Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Happy September 1st! Are you ready for all things apple? I know I will let a bit of pumpkin slip in before September leaves us. In fact, I am itching for my first taste of pumpkin coffee – maybe this weekend. At least I didn’t do it in August, right?

Sadly, The Style Six is no more, but I will continue to share what I am wearing on Wednesdays. It’s not always exciting, but it’s what I really wore. Some look bad, some look o.k., and they are all ruined by a mask! Ha!

Last Wednesday I wore these consignment Matilda Jane crops, this consignment blouse, and my metallic lace ups.

Thursday I wore my newish TJ Maxx top. I love the print, but the material is weird and a bit hot. I knew better than to accept a not perfect material. The skirt is LulaRoe and handed down from a co-worker and I wore my metallic clogs. I felt great in this but I think it looks frumpy. I don’t know that a 5’4 person can pull off a long skirt. I look tired and I am still having the issue of fuzzy pictures.

Friday I got tons of compliments on my “fit” but looking back at the photo I don’t know. I wore my leopard sneaks that were like 90% off in the spring coming in at $12 I think. I have on an Old Navy skirt and a Steinmart leopard blouse.

Friday night I wore this to dinner and the concert. Finally a photo that is clear.

Monday I went simple with this blouse and my trusty black pants along with my red clogs.

And, yesterday I wore this TJ Maxx blouse with tiny leaves on it with another pair of consignment Matilda Janes and my gold Tieks that are also from consignment.

Now I am wondering if my tripod is moving my phone? You’re welcome for such a professional blog! Ha!

And, you have heard this story most likely but I found 3 pairs of Tieks at one of my consignment stores years ago. They were $30 ish each.

Some people are bothered by the big toe showing and there is a trick where you put some moleskin on the inside to hide it.

I feel pretty certain that people know I have big toes so I am o.k. with it.

I love the turquoise bottom.

They are really good flats if you are a flat person. So are Rothy’s. I really want another pair of Rothy’s!

Also, I made a purchase. I love Aerie lounge stuff. Yes, I am at the Soma age, but I like Aerie, o.k.?

I ordered this and it is perfection. I put it on after school everyday this week. It has pockets!

What have you been wearing lately? Buying lately?

Any favorite outfits above? I haven’t repeated a school outfit yet, but I plan to soon. I just want to make sure I am wearing all of my dresses before they look out of season!

Happy hump day!


15 thoughts on “WIWW

  1. Hahahaha, I am at the Soma age too but I like Aerie as well! Aerie has a much better casual collection while I like Soma for underwear and sleepwear.
    Oh, I am so sad that the Style Six is no more too, it was weird not to have the link up today – boo.
    Love what you are wearing to school and I really like Friday’s outfit with the denim skirt and sneakers, you look like a college student!
    My big toe is ginormous and usually pokes through my sneakers after awhile. It’s usually the reason I end up getting new sneakers. I feel like Fred Flinstone.
    Have a super day and yay for the upcoming long weekend!!


    1. Aerie is just so good! I have loved everything from them. I love my Soma underwear!
      It’s o.k. – you will still do your thing and I will still do mine on Wednesdays!
      Thank you so much! I go more casual on Fridays and I think the kids give me the most compliments.
      I just had two girls say they love all my clothes and where do I get them and they were totally into consignment stores, too. I just love that this generation is embracing second hand.
      Ha – I have never thought you had a Fred Flintstone toe!
      Yes, you too!


  2. I used to LOVE Tieks. Had 6 pair at one time and I have sold all but my champagne colored ones. They are killer on my Plantar Fasciitis. I do love Rothys and am thinking of getting myself a pair of the new driving loafers. Let me know if you want a referral code. I can share one for $20 off. Then I get $20 off if you use it. Your outfits are great! I bought one of those Amazon skirts that everyone is talking about. I LOVE IT! I wore it yesterday with a cute Athleta top tucked in and my GG tennis shoes. YES my love for GG is going strong. I am asking for a pair of running sole ones for xmas! They’re awesome! Ok off to golf! Then we are off to the beach tomorrow until next Tuesday! WOO HOO! Happy Wednesday!


    1. Wow! Champagne is a great color to keep! The new driving loafers look so nice! I would like your code because I think I am going to get the leopard flat. I need to wear my Amazon skirt in the palm print to school soon. I have not worn it yet. So cute with your GGs. I must admit that the GG has grown on me more. I am learning that less stuff of greater quality is more economical in the end.


  3. I love the navy floral top with with MJ pants and gold sandals. So cute! Hadley mentions “fit check” quite a bit 🤣 I don’t have any Tieks but I’ve heard nothing but great things about them


    1. Aww thanks! It was one of my favorites, too. Yes, “Fit Check Friday” has become a thing at my school. She is quite the little teen! The Tieks teacher deal was great. Rothy’s are the most comfortable flat I have tried if you are a flats person. The round toe leopard flat is on my wish list.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. That aerie henley is amazing. Maybe when my no-spend month is over 🙂
    My friend and I were both interested in Tieks a few years ago (both teachers). She went and splurged and she didn’t like them. She had constant blisters after a day at school but I think she persisted for a good long while. So I never got any. I AM interested in Rothy’s though. I like the flats from Target, personally.
    I think 5’4″ can do long skirts with heels.


    1. It is perfection! I wore it everyday and have washed it so it is ready for me today! Me + white are not that smart, but I just love the fit and the style and the pockets. Aerie is worth the $.
      I think everyone is different. I really like Tieks. Rothy’s are more comfortable, though. I prefer the round toe and the flattering v-shape on the foot. Their leopard is perfection! I guess body shape matters with long skirts and for me, I don’t think it is flattering!


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