Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Hello all! I am linking up with The Style Six here today. What have you been wearing lately? My photos will not be in order this week, but here we go…

This is what I wore to the zoo on Father’s Day. I have two pairs of cut offs and both are from Target and both are Universal Thread! These below are about 3 years old and don’t have any stretch – and are a bit lighter. The top is old from Old Navy. I have been wearing these white faux Birks so much, as you know. I will show you an up close of my earrings later on in the post.

Maybe you have seen this $13.88 dress among the bloggers and influencers? I wanted some knit dresses with sleeves (or a bit of a sleeve) to throw on. I just wore this to run an errand.

I wore this on a chillier morning to do a return. This top is super old from Kohl’s and these are the newer Target cut offs. These are perfection and have just the right amount of stretch. They are much talked about in the blogging community, too. I will talk about the sandals (above and below) later in the post.

These are the same cut offs from the first photo and blouse from last summer with the white faux Birks. I can’t remember where I went.

If you don’t have denim cut offs, you need them! I wear mine so much!

These are Marc Fisher and were on sale for $60. I ordered them directly from the Marc Fisher website. I bought them on a bit of a whim, but I am in love. Metallics are so great to have in your shoe wardrobe.

An up close of the white faux Birks I’m wearing so much:

These are the earrings I wore to the zoo. I think they look good with a white top!

Here is the dress! I am as surprised as you are. I am not a Walmart shopper. I don’t have a nice one nearby and I just don’t go. I am not opposed to it really, but I will say that almost every time I have been there something has made me mad. I ordered online and got next day delivery; I got blue, black, and yellow. I have already worn all three. I actually ordered two different sizes and they were all a touch big. I washed and dried and now they are all fine! Go figure!

So, basically the metallic lace up sandals, a dress, and a long necklace and an outfit is made.

One more thing before I go…. this bra is amazing! A couple of different blogs recommended it – sorry that I can’t remember who they were! I am ordering more as we speak!

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12 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

    1. Thank you! I am not a big Kohl’s shopper but it is the Chaps brand, which I do really like. I think you would love the bra! Just heard from a reader that it is cheaper from Walmart.


  1. I’ve been wearing those Warner bras for awhile now and I love them! Just wanted to tell you in case you didn’t know, you can find a lot of Savannah Jane items on Ebay and a lot of the pieces are NWT. Tunies didn’t have much so I checked the internet and ebay came up with several pieces listed. I’m bidding on a really cute top, NWT and I’m the highest bidder right now at $19.99. You should definitely check them out! I recognized a couple of pieces that I’ve seen you wear on your blog! Hope you’re having a great week!


    1. I’m new to the bra but I’m now a believer! I always forget about EBay – thank you! Did you know that Savanna Jane at Tunie’s is all spread out? I wish they had it all together. Actually, their organization makes no sense to me. For $20, you can’t beat that! Thanks again for the tip! You too!


  2. You can get the Warner’s bra at Wal Mart cheaper than you can from Amazon. Love the dresses too. But having a large chest, I do not like a top/dress that has a line or tier that doesn’t hit below the boobs. I think it makes it look like the top or dress is too small. Also, it makes the boobs look bigger. I have never been able to find a pair of cut offs at Target that I just love. 😦


    1. Ooooh – good tip! I was so impressed by next day shipping from Walmart. Seriously, got the dresses the next day. You know, that line bothered me, too, but I saw this style on a really small girl and it hit her at the same place. The model in the photo from Walmart does not have it hitting in that place. I decided it is least noticeable with the black and I just decided not to care with the blue and yellow. Oh well! The new bra helps; I was wearing an old one that has no lift in the blue dress.
      Have you tried the ones I linked from Target? They are amazing and I’m not just saying that. They have the perfect amount of stretch. I did go with normal size.


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