Friday, July 2, 2021

Linking up today with Andrea, etc. right here!

I will be back here on Tuesday, July 6th! I decided to take Monday off!

Here are a few favorites from the week. Stay with me and I will share some ideas for your 4th of July celebration!

I liked the Pure so much I got another color called “honey harmony”. Sorry for the bad picture.

I found this at The Dollar Tree and I love it! Have you ever had a fountain vanilla Coke? It is so good!

I haven’t tried this yet, but I bought the strawberry moscato from the summery Target display!

I sped through this book. If you have a kid in college or close to college you may enjoy it more. It’s really good, in my opinion.

I have been trying to find this and I finally found it at a different Target than my normal one. I had it with my instant coffee powder in iced coffee form and it tastes like someone melted a Reese’s Cup. OMG! This is a great afternoon treat!

What are your plans for the 4th of July? We normally try to boat and follow it up with a cookout with just our family of four or with a few other people.

If I go to a cookout I usually like to pick two patriotic colors – maybe just blue and white or red and white. I did find a flag kimono last year on sale and scooped that up! If you scroll to the bottom of this post you will see some outfit ideas! And, there are better pictures here with some other ideas.

If we go on the boat, I have learned to do a portable charcuterie with some red, white, and blue touches. I put things in a plastic container to be arranged later on the boat when we are stopped.

I love to buy:

red, white, and blue potato chips and tortilla chips or blue chips and red salsa

red, white, and blue M and Ms

patriotic Rice Krispies for the treats

blueberries and strawberries – some years I make fruit pizza with these

I would love to create a red, white, and blue candy charcuterie board sometime!

I also love to stroll the grocery aisles looking for red, white, and blue inspiration!

What are your 4th of July traditions? Do you dress for it? Are there any foods you like to make?

I hope you had lots of favorites this week! Let me know one in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites and Ideas for the Fourth!

  1. I am really loving that nail polish too, in fact, it is on my favorites this week! I have been looking for that chocolate and PB Premier Protein, I have heard so many good things. I hope you have a fab fourth!


  2. I don’t usually dress for the 4th of July (mostly because we never know what the weather will be like!- this year they’re saying 60’s for the weekend and maybe in the high 70’s by Monday) but we do go to an annual family reunion/party for my husband’s mom side of the family at the lake. The kids swim, jet ski, tube, boat, etc. all weekend and the adults mostly just eat and gab. It’s fabulous and so much more laid back now that all our kids are teenagers or older.

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  3. I love the pb protein shake. My Kroger can be hit or miss so I stock up when I see it because I love it that much. I love your charcuterie boards and red, white and blue is so fun! Have a great 4th!

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    1. I think Kroger has a whole family of stores and might have similar products? Thank you – nude is easier to maintain and looks good for longer I think!


  4. There will be a target run this weekend for sure! I’ve been checking my Safeway and Fry’s (Kroger) for weeks looking for that protein drink with no luck. I saw it on Amazon prime day but it was a 12 pack and I didn’t know if I would like it. Our anniversary is the 3rd so we always go out that night and pretty much chill on the fourth around the pool and grill something easy. My favorite thing is I found a new (to me) melon at Costco this week. It is a Hami melon and it looks like a more oval shape cantaloupe but bright yellow outside and lighter in color and taste than a cantaloupe, but a more crunchy bite to it. Try one if you like melons!
    Enjoy your long weekend!


    1. Yes, I have looked out of curiosity at a few other places and still Target was the only place. I know now I could handle a 12 pack! I still really like the vanilla, too. Happy anniversary! I am not a big cantaloupe person but I love watermelon. I hope you had a great one!


  5. Oh America, I miss you! Happy 4th of July! I can’t believe I’m missing it for the second year in a row!
    My favorites this week are some activity gears that we’ve bought (mostly for the kids….): a tube to hang after the boat – so much fun, a tennis pole thingy (hard to explain….) and best of all: we bought a really nice sailing dinghy, perfect for two!


  6. Shopping with cocktails in hand is the way to go. Drink those Shirley Temples and Margueritas while perusing the men’s fashions at the Zara store outlet in your neighborhood. But then Zara always was biased toward chicks, first. That’s where their bread & butter is.

    — Catxman


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