Thursday, June 16, 2022

Hello all! How is it already Thursday? I don’t know if today’s post will be very exciting, but here we go!

I have been wearing my Target Universal Thread dresses a lot. I now have white, black, and mauve and I’m done.

I wore white to a graduation party:

I wore mauve to a wedding dress shopping event for my friend:

I also wore the mauve as a bathing suit coverup on the boat. You know sometimes when you feel more comfortable wearing street clothing over your suit? These dresses are great for that.

I wore my new half price boutique dress for Tom’s birthday dinner outing: yes, his eyes are closed but he is smiling, so I’m gonna take it!

I wore this coverup to go to my friend’s pool: I did have to stop in Target to do a return on the way. This coverup is really old from TJ Maxx, I think.

Jen influenced me to buy these pajamas.

And, I love my new Target slides! Yes, I have a no Target shoe rule (it’s loose), but I made an exception for these. I am thinking I should have gone down a size.

I wore them here to pop into my nearby boutiques that I hadn’t visited in about two months. My cutoffs are old from Target and my blouse is from this spring at Loft.

I feel like I have more than enough summer clothes because I just don’t go that many places. But, this is my favorite season to buy clothes and I have the time to peruse!

And, one last thing…my cocktail lightweight beaded earrings are getting worn pretty much any time I go out! They are so fun and I get tons of compliments. They are in all of my local boutiques. But, here are some on Amazon, too. They make a great gift – maybe along with a matching bottle of said alcohol! Ha!

Look at these for the 4th!

What have you been wearing lately?


13 thoughts on “What I Wore

  1. That dress is so versatile! And I love the pyjamas! It’s so nice to have lounge clothes that look ok, also if the delivery man knocks on the door! At home I live in my shorts and shirt combo made of terry – it’s the comfiest ever!
    It’s finally warm in Sweden so I can go barelegged and leave the house without a jacket – I love it so much! When it comes to climate I was born in the wrong country, I tell you that!


    1. It really is! Ha! I don’t answer the door if a delivery man knocks. They just leave it on the porch anyway! Ha ha! I love that it is finally warm for you. Meanwhile, we are ready for winter again over here! Ha!


  2. I love the dress! I mentioned in your Hello Monday post that I have a Walmart version of a dress that I love and live in during the summer. They’re the tiered dress and I have it in FIVE colors. I seriously love them. I’m also wearing a bathing suit with a cover-up once a week, comfy lounging clothes at home and cropped jeans or pants and flowing tops for church on Sunday or when I’m not wearing a dress.


    1. Thank you! Yes! I love the layered dress and had three of them last summer. I don’t think they were very flattering because of my chest. They are too big now and I just haven’t looked into a smaller size and I donated them. They are real workhorses in your closet! Same – I am just not wearing that many REAL clothes and I love it!


    1. Ha! These slides are good! I love them! I really want to re-order them in a smaller size and give these to my sister. The pj print I got is to die for. I wish they had a bit of stretch, but I am using them for my wearing around the house and then sleeping in things with more give. Yay! Let me know what you think of the green. It is bright. I thought it would be more olive.

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  3. I went to Old Navy for the first time in years as I heard they now have sizes 0-30 in their stores. I bought several cute shirts and some light summer pants. Everything was on sale and fit really nicely. I had to spend more and go to Talbots for shorts though as I need the longer styles and Old Navy just carries the shorter ones.


    1. I have hardly gone there in the last few years, but I was super impressed with the quality of the dress and top I got this season. I love size inclusivity. I went to a consignment store recently that didn’t have sizes above a large! Seriously? I won’t even go back there now for shoes and jewelry. That’s just wrong! I think Talbots makes some great classic basics. I don’t feel like their clothes fit me very well anymore, but I wored at a Talbots surplus store when I was in my 20s.


  4. That Target dress is fabulous and I am so glad you got it in 3 colors – it’s perfect! It’s such a great dress that will never go out of style. So glad you shared this on our Fashion Files link up!


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