Thursday, May 19, 2022

It’s Thursday! I am linking up with Kellyann and Jill for Fashion Files. This week I took photos with my tripod and new phone. I have three outfits for you.

First, we have my Target dress from the fall. It is a short Little House on the Prairie dress and it has pockets! I am wearing my faux Golden Goose from Amazon. Silver Ducks?

I was super comfortable.

On Election Day, we didn’t have students, so I decided to wear shorts. These are old Target Universal Thread drawstring shorts, an old Old Navy blouse, and an old consignment cardigan. I wore my new minimalist Amazon sandals. Jen called something to my attention, as she bought them, too. They make a wheezing sound when you put them on at first because of the cushiony bottom. After that, they “slap” like a flip flop on me. After I get up from sitting, they wheeze a bit again. They are my “asthma sandals” I guess. I wore them to school again yesterday and they passed the 8 hour on my feet teacher test.

And, finally, I wore jeans, the asthma sandals, a white v neck sleeveless, and an old yellow floral kimono.

Do you have a favorite? What have you been wearing lately?


8 thoughts on “Fashion Files

    1. I should not be on their marketing team, right? I really like this kimono, too. Thank you! You are great about wearing skirts and dresses and the second hand shopping. I am itching to go check on my favorite consignment store this weekend!


  1. Love the nicknames you’ve coined, hilarious. Think the yellow kimono and jeans is my favorite, so cute!

    In the 80s in CO today, but we’re supposed to have snow on Sat. Guess the boots and jeans are coming back out.


    1. Thank you! Ha! I love a white tank, kimono, and denim. I will switch out the jeans for shorts or my denim skirt, I think!
      Oh goodness – I am so sorry! This seems too late for that!


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