Friday, August 20, 2021

Happy Friday! How was your week? Mine went by surprisingly fast; it was our first five day week of school so the students and I were super nervous! The last time we had a five day in person school week was March 9-13, 2020!

It was a good week! I really like my students! I have about 40 of the same students from last year (they went on from Spanish 3 to AP) and the other 100 are new to me. I taught them my routine this week. I am very routine oriented – we do certain things on certain days of the week. I really think it is a good thing – or at least it works for me – I hope!

I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. right here today.

Monday night was the last dinner as a family of four before the boys left for college on Tuesday. I got takeout from Shiraz, our favorite mediterranean place. Rice, chicken, salmon, sidewinder fries, and roasted veggies and pita is what we always get.

I had a salad with salmon because I was being healthier.

I made a plan of boxed brownies.

So, move in this year was very underwhelming. They were taking a car to keep on campus this year so they loaded it up and only took one trip and loaded my car up the night before. They drove earlier in the day and I came after school with a load. Tom was going to come, too, but the unloading took like 5 minutes for my car. Jack is in the same dorm as last year second semester and just down the hall from where he was last year so he said I did not need to go in. Mason moved just across from Jack with his roommate in a different dorm but he had to hurry to get somewhere after we unloaded. So, I was on campus for a very short time. No pictures were taken, sadly. I think Tom and I will ask to see the rooms this weekend.

Everything is made so much easier since they are close to home. Mason plans to come home to get more stuff this weekend and I think Jack does, too. They are minimalists, too. So, for this year I have only spent $120. In addition, their college is now including textbooks in their tuition without raising tuition.

A year ago, move in day looked like this Facebook reminded me!

We are watching Kim’s Convenience with the boys, but taking a pause until they come home. So, Tom and I started watching Champions on Netflix. It’s cute!

The house has been quiet. I think I am doing much better this year.

I scheduled a Kroger pickup for right after school last Friday and then again yesterday. I think I like having fresh groceries for the weekend and I love doing the pickup right after school and before I get home.

So, for now I will only be doing Kroger. A Trader Joe’s run might be in the near future, but I’m not sure. I did see that their fall stuff will be out September 7th, so that will definitely go in my calendar! They do fall really well!

My youngest sister’s birthday was last week and I sent her this headband and

this top. She said she loved both items! I believe Sophie of The Big Boo Cast recommended the headband and I can’t remember who recommended the top. My sister doesn’t shop much for herself so I like to pick out things for her.

Ernie loves string cheese and ice cream. We used to always get him a frozen dog treat that my Kroger stopped carrying. I asked an employee and he said this was the replacement. Ernie approves.

This weekend I want to do this – a faster method for stripping your towels. Mine are in bad shape, but with a Master bath not done and a hall bath not done or started, I don’t want to buy any until I have made color decisions. I will probably just get white, but you know. Carolina Charm posted this and I had been wanting to order the Tyler Glamorous Diva Wash for a long time!

Yes, I am excited to do laundry!

The lunches that my co-worker Erica and I are doing are so good! Look what Erica made one day this week. Actually we both cook on Sunday and just pick one meal we want each day.

This was zoodles (zucchini noodles), chicken, diced tomatoes, onion, and a bit of olive oil and cream cheese. I told her it was restaurant quality! She also made chicken salad wraps and skinny margarita pizza this week and I made roasted veggies and sausage one day and burrito bowls one day. We are eating well.

I splurged you all! I thought I deserved this after 3 days of school – ha! It could be an expensive year, right? This was recommended by Kelly of Kelly’s Korner. It came with the leopard and I ordered the Gucci-ish strap. This is exactly what Kelly did. I”m a copy cat.

Well, that was quite a hodge-podge. What were your favorites from the week?

Happy, happy Friday and happy weekend to you!


14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. College drop off is easier the second time around, and the third, and the fourth! We are doing that today. Collin is 2 hours away so it’s not super easy to come home if he forgets something, so hopefully he’s ready. I say this at 5am and he’s not packed a thing – we are supposed to be leaving by 10. My controlling nature wants to pack everything but he has to do it so I am stifling the urge – ha!
    Is that the bag from Social Threads? I love mine and it is s splurge but you deserve it!

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    1. Good luck today! My kids drove me crazy about not packing. They loaded my car at 2 am because I told them it had to be done before I left for work at 6:45. They were mad at me for nagging them but like you said I resisted the urge to do it my way! Since they are close nothing was too stressful.
      No, the purse is from


    1. Thank you, Joanne! I hope your son gets off to a good start and that you and the homeschoolers do, too, of course. The zoodle dish is to die for and I will try to get the recipe from her! Thank you!!!!


  2. Ahhh! I’ve been eyeing that bag and those same two straps for a year now! How long are the straps? I’m long wasted and fat (ha!$ so I need long. A s can you share a pic of wearing the bag. I can’t tell how big it is. I know there’s a mini too. ❤️❤️

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  3. Sounds like a great week! Your lunches look fantastic and not the usual stuff. I eat a sandwich almost every day and YES it gets boring. Today I am actually doing some high fiber/ high protein pasta, birdballs (using what I have left in freezer) and my 0 point marinara sauce! And a salad. I will let you know the whole points and what I thought. Tonight is a date night with friends we haven’t seen in over 2 years- going to a brewery and then Mexican food! Tomorrow is Res Com Night at the Ballpark and we host all our employees, their families for an all you can eat buffet of baseball game food and an open bar until the 7th inning. Its fun and we have a special area they put us in. Last year we didnt get do it so this is just the 2nd year. We have a Single A Arizona Diamondback team in Visalia. Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you! We are eating well! I want to do birdballs for one meal soon for my co-worker. I am not big on sandwiches or salads right now. That is perfect with your bbs and marinara. You had a fun weekend! How nice that your company does that.


  4. I love the Amazon finds! I didn’t know there’s a specific Trader Joe’s fall date! Now I’ve added it to my calendar 🤣 I’m glad move in day went swiftly and you and Tom are adjusting to a quieter house. I’m sure that’s such an odd feeling. Have a great weekend


  5. I just love your random picks! So great to read on a Saturday morning!
    I really like the bag, especially with the “Gucci”-strap!
    I hope you enjoyed your first three days with students! I will meet mine on Monday, it will be nice! I will be so tired… I’m tired after just meeting my colleagues! 😀


    1. Thank you! I am so glad I gave you reading material – haha! Now I have had 9 days with students and I already feel that I am getting to know them. I feel that!


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