wednesday, july 21, 2021

Linking up today with The Style Six here so check out some posts!

Here is what I’ve been wearing over the last week…

I have a new place to take my photos. Mason has been super accommodating about being my blog photographer. I so appreciate it. I haven’t used my tripod in quite awhile.

Here is what I wore to anniversary dinner…

Chico’s silky top, palazzo pants in petite from Steinmart (now gone from my city – boo!), consignment gold clutch, and Coconuts by Matisse woven wedges. I think a black wedge would have been better here?

This was a running errands outfit. Gold Birks (now nicely broken in), denim Target Universal Thread cut offs, new blouse from TJ Maxx.

Yes, I did get another new blouse from TJ Maxx. You see, my cell phone company let me pick a $3 gift card from a variety of stores and I picked TJ. What’s a girl to do? I got this for $15.

I had an Apple watch but then it was not fastened and slipped off my wrist and cracked on my driveway. I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix it. I have asked a few shops. So, I thought I would like an old fashioned watch. Ok, you got me, Billie from Sex/Life wears a super basic classic watch with a leather band.

I perused Amazon and found this for under $20 and it is Nine West.

I wore this Saturday to the Paristown Flea outdoor market. My other denim Target Universal Thread, new TJ blouse from last weekend, and Gold Birks.

Look what Mason sent me while I was on an errand. It should read, “I’m gonna miss taking outfit pics for you when school starts up again”.

Not sure if this is true but so sweet!

This is what I wore to the outlet mall. I think the flowy top needs a more fitted bottom.

And, I wanted to report back about my ON Cloud shoes. I love them. I love that you slip them on and there are no laces. I may need to tighten them at some point but I’m not sure how. If you have narrow feet, you may not like the slip on feature.

I thought it might be helpful to show you what I ordered and returned like this. It feels too fancy for a coverup and I really don’t need more. If I had a Mexican resort vacation or something it is really elegant but not coverup material. I think shorter looks better on me due to my height.

I ordered this and I’m so pleased with the quality but ultimately I decided to return it because of fit on me. I do recommend it to others, though!

And, I am in love. This looks like a boutique dress. I love the pattern so much.

The sleeves are cute!

So, let’s call these August back to school purchaes, mkay? See what happens when I try to do a shopping ban?

If you look at the above dress on Amazon, the listing has all different styles of dresses. Why does Amazon do that? It’s so weird!

I still do not have the privilege of shopping the NSale, but if these are still available, this is a great price. I had them and lost one. I wore them all the time. They are so fun.

What have you been wearing lately? What have you been buying lately?


16 thoughts on “what I wore Wednesday

  1. Nolan loved taking my pictures too – and I miss him taking them! Mason can take yours when he comes home to visit and that will be a lot of fun for both of you! I think these boys like seeing how much it helps us, so sweet.
    You had great outfits this week, I love all the color. Your flowy top at the outlet mall looks great with the crossbody. That last dress is so pretty too.
    I haven’t worn a watch in years!

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  2. Love that colorful dress on you! 😃 I have only bought two new tops this summer – both white – I cannot resist a white top. Even with things opening up, we really aren’t going too many places, and I don’t really need anything. I have a feeling that I might go overboard with shopping when fall comes, though.

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    1. I can’t believe your restraint! But, you are right. Not much need for clothes in the summer. Fall is such a fun time to shop! Are you shopping the Nordstrom sale?


  3. I got those earrings on Amazon (I think bigger ones) and they were like $30. $15 is a better deal!
    Aw, Mason. That’s sweet.
    I need to get my watch battery changed. It’s dead and I do wear a regular watch to work every day. I don’t know if I ever see myself jumping on the Apple watch train.


    1. It’s a great gift idea too if they have them in stock next week! Mason is sweet! Jack is, too, but isn’t as demonstrative.
      Such a pain to get watch batteries changed. I think I used to go to a small jeweler to do it! Tom can do it but buying the right type of battery seems tedious. It’s not, but you know. I like the old fashioned wrist watches and don’t need another thing to charge!


  4. Amy, you have such great legs! I always think that when I read your fashion posts! I am envious! I definitely think that is your body part to highlight, a mini skirt needs to be on your back to school list haha 🙂

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    1. Awww you made my day! I think I need to cover my chest and show my legs, too. But they are so blemished now. Oh well! Not sure about mini skirts at school! Lol!


    1. Thank you, Mireille! I love the dress, too. I think if I lose about 5-10 pounds the chest will fit a bit more comfortably. You are doing awesome! I am happy with my purchases and I guess this is why bans aren’t for me. I go the other way!


      1. I always have issues in the chest area with dresses and sometimes tops: might fit everywhere else but the chest makes it tight or ride up.


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