Monday, December 27, 2021

Wow – that went by quickly! Today Tom is back to work and I am going to take down the Christmas decor. After Christmas, I am just ready, you know? I do add snowmen and keep up the twinkle lights until it’s socially acceptable to do a bit of Valentine’s decor!

I am linking up today with Heather, etc. for Hello Monday!

Let’s go back to last Thursday night. We went to dinner and a play as a family. Mason had been sick most of the week and then Jack got it. They were Covid negative and it was just a cold with a cough. But, we had to mask up for the play so I thought it would be o.k.

I wore a new Loft blouse, my faux fur vest, velvet leggings, and dressier suede booties.

I ordered the buffalo grilled chicken sandwich.

The play was a bust and we left at intermission. Oh well – I thought some small local theatre would be a fun and seasonal thing to do.

I enjoyed lots of patio time over the weekend!

I walked by myself and with Ernie. He found a very large stick and tried to bring it home.

I just couldn’t finish. It was kinda cute at first but then the cheesiness just got to be too much.

For Christmas Eve, we decided not to go to in person church because of the coughing that J and M were doing. Also, Mason got the Covid booster that day. Jack decided to wait because he left his card at college and because he was still in the throes of his cold.

I did fondue and it was a lot of work.

And, I made salmon, potato salad, and broccoli for dinner.

We had a nice Christmas morning. Jack got a new guitar that was hidden.

Mason wore his Eve pancake pants.

Jack got another pair of Jack Skellington pants.

They loved the quilts! I didn’t think they would be as excited as they were.

It was 70 degrees and I enjoyed my mimosa on the patio after we opened gifts.

Tom always puts magazines in my stocking.

Tom’s parents came and we stayed outside. Unfortunately, his sister’s family was exposed to Covid and they stayed home.

We ended Christmas Day with a fire!

The day after Christmas, yesterday, we traveled an hour to my mom’s house and I made wintertinis for my sisters and I.

Nieces pic!

We did a white elephant/Dirty Santa that was really fun, in addition to opening our real gifts.

Whew! I’m tired! How was your holiday?

I hope it was wonderful!


15 thoughts on “Hello Monday – Our Christmas

  1. I really like all your pictures, it seems like you had a perfect holiday! How nice that the boys appreciated the quilts!
    We did as usual; just the four of us and mil for Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day we went to the cabin (I packed all leftovers, so we’ve had food up until now :-D). It’s been a lot of movies and eating, lovely! I think the kids will leave us today, they don’t think it’s super fun here you know…
    So now it’s time for New Year’s in a couple of days. Mil has her annual Christmas/birthday party on Thursday, but we feel it’s way to irresponsible for the four of us to show up at a party filled with 70-80 year old people. Mil not happy… but really, it feels wrong.


    1. Thank you! We did! Yours sounds idyllic! Now you can have romantic cabin time – wait – you and your hubby are in a Hallmark movie!
      Can you wear masks to the party? You have to go with your gut and do what feels smart and safe!


      1. Yes, we’re in a Hallmark movie! And we laugh all the time! 😀 I really have to buy a plaid shirt! I do have one of those cute hats with a big ball (do you say ball!? translate google says “tassel” but it doesn’t feel right…)
        We decided to skip the party… The girls will bake and deliver a blueberry pie though…

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  2. I can’t believe how old all your nieces snd nephew are getting!!!

    Looks like a wonderful holiday- we have been enjoying the 70* plus weather too! Nice, but weird.

    Love seeing all your pics!


  3. Our holiday was busy but good.. and cold with some snow added in on Christmas Eve. We went to my mom’s Christmas eve for gifts and pizza with my side of the family. Christmas day after opening our gifts we spent the day with my husband’s side of the family and then the day after Christmas we went to brunch at my father-in- laws and opened gifts there. It’s always busy juggling all the families but it’s nice that we get to spread them out over multiple days so we can relax with each one. The dree and decor all came down yesterday and I’m kind of loving how empty and clean the house feels right now.


    1. I am jealous of the snow, but it was nice to be able to sit outdoors. That sounds perfect – pizza! You do have a lot to juggle, but it sounds like all are close. I am working on taking decor down and I love starting January with plants, twinkle lights, and minimalism!


  4. What a wonderful Christmas! I’m glad the boys loved their quilts. Travis puts magazines in my stocking too, and I got that southern living mag too! I’m sorry Tom’s sister’s family couldn’t join you all. Ugh. I hope you enjoy this week of break! I thought I’d be more productive today, but I wasn’t 🤣I needed a day in my pjs!


  5. The quilts are such a great idea…I must have missed the post about giving the quilts earlier. I love the idea of magazines as a stocking stuffer. Sorry to hear the guys were sick, but I’m glad you were still able to do a few things. We are going to see a play later this week. I didn’t read that book after seeing several so-so reviews. Hope you have a good week!


    1. Thank you! You could do school shirts or sports theme. There are so many things you could do. I still love a magazine! It wasn’t ideal, but I am thankful it wasn’t Covid or that they hadn’t been sick during their finals week. That would have been bad! You didn’t miss anything with that book – I just don’t like books by that author or the other ones like her. They are predictable and simply and there just isn’t much depth. I love a chicklit book, but it has to be a bit deeper.


  6. So happy the boys loved the quilts. They will always have them, and their kids will love them too. Sounds like you all had a nice Cmas- minus the covid people who couldn’t join in and the boys not feeling up to par. Seems like a lot of peoples Christmas’s were messed up due to illness but it really is the time of year. we had a fun Cmas and I have already filled you in, so wishing you a Happy new Year! My Cmas decorations are all put away and I have done a grocery run today- made 2 returns to fed ex and UPS and am back home under my blanket and getting ready to read my new book after I look at blogs! I am making salmon, rice and salad for dinner and then up and off to the beach house tomorrow for a week! YAY! Here’s to 2022!


    1. Me too! It could have gone either way at their age! Lots of people sick around here. Some are just common cold, though. I am so happy you get to go to the beach! I hope you have good weather!


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