Monday, June 20, 2022

Ok, June, you need to slow down! Eek! Who is ready to see lots of food photos? I debated including all of these, but sometimes I think it gives readers ideas and sometimes I think it’s good to show you reality. It’s all about balance!

I am linking up with Sarah and Holly, so here we go…

Friday I was supposed to go to the pool with Erica and Elizabeth, but the weather was dicey so we did lunch instead at Hillcrest Tavern. I had a grapefruit shandy. I was first introduced to this in Germany and it’s so good!

I had a really good salad with grilled chicken and…

we shared some parmesan truffle fries! Yum!

I had a nice stack of books to pick up at the library after that.

Jack got home from work and then Mason left for work and I asked Tom if he wanted to hit the gym on a Friday night with me. We had both been lazy Friday morning!

Above photos for proof!

Oh, and I made chili Friday morning. It was rainy and dreary and Mason had asked me to after having subpar chili Monday night at the restaurant. I added the soy noodles to mine. I think I’m taking a break from these noodles – I think I will do whole wheat, spaghetti squash or zoodles if I am not splurging. These noodles just get really soggy.

And, I had a sandwich on a 3 point Walmart steak bun and some salt and vinegar chips.

Saturday morning was cool! We had high 90s all last week, but then this weekend was beautiful! It was the perfect June weekend – weather-wise.

My hydrangeas are blooming! I know that I probably should have cut back the stalks and the dead flowers last season but I was afraid.

I met Elizabeth and Victoria (both French teachers!) at Paristown Flea.

I bought this cool plant head.

And, I bought real fruit earrings that are covered in resin.


Blood oranges:

Yup, I am not delving into the realm of fruit earrings.

Then, we went to the Pride parade. It was so cool to see so many people out and happy to march for the first time in a few years. We all saw some people we knew, too. We caught some free stuff that was thrown out, too.

After the parade, we went to The Café and I copied off of Victoria because I hadn’t eaten there for a long time. We got tomato dill soup:

and a pimento cheese pizza on a pita. It was really unique and yummy!

We parted ways and I rested up for a bit and then…

Boat to dinner time! We had our friends Eric and Heather on the boat and we took about a 30 minute ride to a restaurant on the Indiana side called Summers.

They mostly have pizza so we shared a Hawaiian and…

a meaty pizza called The Captain.

The pizza was really good – all of us agreed!

We had a lovely ride back as the sun was starting to set. I put on my summer bucket list that I wanted to do more evening boat rides and this is why!

I was wiped out from all the sun and took a shower and watched a show with Jack.

Sunday morning Tom requested avocado toast and he wanted to spend the day doing yard work. He said the weather was so cool that it was the best day to do it. He did also go the the gym and take his best friend Ernie for a swim. Don’t think I forced him to work on his day!

We also made him cinnamon rolls:

I finished this:

Wow! I won’t say anything else, but I do recommend it. My favorite Sally Hepworth is still The Good Sister.

I started this next without realizing it is the same author as The Float Plan, which was my favorite summer read of last season. This is about the sister of the main character of The Float Plan. It made me so happy to realize that. And, I have a feeling this will be my favorite read of Summer 2022. Beach Read by Emily Henry was my favorite of two summers ago.

What makes this type of book the perfect summer read to me? They are well-written, but still rather light for summer, have characters that you enjoy and have some depth to them, and they are books you just don’t want to put down. They are kind of like the Top Gun Maverick of the women’s fiction world. They are just enjoyable!

I’m so happy to have my cake batter Premier Protein again, too. They took a sweet forever to get here – enough time for me to miss them. And, I looked on several store shelves to no avail!

I did laundry, cleaned a bathroom, cleaned my closet, went to The Fresh Market, but other than that I sat on the patio and read while I watched Tom do yard work – ha!

In the afternoon, I enjoyed a Truly. Then, I started cooking.

I made Sloppy Joes/Toms for Tom:

And, I made broccoli salad:

I also finally framed my two photos. They aren’t hung yet, but I think I love them!

I know this is a lot of sky, but I kinda like it like that.

This is our water company’s pumping station and water tower that houses an art museum. I think they are so pretty from the water and Tom’s sister had her wedding reception here!

Ok, I can’t be held responsible for the last piece (get it?) of information I am going to share. The Fresh Market has an even better chocolate cake than the one we had from Harry’s/Malone’s Monday night for Tom’s birthday. It is cut into slices and I just buy one at a time. I cut this into 3 or 4 portions depending on how many of my family want some.

If you have The Fresh Market, they may make this at yours. Again, I cannot be held responsible for anything that may happen if you try it.

How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one!


18 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Thanks for those book recs, I immediately bought The Suite Spot for my Kindle, because it was on sale for $5.99. I loved The Float Plan and just read it last week. It’s going to be one of my favorites for the summer as well! Those pictures are beautiful and look great hanging! I hope you have a great day!


  2. What a great weekend, you keep so busy in all the best ways. Just what summer is for! How wonderful it must be to jump on the boat and go to dinner. Most of my friends here who own boats have to haul them somewhere and it’s a pain. Your framed art looks so good – you did a great job! Speaking of great jobs, going to the gym on a Friday night – that is impressive!
    We finally saw Top Gun Maverick yesterday and loved it so much!


    1. Thank you! We need to do that more. I know – I also know people that can only use their boats a few times a year because of all the hassle. I’m not great at decor and artwork so I appreciate that! I was tired of telling myself if I didn’t go in the am I couldn’t go. I need to be more flexible! Top Gun was just so good!


    1. You’re welcome and I hope you like them! The gym is kinda bare bones but it’s really clean and nice and the most important is that it is less than a mile from my house! Thank you!


  3. What a great weekend. The earrings are so fun. The boat ride looks like perfection. I’m glad you enjoyed your Sally book! I got an Amazon gift card, so I bought the new Emily Giffin book – meant to be— but I’m saving it for vacation. I keep hoping it will be my turn for the new Elin book at the library before vacay. I try not to buy books if I can help it


    1. Thank you! I am so sorry you were quarantined! But, it was so hot until the weekend! Great idea to get that book. I am also on the wait list for the Elin! Same!


  4. Pizza and salad – I love it! It’s all about balance, right!? We’re into egg sandwiches for weekend breakfast. I bought the cutest mini frying pan and the eggs turn out perfect!
    Have you taken those pictures? You’re a real artist!
    Weekend was great, since Monday was my last day I had a lot of summer break feelings! We took a short boat ride, but it’s still a bit chilly, 68° isn’t enough for me…


    1. Yes, it is! I love an egg sandwich! I have seen those. Maybe I need one! You can also buy a little circular thing to put in your pan to make it have that shape.
      I did the photos with my phone! Aww – no!
      What are your summer break feelings? Were you sad to say goodbye or just so happy?


      1. Of course you should get a mini frying pan! For some reason it makes it more fun to do those egg sandwiches… 😀
        I love your question about my feelings for summer break, it’s good to reflect on things. We ended things with a nice lunch and I sat with my favorite colleagues, so that was nice. Maybe I had a slight mini mellow feeling…? As a teacher you are so aware of the fluctuations of the seasons, and just like a kid you long for the summer break – but it never ends, because you never graduate :-D. Quite strange actually…


      2. Ha! I will look for one. It really does, right?
        I think I understand your feelings. Also, I am starting to wonder about retiring. It’s bittersweet. I don’t want to get off the hamster wheel yet, but I think I will soon-ish. It really is the strangest job ever. I haven’t had any other, but I feel like this has to be the most strange!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. We had a great weekend! The weather was cloudy and cool but that made it perfect for a long hike and a date night out.


  6. What a good weekend! It’s in the mid-90s here with afternoon thunderstorms. I love that it makes me get everything done by early afternoon because I don’t want to get caught out in the rain! That cake looks great! We have a Fresh Market in town; I’ll have to see if they have it. Costco makes an excellent chocolate/chocolate birthday cake. My older son requested it for his birthday Sunday – he’ll be 24! I just finished Wait For It by Jenn McKinlay. It’s a good, light summer read. I think my fave this summer will be Iona Iverson’s Rules For Commuting. I loved it! June is 2/3 gone! Where has it gone!? I’d like to pause, please!


    1. Thank you Susan! That is good motivation and I try to be home, too, when I know that storms are possible. Don’t get mad at me if you fall in love with the cake! I never think of Costco and we just don’t really do big cakes anymore unless I make it. Wow – 24 seems so adult to me. Those books sound good and I will have to look into them. I know – I’m trying not to think about that. I have only really been off for going on my 3rd week and it’s already the end of June. I wish teachers could have more balance in their lives. It’s all or none!


  7. Ummmmm. . . I’m not sure about those earrings but I’ll take your book recommendations any day of the week!!! Boating to dinner is the ONLY way to go :). There’s nothing like it. Looks like you are settling into summer well — good for you! Fresh Market’s chicken salad is my favorite — I’ll have to look for that cake too. Yum!!


    1. I know that aren’t for everyone but I wore the oranges yesterday and loved them! Ha! Tom loves their chicken salad too but I don’t like nuts so the one he likes won’t work for me. Hope you like my book Recs!


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