Monday, July 26, 2021

How was your weekend? I hope it was great! As you are reading this, I am sitting in a two day professional development. Please keep me in your prayers. I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya, and more here!

Let’s go back to Thursday afternoon for a nail update. First of all, I removed my last color of gel with the method of filing down the color a bit, putting remover soaked cottonballs on each day wrapped in aluminum foil, waiting about 15 minutes, and then just wiping it off. The removal process is kinda tedious. I replaced it with this very light blue and I think I did a better job. We are going on three days now and it looks the same except for the nail I broke.

We rarely go out to eat during the week but we were invited by our friends because their weekends are booked. So, Thursday evening we met them at a Cuban restaurant where I did a make my own margarita – I asked for a shot of tequila, fresh lime juice, and a splash of Sprite.

I ordered grilled fish with cilantro. I only ate the fish and beans and a bit of plantain.

We had a nice time catching up with our friends!

The next day I took Mason to a place for lunch that I thought he would enjoy. Spoiler: he didn’t. We had such a nice time over breakfast but this was not as nice. They have artwork on the ceiling.

I ordered a combo lunch offering where you could get a house salad, a fish taco, and a vegetable and I got asparagus.

Mason got a combo with a Reuben.

Anyway, he thought the food was mediocre and didn’t like the clientele? Who knows? With teens, it sometimes can be a mood thing. We went home and I didn’t let it affect me. I wasn’t eating out at all until like two weeks ago and now we seem to have made up for it. I’m squeezing lots of things in!

Friday night we stayed in. I made Mexican food – using up a lot of leftovers. Then, the boys went to Shakespeare in the Park where one of Jack’s teachers was a cast member. I watched the Olympics opening ceremony. I love it so much!

Saturday morning I had my coffee on the patio because it was nice out finally!

And, I prepped and packed food for a fun day! My sister, brother in law, and one of their dogs boated to us again like they did last summer!

Jason, my brother in law, loves Mexican layer dip so I made that for him.

It was perfect weather and the time just flew. We always enjoy time with them. We invited my other sister but she had an obligation.

Saturday night we were worn out from the sun and water so we watched t.v. with Jack and Mason.

Sunday morning I read on the patio for a bit. This is my current read and it’s cute. My reading has really slowed down.

Then, we did it again! We met our friends Scott and Jessica and cruised a bit and then had some more portable boat charcuterie, ordered food from Captain’s Quarters and took it to the cove to eat and bob around in the water.

A full and very summery weekend, I would say!

What was the highlight of yours?


20 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. What a great weekend! The art on the ceiling is so cool at that restaurant and the food looked good. Oh well, teens! I just love all of your boating on the weekends, I wish we had a set up like that. Close to home and a fun way to get together with friends. The summer is wrapping up quickly, I know teachers go back soon here – I remember that feeling and the anticipation of a new year, so many mixed emotions!

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    1. It was a good one!
      After this workshop today and tomorrow I will be in school mode I’m afraid! But, I will have a handful of free days to enjoy before we start on august 9. So early! The school
      Board votes on masks tomorrow and I am
      Sick to my stomach.
      Have a good Monday!


  2. Oh poor you, are you doing it IRL?
    Your pictures are great, you’re such a good photographer!
    I love boating, we use our boat a lot. Our cabin is in the middle of a big archipelago, it’s really beautiful. And since we’ve bought a small sailing boat I must say that is my highlight of the weekend! Otherwise I must say the days turn into a blur, I’m not quite sure what weekday it is… That’s a real vacation I guess?

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    1. Yes! In a church basement!
      Thank you!
      That sounds amazing. I love it when I don’t know the day of the week but it doesn’t happen often with Tom and Jack leaving every morning. That keeps me focused on the day.
      Have a great Monday!


      1. Church basement! Makes me think of The Fault on our Stars by John Greene. 😀
        I hope your day will be ok, and that they at least treat you with some food?


      2. We were told the WIFI might not be good? Then why are we having it there???
        I haven’t read or seen that because I knew it was sad.
        They will have food but I’m not relying on it. They said “light breakfast”. Sometimes that means a few pieces of fruit and some packaged muffins. I made breakfast burritos last night for today and tomorrow!


      3. It’s a beautiful (and believe it or not, quite funny sometimes) book, you should really read it! I read it every year with my students, and I still love it!
        Hm, maybe they thought that the church building would create a sense of calm… 😀 Enjoy your packaged muffin, ha ha.

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      4. I should! They don’t want us slipping away to our rooms – that’s why it’s not at our school. And they call it a “retreat”!


  3. Thank you so much for including an outting with your teen that wasn’t the best. I love how you got to spend time with him, and didn’t let a mood get you down. I definitely have ups and downs with my teen boys too and it’s comforting to read another’s normal experience. So many times social media is sunshine and rainbows, which is great! But not always my reality! 🙃

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    1. Awww, Paige. It’s hard. We have our good moments but we do have the not great ones, too. I do let it get me down sometimes. I’m sad because they go back soon and I question if we did enough as a family. Then I think of all the dinners and shows we watched at home and maybe it didn’t need to be big outings. These ordinary things aren’t the things you photograph and put on social media.
      You’re doing a great job and parenting teens and young adults is hard!


  4. What a fabulous weekend! We worked on getting all the flooring installed in our basement… so not nearly as relaxing as yours but the hard work definitely paid off!

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    1. Thank you! That’s so exciting! I can’t wait to see your results! I just read your book review and meals. I need to read more and eat out less! I am going to request Mixtape and I had read many of your others. I loved Float Plan and Soulmate Equation so much.


  5. Your margarita looks delish! That’s so fun that you met up with your sister. Have you said before that it takes some time for them to boat to you? I love all your boat snacks! I hope your PD goes by quickly!

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    1. Thank you! I made it lighter and I can’t stand too sweet restaurant margaritas! It takes an hour and a half from my hometown on the river to Louisville! Thank you!


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