Tuesday, May 24, 2022

April 8th was my one year anniversary of my better health journey. May has been crazy and I haven’t tracked my food every day – or I will track through lunch and then stop. I would say I am really in survival mode just with finishing school stuff. I have still been eating pretty well for breakfast and lunch and I have still been doing meal prep. Things have fallen off the rails a little bit in the afternoons and evenings. I have gained a few pounds back.

I have had a sweet tooth since Easter which is a problem…

As far as the gym goes, I have gone at least 3 mornings a week and I am trying to get back to 4 or 5 this week.

I have really been craving salads and I continue to aim for 30-40 grams of protein a meal. I am also continuing to educate myself on nutrition and healthier alternatives to bring into my house.

These salad kits are great! I have been adding chicken to these.

Here is another one that came in more of a container from Trader Joe’s. Kroger has a wide variety, too.

This was an Asian mix:

I made my turkey meatballs Sunday and this is what the family had for dinner:

This was my variation:

I bought these at Trader Joe’s for my kids, but surprisingly, they are only one WW point per puff! I need to buy more because they were a hit with them.

Tom and I are on a yogurt kick. We are enjoying Oikos Pro strawberry with some frozen strawberries and high protein granola. I think the frozen berries are better because if you let them thaw in the yogurt a bit, it gives you a nice syrup to mix in. Yum! It kind of reminds me of the McDonald’s fruit and yogurt parfait.

These have saved me this month. I bought them at Costco and I put half in the freezer. I will not eat anything I don’t like. I just won’t do it. The ready made strips I have tried from other brands are slimey and gross. These are not slimey and gross.

I am anxious to try a few things new things when school lets out…

Follow Snackin_n_trackin on IG. This is like a copycat frozen lemonade. Genius! I plan to mix vanilla Premier with some of my Mio lemon flavored syrup and see how that goes. I plan to freeze the mixture.

I want to try this “sub in a tub” idea from theashleyaf:

I am obsessed with buffalo sauce and this salad is just a work of art:

I believe I need to give credit to allie carte dishes for this one!

I also want to do the Big Mac in a bowl again; so delicious!

I honestly think changing my IG feed to healthy eating accounts has done a world of good for me!

I have requested Daphne Oz’ new cookbook “Eat Your Heart Out” from my library and look forward to getting new ideas that way, too!

I always plate my food and make it look nice. I think that is really important. I try not to stand up and eat or do too much “tasting”.

I am a little nervous about the freedom that summer brings – no packing of my breakfast and lunch – but I want to also enjoy that freedom and try some new food combinations.

Do you have any recommendations for me? What have you been enjoying lately? Do you naturally eat healthier in the summer?


15 thoughts on “Eating Lately – May is Survival Month!

  1. I agree, there are so many good accounts to inspire and follow on IG. It’s true that we focus on we get more of – good or bad! I always gained weight in the summer because I was less busy and socialized more but then school would start again and things would return to normal. I say keep doing what you’re doing and try new recipes so you don’t get bored!


  2. I’m eating that very same granola right now with my fresh fruit and fat free plain Greek yogurt! I found that I have been floundering a lot this past month as well and have gained a few pounds back too. We’ve been eating out more (which I find makes a huge difference on my tracking) and have been enjoying far too many sweet summertime treats.


    1. It’s so good! Same! I have not been eating out much but there are lots of treats around. Are you getting enough protein? That helps me a lot! I need to get back to tracking!


  3. Summertime (and weekends) we normally just have coffee in the morning, then a big breakfast with egg and stuff around 11-12, fika in the afternoon, dinner and dessert. I think it’s good to “either eat or not”, no snacking between meals… I love your food pictures and I’m so hungry no!


  4. Did I ever tell you that Snacking n Tracking is Kelseys college roommate? Such a small world! Amanda is a sweetheart and has done so well with WW too! Do not get discouraged by gaining a few pounds. Its LIFE. You are never going to not gain a pound or two again for the rest of your life. I lost 4.8 last month when I had covid again and I gained 3 back on vacay this weekend! Its life. Just keep working out, drinking your water, and making good choices. It will all be OK! I know for me that alcohol is a red light thing now. I drank alot of wine this weekend, ate nachos, candy, charcuterie boards, cookies etc. I was bound to gain! now I get back to working out, drinking water and not eating all day long. Make good choices! You got this! Enjoy your summer!


    1. yes! That is why I follow! She is great! Yes, I feel like I have really hit a set point, but I have also allowed for so many more life treats! I am hoping extra exercise can counteract, but I am not beating myself up!


  5. I want to look for those pancake puffs on my next TJ run. For the last week, I’ve taken half a baked potato, grapes, chicken and a bit of BBQ sauce for lunch and have been happy because it’s basically a zero point meal. Haha


    1. I think your kids will like them! We’ve been using the air fryer for them. I’m going to get two boxes next trip. That’s a great lunch! I have got to get back to religiously tracking. What is it about May? It’s so crazy! I can’t keep my eyes open past 8! Happy last day! I’m one day behind you!

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      1. Our biggest struggle has been dinner. Busy at night and I just don’t want to meal plan. I end up throwing something together but last night the kids ate at the concession stand at my school’s baseball game 😆


      2. I am thinking of a post about meal prepping in the morning. That works for me even though my kids are older. I just don’t have any energy in the afternoons and that is when I would be tempted to just get take out!

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      3. I cooked last night for the first time in a couple of weeks. Not that we’ve really eaten out – we’ve grilled out of pieced together meals. Next week, we will hopefully get back to some normalcy


  6. What about smoothies? I used to put protein powder in them and it would be easily 30-50 grams of protein for breakfast. I’ve been craving salads too. I just buy the bag mixes that have everything in them…there’s no way I’ll take the time to actually put together/buy all the ingredients otherwise.


    1. I guess I just don’t consider them because my blender is old and I don’t have the counter space. I could try that this summer, though. Tom used to make a protein smoothie.


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