district and not a mandate.
    It’s so sweet of you to host a get together for your seniors before they head off to college – I bet that will be a favorite for them!
    I bought a new fedora and love it but wish I had gotten a darker color. You are wearing those purse straps so well with all your bags – super fun!!


    1. Me too! But, even then, I feel that many teens are hiding behind them and for a language I really need to see their mouth move. And, they need to see mine. I am really big on pronounciation.
      I hope some seniors do show up!
      I like this slightly darker color. I wore it yesterday and liked it. Thank you! I love my new strap!


  3. I’m trying to be a hat person too even though I don’t think they look good on me either (and I’ve tried a few different styles too!); I like to keep my face out of the sun when I can and hats seem like the best way to do that. Your teriyaki bowls sound delicious; I could seriously eat teriyaki chicken or salmon every night and probably not get sick of it.


    1. I think we can all be hat people – we just have to wear them so people get used to seeing them on us! Yes, you have nice skin, too. I wish I had been better about it.
      Teriyaki is so easy – just find a bottle of sauce you like and you can do basically whatever!


  4. You look GREAT in hats, so I disagree with you that you’re not a hat person. 😉 I love that you’re having a get together with the seniors from last school year before they go to college…and that you miss your students. That really says a lot about you as a teacher/mentor. I had a couple of teachers like that in high school and I still think of them so fondly, so on the days when you’re frustrated, remember the impact you’re making on their lives! They will never forget you as their teacher and friend.


  5. Oh no! About your hat. My favorite Patagonia cap flew off my head at the lake this weekend…thankfully we were able to retrieve it. I love that hat on you! The straps are so cute and a fun way to change thinks up! I love your bathroom! I’m so excited that southern charm is on. We are back home now, so I need to get caught up!


    1. It’s ok. I think I like my slightly darker new one better? Oh, sad. Yes, I am usually able to retrieve my hats, but my captain took off like a bat out of HE double hockey sticks. I love my straps. Straps forever! Southern Charm is so entertaining.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Made it to the end!!! I love these “round up” posts. Still writing mine, though — I much prefer reading than writing — ha! Sounds like it’s been a good summer month. I think, for anyone with kids, summer is over when they go back to school but absolutely it’s “over” for teachers!
    My son has REALLY been into the stir frys lately — I can’t keep enough raw vegetables (or rice!) in the house for him!! I’m going to miss him going back to school because he does such a good job putting it all together 🙂
    I hope, hope, hope all this masking mandate goes away for you before August 10. What a nightmare!!


    1. Ha! It was a long one. I do, too! Writing these takes a long time, but they are also fun. It’s been good but fast. Stir frys are so great and I’m kinda just now discovering them. They are great for a young adult to learn!
      Thank you – me too!


  7. I feel the same way about hats, but that hat looks super cute on you! That teriyaki stir fry looks delicious and right up my alley. I’ll have to try to recreate that at home! We’re going to my boyfriend’s 10 year high school reunion next month, and I’m excited to meet all his high school friends! We haven’t seen them in the last few years since we moved & Covid. Hope the mask mandate is lifted for you guys soon!


  8. It looks like you’ve had such a nice summer so far! You will be rested and ready to go back to school come September. And your bathroom is STUNNING!


    1. Thank you! Come September? I basically start August 1! It’s the hottest time of the year and putting on dressier clothes during August is not fun! Lol! Thank you so much – I am loving my new bathroom and don’t take it for granted.


  9. I was just saying to a friend who was complaining about her Target deliveries always being late: mine are always early! For real, they arrive a day or two ahead of time almost every time and even if I get an email saying they may be late, they still show up on time lol.


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