Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Let’s get those pigs ready! Let’s take inventory!

I feel like I’m getting to see old friends when I change shoe seasons.

Here is what I like to do:

I first ask myself these questions…

  1. Am I excited to see this shoe?
  2. Would I still buy this shoe today?
  3. Does this shoe still fit my foot, my lifestyle, my clothing style?

I was able to answer YES to the Birkenstock/Faux Birk/Crockenstock collection below:

From left to right…

I wore these gold Birks so much last summer. They are pricey, but I find that they last for multiple seasons. I have already worn them over the weekend, too.

The black patent Birkenstocks were a Mother’s Day gift like 6 years ago. Remember that cost per wear philosophy? Yup.

The black plastic were worn a ton and they came from Target. Still love them. They are a bit lower than I prefer in the heel and the arch, though.

The white plastic were from Amazon and I prefer their heel and arch height.

The Tory Burch were $70 ish at a consignment shop like 8 years ago. I have worn them a lot when I wanted a bit of an elevated look withouth the heel height.

I love the MIA clog sandals. Would you believe I bought these like three years ago? Now, you see this style everywhere! I love these for going out to dinner. They work with jeans and dresses.

The black are Soda brand from Amazon and I have had them for maybe 4 years. I’m not sure if they are still in style, but I always struggle with black sandals for summer.

I love the women sandal. Those were from last year and I wore them out a lot.

And, finally..the Marc Fisher lace up gold. I was “influenced” by a blogger and I loved them so much. I am excited to wear them!

And, as far as new spring and summer sandals for 2022..

Introducing the Sorel blush sandals from a consignment store for $17. I think they retail for about $120.

And, I wanted to try the clear trend. I think these from Target are gonna be good. I love the woven heel. I first saw these on Instagram because of Lindsay.

I still have them attached, so this photo was awkward. Also, I have a bit of hammertime going on in the foot department, but I plan to get a professional pedicure soon.

One should never make others look at their feet, so for this I apologize. I did it for you; I wanted you to be able to see the sandal.

Some people talk about a “starter” piece to see if they fully embrace/like a trend. So, Target is a good place to try trends, even though I have a rule to not buy Target shoes if I can help it. I have failed from time to time. The siren song is just too strong.

I am not sure what holes are in my spring and summer shoe wardrobe yet.

I do have some in my donate/sell pile. I just know that I shouldn’t keep something that wasn’t able to be answered affirmatively in my questions above.

What about you? Have you been sandal shopping? Any trends you want to try? Any favorite summer shoe brands? I guess you can tell I love Birkenstock, but I also love Reef. They make the best flip flops in my opinion.


11 thoughts on “Step into Spring and Summer

    1. They have a way of copying the high end designers in a really good way. I will say that their comfort is sometimes lacking for me. I looked at their shoes online and they have so many that aren’t even Target brand. I feel like Walmart and Target are trying to be Amazon! You should look if you haven’t. Right – you had to see my feet! Lol!


  1. I love your MIA clog sandal and your new sandals are so fun! I still love my rose gold faux birks and the white rubber ones, both from Amazon. A pedi is on my “to do” list for next week.


    1. Thank you! I have been kinda surprised by how much I have worn them. They are the sandal I reach for with white jeans, dresses, etc. if I’m going out. They just feel like me, you know? I need to get the Amazon faux in white I think. I did get them but they were too big and I gave to Mason. A pedi is one of my treats for spring break if I can wait that long!


  2. Great questions to ask oneself! I think I will use them when I change out my shoes…the older I get the less my feet can tolerate anything “not comfortable”.


    1. Thank you! I am going through that process right now. I have an appointment at a nice consignment shop for some of the shoes – along with clothes- and the not as good brand shoes will be going to another clothing shop that pays cash on the spot or to a donation place.
      Same! I have a really bad day if my feet hurt!


  3. My favorite sandals are a sport sandal from Eileen Fisher, they are pricey but I wait for them to go on sale, in fact they are on sale at Nordstrom Rack now and I am contemplating another pair. I’m thinking that since they are at the rack, they may be phasing them out? I have some gold korkese that I wear and a platinum Børn sandal. I struggle with white sandals and just ordered a Reef Water Vista sandal from DSW for an upcoming vacation, I hope they work out!


    1. Oh, nice. I know that is a really good brand, but honestly I have only really seen her clothing. I will have to look. I tried a Kork Ease and returned them a few years ago. Maybe I had the wrong size. I know that is a good brand. Borns are great and you know I love a metallic! White are very hard! I will look at the Reef Water Vista. Reef is so good!


  4. I’m a Birk lover, too! I also have a few Steve Madden slides that I wear frequently. Last summer I got my 1st pair of Van slide-on tennis shoes and I’m addicted…they are so comfy on teacher tired feet. I might have to try the Target clear, they are super cute on you!


    1. They are great! I need to look into this season’s Steve Maddens. Everytime I wear sneakers to school, my feet are so happy! The Target clear are obviously not teacher shoes – in fact, they may only be going to dinner and sitting down most of the time shoes!


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