Monday, April 11, 2022

Today is a sad, sad day – Spring Break is over! Lol! I am happy to link up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday and the ladies at Not Just a Mom for their What’s for Lunch link up!

Let’s start the weekend recap with Thursday. I ran some errands and had the opportunity finally to sit in the sun and read on my porch!

Then, Tom and I went to try a new NY style pizza place called Goodfellas. Great bar and amazing cocktails and…

look how pretty my drink is!

You can either pick a slice of NY style pizza from the case (like Sbarro!) or order your own. We ordered our own because Tom is the kind of person that needs at least 6 pizza toppings. It was extremely mediocre pizza and I was wishing I had gotten the thinner slices in the case.

There is a “secret” speakeasy room that is really cool looking. The prices on both the pizza and the cocktails were very reasonable so I plan to go back maybe with some of my friends.

Then, we got to hear Jack’s spring choral concert. He only told us two days before and this is the advantage of being so close. We could go!

It was held in a church near the campus:

It was really nice to get to see this!

Friday I ran to Whole Foods because I’ve been curious. I was super impressed with my experience. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been there. I feel that the prices are more in line with regular grocery prices now and there were several healthier products I’ve been wanting to try.

Here is my errand fit:

Then, Tom wanted to see this movie Everything Everywhere All at Once. It was probably the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen Salvador Dali’s video works of art.

I made it through 2 hours of the movie and left to go to Kohl’s while Tom finished the last 30 minutes. He almost left, too, but he has more discipline than I do.

I had been curious about the Draper James for Kohl’s stuff. Meh. The materials are not very soft but there are some cute designs. It’s just not my style, really. I think I would like the real Draper James better.

I bought a clearance paper planner that is blank so that you can put your own dates in it. It was $3. It was less than the horrible movie!

Even though we were experiencing Second Winter, I read outside for a bit until it started raining. I am in deep with my book Wish you Were Here by Jodi Piccoult.

Then, the college kids came home and we didn’t know they were going to. We had already eaten dinner but I had enough for them leftover. We watched an episode of The Great and then later they watched a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel with me.

Saturday I was super lazy but finished up odds and ends of cleaning and projects. I ran to Target to get a couple of necessities. Mason went to a Comic Con and Jack hung out with me for a bit. Then, we got Mexican for dinner. We watched another episode of The Great and then the kids and I watched another Mrs. Maisel.

Sunday morning and back to meal prep! I took a week off and it was good for me, but I was also ready to get back on it.

The kids left early to head back to campus because they are in the busy homestretch.

The last few Sundays, I have wanted to do one more fun thing to end my weekend. Tom and I went to Captain’s Quarters because it was finally warmer and sunny! I had a spiked lemonade and we shared some…

spinach queso dip!

We stopped at Kroger and got a few things and then I read before dinner.

Ahhh – where was this weather all week? Ha!

What’s For Lunch:

As you may know, Erica, my fellow Spanish teacher, and I do meal prep lunches together. This is my week to make three lunches. We are both on WW.

Erica and I have been on a big buffalo kick. We love all things buffalo sauce!

Lunch 1) Buffalo chicken bowl: I will have a bed of cauliflower rice, grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, celery sticks on the side, and homemade ranch on the side. I am using Primal kitchens buffalo sauce, but buffalo is low in WW points.

Homemade ranch:

I cup Greek non-fat yogurt

1/2 cup lite mayo (I think I used a bit less to save on calories)

1 cup skim milk (I used less and added water)

I ranch seasoning packet

1/2 tsp. each of onion powder, salt, and pepper

Add some sriracha if you want a spicy ranch (not needed with buffalo but you could do this for veggies)

Lunch 2) Greek bowls here – I use the same cauliflower rice that I used for the buffalo bowls. I am obsessed with caulflower rice. If you don’t think you like it – here is my tip for making it better. Do not use fresh. I hate fresh! Use the frozen and let it completely thaw on your countertop. When thawed, spray some Pam into a skillet, add a bit of olive oil, then add the cauli rice. Add seasonings. I add garlic, salt, peppr, and cajun sometimes.

Lunch 3) Skinny Chicken Enchiladas – I will use cut up grilled chicken and add salsa and a laughing cow wedge for the inside. I will use La Banderita low carb wraps and wrap mixture up burrito style and place in a baking dish. I am using this enchilada sauce recipe, but leaving out some of the flour I think. I will put a bit of sauce on the bottom and on the tops of the enchiladas and then top with some lite Mexican shredded cheese. I will serve some Mexican corn (frozen) on side and some fat free sour cream.

We both prefer a hot lunch and I feel sometimes that salads are too high maintenance and take longer to eat and we only have 20 minutes. We both try to get 30 grams of protein in our meal prep lunches.

We both say we have never eaten better!

What’s for lunch in your world? I love new ideas!


16 thoughts on “Hello Monday and What’s For Lunch

  1. I love your weekend! So you end your break, and I start mine…!
    We are one of the few countries where school lunch is free for the kids, all the way up through high school. In most schools teachers need to pay like 3 dollars for lunch, but in my school it’s free because you keep an eye on the children while you eat :-). But I must confess that I very seldom eat in the cafeteria, my lunch is only 30 minutes and I prefer to just sit at my desk with a sandwich or something.


    1. Thank you! Yup!
      That is so nice! Our school food is horrible and not healthy. Yes, I need the quiet and the down time so I can be “on” for the kids!


  2. I am not a fan of cauli rice unless I throw it in a shake. I am going to try your way. i love that you and your friend meal share. Thanks for linking up with Not Just A Mom


    1. Please do try it this way – I learned the letting it thaw trick and I really think it makes a difference. I am kinda obsessed with it now! The meal prepping together has been a life saver during this crazy school year! Thank you for providing the link up!


  3. What a fun little weekend! I laughed at you leaving the movies to go shopping- my kinda gal- ha! So great to have the kids home I bet and love the way you wrapped up your weekend! Those lunches all sound amazing too!


  4. I haven’t been in whole foods in year; but I had the best time checking one out when my kids were little enough to fit in strollers. We were on vacation in New Jersey somewhere and I joked with my husband that it would be worth it to move just for all the fresh and organic foods that we can find near our house.


  5. Such a fun recap of the rest of your break! You are so funny about the movie 🤣Your Sunday outing looks fabulous! Thanks for linking up about your lunches. You are the lunch queen. I knew you’d have great ideas. I will take a salad but I prefer a hot lunch as well. I hope you’ve had a great start to your week


    1. Thank you! Yeah, I gave the movie 2 hours of my life, so that was pretty good! We love going down by the river – even when it is brown. Lol! I really do prefer a hot lunch. I really am craving one of your cheeseburger bowls but I might do it with ground turkey meatballs? The week has gone by quickly!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. That is so smart to split the meals up with a coworker! One less thing to have to do! I had not heard of the Draper James for Kohl’s and now I am curious. I will have to check it out!


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