Thursday, July 7, 2022

The name of my blog is “Coffee and Cocktails at the Casa” so I gotta earn my keep! I wanted to do a more comprehensive post about enjoying cocktails – but with a more calorie conscious frame of mind.

Now, click away if talking about alcohol is a trigger for you. I actually have several people in my life who abstain and I totally respect that. Some of these can be made into “mocktails”. I am not sure I love that term, but there it is.

I indulge in a cocktail more in the warm weather but honestly, my favorite drink is water! Then, coffee! And, I am weird in that I prefer a cocktail before my food or without any food. Is anyone else like that?

Maybe it’s a sign of getting old, but I can’t believe the cocktail prices! If it’s a good one or something special, I don’t mind to pay $12. The cocktails at the Omni rooftop pool were so bad at $12-$14 a pop!

My famous skinny margarita is seriously better than most restaurant ones I have had. You tired of hearing about it yet?

But, this restaurant skinny was pretty good, too. The problem is is that you just don’t know how “skinny” it is! Also, if it’s the size of your head, is it really “skinny” anymore?

My margarita:

one shot of tequila mixed with half of a Crystal Light lemonade powder stick (individual size), fresh lime juice to taste, ice, and then filled to the top with Fresca. Don’t skimp on the Fresca. Lemon lime soda isn’t as good. Trust me on this!

Here is the “Transfusion” cocktail:

Go here for full details!

This is my “Old Fashioned” given to me by my friend Victoria.

One shot of bourbon (you might like this even if you don’t think you are a bourbon drinker), a half shot of lemon juice, a full shot of the Modica cocktail mix (I found mine at Total Wine) and this is only 30 calories so no worries, mix all together and then add ice and fill to top with Diet Ginger Ale. Even if you aren’t counting calories, the diet version keeps it from being too sweet.

I am new to rum but I really like this brand called Saltwater Woody.

Then, I keep bourbon (this is Trader Joe’s), Tito’s vodka, and a light tequila (also Trader Joe’s) on hand.

If you are on WW, most of your hard liquors are going to be 3 points per shot.

The key is keeping your mixers at zero calories/points.

I start most of my cocktails with some Crystal Light powder. I then add the shot and mix well. Fresh lime or lemon juice is really great, but I just keep the bottles of juice on hand. Then, I always like a sparkling element. My favorite sparkling elements are Fresca, Diet Canada Dry, the Sparkling ICE beverage (not pictured but easy to find in grocery stores), and I am new to adding seltzers. The one pictured is Trader Joe’s pineapple and I really like it alone or with cocktails.

I just get such a kick out of being able to make a really good cocktail that is lower in calories and in cost than what I would get at a restaurant. Do you?

I do enjoy a hard seltzer and they are easier to take to the pool or on the boat. My favorite are Vizzy Mimosa, High Noon, and Truly lemonade and poolside. Jen says the margarita Trulys are really good so I am going to try those.

Examples of the Truly poolside flavors:

I just started adding electrolyte powder to a couple of my waters and it got me thinking that these would make great mixers. I did check with the dietician I follow on IG and she said they would be great, too.

I found this at Whole Foods and also picked up some individual sticks to try different flavors.

And, now I will leave you with a new cocktail recipe.

1 shot of rum mixed with half of a Crystal Light lemonade stick, a splash of lemon juice, and fill to the top with ice and a pineapple sparkling water. Yum! Sorry I don’t have a photo.

So, do you indulge in a cocktail or two? What is your drink of choice? You have any cocktail inspo for me?



20 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday – Lower Calorie Cocktails

  1. I and husband drink a spritzer almost every day before dinner… It’s such a nice way to wind down! Can’t be too bad for you I think… I bought ingredients for Aperol Spritz the other day, I like it a lot! It has a beautiful color and it’s very nice to serve in a pitcher, like a sangria with slices of orange! And you need those giant ice cubes, they are a must! 😀


    1. What do you put in a spritzer? Wine and sparkling water? The aperol spritz is so harsh to me. I don’t love the flavor of Aperol. It is beautiful, though!


      1. Sprite and white wine! 😀 I might agree on the taste of aperol, but gosh how nice it looks in a glass pitcher on a sunny day!


  2. You make the best cocktails! I love making my own cocktails and using lower calorie swaps too. I always mix Sparkling Ice drinks with my vodka but my favorite cocktail is your fall sangria – I call it fall in a cup. I swap Sparkling Ice in apple flavor for the apple cider. Sometimes that flavor is hard to find but I love it!


    1. Thank you! I really enjoy it. I have not bought the Sparkling ICE for awhile and I need to change that. They are really so good. I sometimes use the apple in the sangria, too, for extra fizz. Sometimes I do some real cider and this.


  3. Saving this post! So many yummy ideas. I’ve been enjoying skinny margaritas this week, and they aren’t the size of my head 😂. I love a truly, but none in Mexico 😂


    1. How do you save posts? Do you just screenshot it or bookmark? Just a little tech question for ya. Your marg looked so good. I like the little glass you had, too! Nah, no Trulys in Mexico. When in Rome, you know?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I mostly have glass of wine, rosé in the hot months and a cabernet in the cool. In the summer if I want a cocktail I have either a gin and diet tonic or Deep Eddy grapefruit with diet tonic, both with plenty of lime. I recently tried a new( to me) ICE that was ginger and lime and think there are a few good possibilities there!


    1. Wine sometimes gives me a headache and I need to put my finger on which wines do that for me. Any ideas? I feel great with the hard seltzers and the hard liquor, though. I am not much of a beer drinker, but that doesn’t bother me either. I do have Deep Eddy grapefruit right now, but grapefruit doesn’t always taste good to me. I forgot about that ICE! I have made a mule with it!


      1. I think that lots of people can’t drink the red wines because of the tannins in them, especially bold ones such as cabernet. You might do okay with a white or rosé, but it sounds like a cocktail works fine for you and it’s good that you’ve figured a way to get the calories way down.
        In Friday’s post, the old lady in Florida lipstick is a great color on you!


  5. This is a perfect summertime post! Yum! I keep forgetting about Fresca and it is so yummy! The Truly punch pack is still my favorite from a few summers ago, but the poolside pack is yummy, too. I need to save this post to come back for yummy drinks! We drink Titos pretty regularly as our vodka of choice but I’ve never heard of that rum. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing your creations!


    1. Thank you! Fresca is hard to find these days! Oh, I forgot about the Punch! I need to get that, too! I really like Tito’s. I am wondering if Saltwater Woody is from my area? It’s pretty new, though.


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