Monday, May 24, 2021

Hello Monday and hello dear readers! How are you this morning? I am happy to link up with Heather, Tanya, and others right here for Hello Monday!

Let’s go back to Friday! I came home from school, rested a bit, and then got motivated to cook dinner. Our restaurants are getting crazy on Friday and Saturday nights! You can tell that people are just done and want to go out! So, I didn’t want to fight any crowds. We had angel hair with alfredo sauce, grilled chicken, and mushrooms. I heated up Trader Joe’s fried ravioli in the oven with some marinara (this was a new to me product – I do recommend; broil for a couple of minutes at the end or, if you have an air fryer, that would be perfect for this).

After dinner, Tom, Ernie, and I went to the river to put the battery charger on the boat and let Ernie swim. It was a beautiful night and it has felt like summer all weekend long; in fact, it is like we skipped to July. I am hoping for the nice 80s of June before we get to these temps again.

Saturday morning I made myself a simple omelet after my hot coffee and had my Premier Protein vanilla iced coffee alongside of it.

I read a bit before doing some chores. I almost finished this this weekend and I do recommend. It is a bit cheesy and unrealistic, but it is cute.

Next up is one of these summer reads!

In the afternoon, we invited my mom’s cousin’s daughter and her husband to go on a boat ride. We only met at the end of March! You may remember my photos from the beautiful lunch we had. We had a really nice day cruising around and stopping at Captain’s Quarters.

Hollis gave me this marine candle and I love it! She and her husband Greg are lovely people and this was the first time Tom had met them. We both have two boys and have lots in common which is so funny.

We hopped off the boat and hustled to our evening plans. Who am I? It was the first concert of the season. They didn’t have any last year and this year they have a reduced number. Our friends met us and we had food truck food and snacks I brought.

We just barely lasted until sunset. Tom and I were wiped out! I took a shower and watched Veronica Mars with my kids and then went to bed later than normal.

Sunday morning I slept in until almost 8:00!

Then, after my coffee, I made strawberry bread! Hollis had gone to a strawberry patch and gave us a big bag of strawberries. I coincidentally had just saved this recipe on my phone.

Recipe coming this week!

Then, I did lots of cleaning, Home Depot for plants, TJ Maxx (haul post coming this week), and Kroger for just a few things. Mason had friends over on the patio and I made them some snacks.

It was a nice and full weekend! I have one more week. We have 2 days with Group A, 2 days with Group B, and Friday is teacher closing day and graduation. It is surreal, y’all. One one hand I can’t believe I’ve almost made it – we had to pivot so many times. But, on the other hand, it seems like we only just came back to school because we did! I think I have gotten the closure I needed. I think the kids that returned to in-person got some nice closure and will end with happy memories. I do think I will be processing this year for a bit. I have changed. I have learned so much. I apologize if I’m talking too much about school!

And, let’s talk about masks for a moment. Over the last week and a half I have gone maskless in Trader Joe’s, Home Depot, and Fresh Market. I still had to wear one in TJ Maxx and Kroger. It feels so good to be maskless; so tired of my glasses fogging up especially! Now, my family of four are all vaccinated so we may be a different story. I know there are families with kids that aren’t old enough to be vaccinated and if they want to still wear masks that is totally fine. I wish I didn’t have to wear a mask this week to school; it is not ideal in a language class – for me or them. Also, I have lots of fully vaccinated students, but not all, of course.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


14 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. What a great weekend – I love how busy you were and doing all the fun outdoor things. Can’t wait to see what you got at TJMaxx! We aren’t wearing our masks anywhere and I am loving seeing so many other people going maskless too. We are all vaccinated. I am so happy to wear glasses I can see through again!


    1. Thank you! It was a bit too busy for me because my stamina is gone! I found some good things there. It is such a good feeling to be around vaxxed people. I think I hugged 7 people last weekend!


  2. What do you think about vaccinating kids? It makes me nervous that schools aren’t going to allow unvaccinated kids next fall. Some of our 6th graders have been vaccinated already :/

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    1. I know lots of my friends running to take their 12-15 yos to get vaccinated. I do not believe we can mandate the vaccine for school? We do not mandate the flu shot? I just know I will flip if they say I have to teach in a mask again next year – I do not now how teachers did it for a full school year.


  3. Looks like a perfect weekend! Back on the boat…I’m so jealous! I keep grabbing a mask out of habit but saw about 50% wearing them at TJ and target this weekend. We went out to dinner last night and all brought masks just in case. Our servers still had them on but most people didn’t. I just got a text that one of Hadley’s dance class friends just tested positive 😩with mild symptoms. But she wasn’t in class with hadley last week. I hope you have a great last week of school.

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  4. I went maskless out and about for the first time this weekend. It felt….odd. But refreshing. I’d say 70% of folks around here aren’t wearing them. But honestly, probably 35-40% of people in this area weren’t wearing them to begin with, We still have to have them at work. Hoping that changes after this weekend.

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    1. Exactly! From what I’ve observed we were better in big city Kentucky than in Indiana but the rural areas are a different story. Now I’m wondering if our immune systems will suffer? So weird. Hope you don’t have to mask for much longer!


  5. I just made strawberry bread last night! I made two loaves and put one in the freezer thinking we’d never eat two loaves in one week but the entire loaf I left out has completely vanished. I guess I’ll need to take that second loaf out of the freezer much sooner than I thought.

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  6. I agree about the masks! Our Kroger recently moved their mask sign to the side, so they are not enforcing the rule even if the national corporation still has the rule in place. It was similar at HomeGoods. They have a sign and person at the entrance. But I asked “Are you enforcing your mask sign?” and they said no. So nice to see things opening up more. Have a wonderful week.


    1. Yes! I think that is the situation with our Kroger because once I was inside lots were not wearing anymore. It is so nice. You, too! Finished Sisters of Tuscany – loved the ending and I really liked it!


  7. We still have a mask mandate thru June 15. I AM DONE! I wear one in to target but take off once I am thru the door. Te sign reads ” You have to have a mask to enter” that is all. Many places here in my town have taken the signs down and I am NOT MAD ABOUT IT! I am fully vaccinated, as is Tony. We are ready to get back to some normal. The coast has more liberals and more people STILL wearing masks outside. I do not get it but Hey, to each their own. We head back to the beachhouse on Thursday and will stay until Tuesday. Tay is coming over for the weekend too and she and I plan to hike, we are all golfing on Sunday and going to our favorite restaurant on Saturday night. I cant wait! Happy last week of school!


    1. Our official state mandate is until June 11 I think. I am proud of the businesses for doing their own thing. Keep wearing masks if you are not vaccinated or are an anti-vaxxer, you know? But, those of us who are fully do not need to. I love your Target interpretation! Lol!
      Have so much fun at the beach house! You always make the most of your weeks and weekends!


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