Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Today is the day I link up with The Style Six here! Maybe you are starting to get tired of your summer clothes and can “copy” off of one of these ladies? Maybe you have a trip planned and my “What I Packed” portion will help you?

Let’s get started!

We had a 3 day getaway that was under 3 hours away. I wore my heaviest shoes in the car – aren’t you supposed to do that? Bad idea for a road trip for me. My pigs need to breathe! Oh well!

I wore my yellow Walmart dress for day one and I must have seen at least 4 women wearing the blue color! Lol! Our first stop was to look around the Opryland hotel. It does bother me that the line is not totally below the bust line on me but I decided to let it go. I got a few compliments on the bright yellow color.

Day two I decided to wear the cut offs and white top. I only wore these sandals in the hotel in the morning for coffee. They are super comfortable but I didn’t want to ruin them with lots of walking and I didn’t think they would be the best choice.

I put my tennies back on and I had to put the hair up. Nashville is hot and humid just like Louisville but worse! Ha!

That night I changed into the black version of the yellow dress for dinner but still paired it with the tennies because it was raining. I forgot to get a photo but here I am wearing it below to shop before the trip.

I was pretty good with packing this time. I am a total overpacker! I always worry about things I might need and different situations that may arise.

I used the Vera Bradley consignment overnight bag and it was perfect. I don’t think this would be good for a plane trip but it is great for a car trip.

I took three pairs of shoes. Shoes are normally the hardest category for me to narrow down.

I took only these pieces of jewelry. As you can see I focused on gold in both the jewelry and the shoes.

I sleep in black tanks and shorts at home and I brought this on the trip, too.

The yellow Walmart dress:

a blurry photo of the black Walmart dress:

my favorite Target Universal Thread cut offs that I won’t stop talking about along with my old Costco top:

Loft patterned knit pants and Target Universal Thread black knit top:

I wore the above for the ride home.

I brought a pair of athletic shorts and a white tee and flag kimono but didn’t end up using those. I packed very lightly and felt really good!

Yesterday I wore this to breakfast with my friend:

I Marie Kondo’ed my kimono collection and offered about 10 kimonos to her. I told her I had so many that I wasn’t ever going to wear my 11th favorite! She was thrilled. It makes me happy to let things go when I know someone will use them!

I am trying to have a “No Spend July”! Can I do it? I am not sure because there will be some mighty good sales. I think organizing my closet and seeing all that I do have and all that I haven’t worn yet will help. You know that I like to challenge myself to wear everything before a season ends! If I don’t want to wear it it has to go. It feels wasteful but I always feel so much lighter when my closet is curated. As Marie says, the item served you for a time but you need to let it go and thank it for its service.

What have you worn lately?

What is your packing style?

What is your unpacking style? I unpack right away! I can’t sit down until mail and packages are taken care of, unpacking is done, and laundry is started.

Thanks for reading,


15 thoughts on “What I Wore and What I Packed

  1. I have gotten so much better about letting things go and now I need to work on being a better decision maker in the first place! I cannot believe Nashville is so close to you – only 3 hours! I love your gold sandals but the tennies were definitely better for walking!


  2. Great post, and you look absolutely stunning every day! Did you fit all that in that little bag!?
    Today I’m wearing black jeans, believe it or not, we’re in the city doing laundry… At the cabin I’m wearing bikinis and not much more :-D.
    I’m a great packer! I love to do lists! When we’re going to the US I make a packing list like two months before… Unpacking? I hate it! I can leave unpacked bags for days… it’s so boring!


    1. Aww TT – thank you! Yes, I did fit it all! Black jeans make me hot! Ha! It is about 90 degrees here. I love packing and lists, too! NO, I cannot leave it unpacked!


  3. I’m not sure if those lines are meant to go under the bust unless you have very, very little. They never do for me and I don’t think it looks good on me, but on you I think it works! So, maybe I should try again.


  4. Well, my no shopping for two months failed after 4 days (I stopped by a consignment store) but I only spent 22 dollars there. I justify the two bodysuits on Amazon with the thought of having sold something this weekend that covered the cost. But I will try again now! So no shopping from July 5 lol! Love what you packed for your trip: looks like you chose the right items. I just packed for 3 days in Arizona and I think I did well. I am using packing cubes to make it take less space and like you a total of 3 shoes, in my case all sandals.


    1. That sounds like me! Don’t beat yourself up. It sounds like you made some good purchases and didn’t break the bank. I have not tried packing cubes but I am so curious. Maybe next time I have a substantial trip I will try them! Enjoy Arizona! That sounds fun!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The packing cube really helped keep everyone’s things organized and really stuff didn’t get very wrinkled.


  5. You looked so cute on your trip! You always look so put together. 😊 I tend to over pack, but am getting better. Marie Kondo really helped me when we down sized from a 3,890 square foot house to a 2,300 square foot house. It is much easier to let go when you know where an item is going! I HAVE to unpack the minute I get home. Once that’s done, I throw in a load of laundry and then go through mail, etc….


    1. Well, you are too kind! Thank you! I am getting better, too! Marie is a genius, in my opinion! It really is easier when you think of someone else benefitting. I have to unpack, too. I love getting it done right away. And, you know what? It’s all tied together. When you have a more curated life and closet packing is easier so you pack less which in turn makes unpacking easier!


  6. Cuuuute outfits! I used to overpack but I do not anymore! Too much was coming home unworn and I always wash EVERYTHING I took. So that was a huge pain. I usually take way too many bras and panties however! HA! I will be packing super light for Nashville later this month and the same for Hawaii in November! I am doing No Buy July too! Go us! I will text you and check to see how you are doing with it. So far…so good for me!


    1. Thank you! I think once you curate your closet more the packing becomes easier. And, you learn to know yourself and what you feel comfortable in while traveling. I am fine on bras and underwear because I feel like I could wash those in the sink if I had to. I am going to sell things at my consignment store today so I may find something I have to buy? I will try not to!


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